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Barstool Sports Founder Holds to 2017 Stance on Bitcoin
Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy said he still sees Bitcoin the same as he did in 2017.
2020-06-20 23:06:06
The Last Time Volatility Was This Low, the Bitcoin Price Crashed 60%
Bitcoin could soon see a massive move as volatility continues to tighten, according to a crucial indicator. Investors, however, remain largely divided over what comes next for the cryptocurrency. Related Reading: A Top Macro Analyst Just Bought Bitcoin For the First Time Ever Bitcoin Is Prepping For a Massive Move The width of the Bollinger […]
2020-06-20 23:06:01
Zilliqa Price Analysis: ZILUSD Trading Below Trendline, More Downward Action Expected For ZIL
Zilliqa Price is trading below the important trend line which where support levels to hold the trend up. Now it is trading below them that is meaning that the trend is now bearish. The next times there can come a consolidation before going ahead and going more downside. When ZILUSD falls below the 55-EMA this will be a bearish sign. Zilliqa
2020-06-20 22:06:58
Crypto Investors are Growing Fearful as Trading Volume Slide Continues
The crypto market has seen some intense turbulence throughout the past few days, with Bitcoin firmly guiding most altcoins’ price action over the past few weeks. BTC’s lackluster price action has caused the market to range sideways throughout the past several weeks. This stability did show some signs of degrading yesterday, although the decline sparked […]
2020-06-12 23:06:49
Bitcoin Analysts are Watching These Six Critical Levels After Yesterday’s Plunge
Bitcoin posted a grim plunge yesterday that caused it to see notable losses Buyers were able to ardently defend against a break below the key support that has been established at $9,000 Analysts are now widely noting that BTC could be positioned to see further weakness in spite of its bullish overnight rebound There are six key high time frame support levels that buyers have built – ranging between $1,000 and $7,000 Buyers must post […]
2020-06-12 23:06:47
Japanese Court Upheld Former Mt Gox CEO’s Conviction for Manipulating Data
A Japanese high court upheld the Tokyo-based lower court’s decision to reject the former Mt Gox CEO’s appeal. Mark Karpeles was arrested in 2015 and accused of “manipulating electronic data” and managed to duck embezzlement charges. The former boss of Mt Gox, Mark Karpeles, now has to face the music for his prior “manipulating electronic […]The post Japanese Court Upheld Former Mt Gox CEO’s Conviction for Manipulating Data appeared first on Bitcoin News.
2020-06-12 22:06:58
Asset Manager Wilshire Phoenix Files to Launch New Bitcoin Investment Trust
Wilshire Phoenix has filed to launch a bitcoin trust in hopes of making the cryptocurrency more accessible to investors.
2020-06-12 22:06:28
Looking for Bitcoin with no KYC? This new site has you covered
A new project is compiling a list all the Bitcoin exchanges that have little-to-no KYC requirements. It's not a very big list, and it could soon get shorter.
2020-06-12 21:06:05
How an Art Collective Is Using Blockchain to Protest Police Brutality
The DADA Art Collective is using blockchain to promote Black Lives Matter and calls for police reform. Here's how tokens can be a form of protest.
2020-06-12 21:06:30
Wilshire Phoenix Files With SEC for Publicly Traded Bitcoin-Backed Fund
Investment firm Wilshire Phoenix just filed with the SEC for a tradeable Bitcoin fund similar to the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust.
2020-06-12 21:06:30
Michael Novogratz Counters Analyst Who Said Bitcoin’s $20K All-Time High Was Fake
Galaxy Digital CEO and Founder Michael Novogratz has registered his disagreement with the opinion that the 2017 Bitcoin price all-time high was fake. He mentioned in a tweet that the market was a bubble with a lot of liquidity to buy or sell into and the sell-off that later led to the price crash was […]
2020-06-12 21:06:25
Leaked documents detail how Coinsquare used automated tools to inflate exchange volume: report
Vice’s Motherboard published a report claiming cryptocurrency exchange Coinsquare has been inflating its trades. The post Leaked documents detail how Coinsquare used automated tools to inflate exchange volume: report appeared first on The Block.
2020-06-12 21:06:49
Ripple set to build XRP payments corridor in Brazil
Ripple's Head of Global Banking says the company is actively working on developing XRP payment corridors in "exotic" locations. And Brazil is next.
2020-06-12 21:06:08
Why This Blue Chip Cryptocurrency’s Parabola Is Approaching a Brutal End
Chainlink, the seemingly unstoppable superstar performer of the cryptocurrency market for nearly the last two years running, may be finally out of steam. According to the asset’s price parabola, the long-standing uptrend could be approaching its end. If and when the parabola does break, massive profit-taking could cut the altcoin’s valuation down to size. Chainlink’s […]
2020-06-12 21:06:57
Brian Brooks: Blockchain Has the Power to Connect Everything
The U.S. government has hired a new comptroller of the currency, and his name is Brian Brooks. What makes Brooks so interesting? He’s a bitcoin and blockchain bull and a former attorney for Coinbase. How ironic that he would work in an administration headed by Donald Trump, who in the past, has expressed negative opinions...The post Brian Brooks: Blockchain Has the Power to Connect Everything appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2020-06-12 21:06:39
Bitcoin Is More Than an Inflation Hedge
While fears of a “great monetary inflation” have driven the recent bitcoin narrative, other aspects like censorship resistance and peaceful protest matter just as much.
2020-06-12 21:06:12
South Korean Experts Say Crypto is a Poor Safe-Haven Asset
A leading South Korean professor from the Hongik University does not believe cryptocurrencies are safe from market recession.
2020-06-12 21:06:00
Coinsquare CEO Accused of Orchestrating Wash Trades
Leaked documents reportedly show the CEO of Canadian crypto exchange Coinsquare orchestrating wash trades to boslet volume.
2020-06-12 20:06:00
Steve Forbes: ‘Bitcoin is a High-Tech Cry For Help’
Media magnate Steve Forbes has described crypto assets as “a high-tech cry for help” resulting from the failures of contemporary fiat money systems.
2020-06-12 20:06:00
South Korea digital asset trading taxation may lead to crypto legalization
A South Korean digital asset trading taxation might usher in a new era of legalizing cryptocurrencies. Imposing taxes on the asset class trading is a surefire signal that the government has bowed to pressure from local crypto users. The last two years have seen the authorities oppose crypto trading but things are looking bright. South […]
2020-06-12 20:06:44
Market Wrap: Bitcoin Is Still Up 30% in 2020 After a Bumpy Week
The crypto market seems more closely tied to traditional markets now, but is handily beating stocks year-to-date.
2020-06-12 20:06:21
Billion dollar blockchain EOS is in trouble, research shows
New research from Outlier Ventures lays out the landscape of blockchain development in the crypto space. And things aren't looking good for EOS.
2020-06-12 20:06:11
Bitcoin Price Volatility Expected as 10% Mining Difficulty Adjustment Looms
Bitcoin’s mining difficulty is set to adjust by 10% within 3 days, meaning operational costs for miners could spike.
2020-06-12 20:06:00
Vitalik Buterin Says Mysterious High-Fee ETH Transactions May Be An Exchange Being Blackmailed
A few days ago, the ethereum network witnessed two transactions sent from the same address and with an abnormally high transaction fee. The first transaction involved $133 worth of ethereum and cost $2.6 million to transfer the funds. A couple of hours later, the same user spent another $2.6 million to send ETH worth around […]
2020-06-12 20:06:36
Investors are now buying Ethereum (ETH) at a 750% premium; a smart investment or Robinhood-esque FOMO?
Ethereum demand is surging, if Grayscale’s data is considered. The post Investors are now buying Ethereum (ETH) at a 750% premium; a smart investment or Robinhood-esque FOMO? appeared first on CryptoSlate.
2020-06-12 20:06:29
New research debunks claims of Grayscale buying over 30,000 Bitcoin since halving
Cryptocurrency Research Firm Messari has debunked claims of Grayscale adding over 30,000 BTC to their Bitcoin Trust since the halving. On the 5th of June, ZyCrypto reported on claims of Grayscale securing over $279 million worth of Cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin from investors since the Bitcoin halving event that took place four weeks ago. However, according […]
2020-06-12 20:06:45
Bitcoin CME Open Interest Grows 3000% Since Start of May, But What’s Behind The Surge?
Bitcoin futures open interest over at the Chicago Merchantile Exchange, better known as CME, has surged by 3,000% since the start of May 2020. What’s fueling the sudden spike in interest in the first-ever cryptocurrency and can it continue into the future? Bitcoin CME Futures Open Interest Grows By 3,000% in May 2020 Alone The […]
2020-06-12 20:06:53
XRP Has Been Setting Lower Highs for 886 Days; Why Analysts Expect More Weakness
XRP has been severely underperforming the aggregated crypto market throughout 2020 The crypto is now on its 886th day of selling lower lows Analysts do not believe that this trend is going to alleviate anytime soon, as there are other signs of weakness that it has been flashing in recent times One veteran trader even noted that it could soon plummet another 30% against its BTC trading pair XRP has been struggling to garner any […]
2020-06-12 20:06:27
Chainlink, Tron, Dash Price Analysis: 13 June
The fall in the price of the world's largest cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, affected most of the altcoin market. While alts like Chainlink, Tron, and Dash were once holding steady in their price formations,The post Chainlink, Tron, Dash Price Analysis: 13 June appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-06-12 20:06:21
Venezuelan Petro Payments May Be on the Rise
The government of Nicolas Maduro claims that 15% of fuel payments at petrol stations were made using the state-backed Petro token.
2020-06-12 20:06:00