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Coinbase Offers DAI Holders 2% Interest
Coinbase is offering crypto customers 2% interest for their Dai holdings.
2020-07-29 23:07:00
Cardano has launched the Shelly mainnet: Here’s what you need to know
Cardano (ADA) has now officially transitioned from the Byron mainnet to the Shelley mainnet via a hard fork. The post Cardano has launched the Shelly mainnet: Here’s what you need to know appeared first on CryptoSlate.
2020-07-29 23:07:16
Rich Dad Poor Dad author suggests gold bulls load up on Bitcoin
“Gold bull” Dennis Gartman is getting out of the “overcrowded” gold market. Robert Kiyosaki thinks he should give Bitcoin a try instead.
2020-07-29 22:07:11
Billionaire Investor Novogratz Says Bitcoin Will Hit $14,000 By October and Close the Year at $20,000
The general take on Bitcoin’s performance from industry players communicates a single point: prices will go up from here. While there’s still a lurking fear among some Bitcoiners who are skeptical about the permanence of the bull run, analysts and investors are predicting that the crossover above $10,000 will take Bitcoin to as high as […]
2020-07-29 22:07:51
Ethereum is dominating Bitcoin on this crypto exchange
CEX is hardly the biggest crypto exchange in the world. But its CEO says Ethereum is driving its growth.
2020-07-29 22:07:08
Novogratz: Global ‘Liquidity Pump’ Will Keep Bitcoin Rising, Price to Hit $20K This Year
Billionaire investor Michael Novogratz said global “liquidity pump” from stimulus packages will keep driving bitcoin’s price higher. He expects the price of bitcoin to reach $20,000 this year, fueled by retail investors shifting to the cryptocurrency. Mike Novogratz’s Bitcoin Prediction Galaxy Digital CEO Michael Novogratz said on Tuesday that bitcoin and gold have more room […]The post Novogratz: Global ‘Liquidity Pump’ Will Keep Bitcoin Rising, Price to Hit $20K This Year appeared first on Bitcoin News.
2020-07-29 22:07:51
The Most Valuable Crypto Besides Bitcoin is Not Even 1 Year Old
YFI, the reward token for Yearn Finance that, according to its own founder has no value, is currently the second most expensive cryptocurrency on the market. The post The Most Valuable Crypto Besides Bitcoin is Not Even 1 Year Old appeared first on CryptoPotato.
2020-07-29 22:07:28
CNBC Analyst Says Massive Bitcoin Bull Run Officially Underway – Here’s Brian Kelly’s Target for the Top Cryptocurrency
CNBC’s Brian Kelly says he believes Bitcoin is ready to once again surprise the naysayers and begin a blistering parabolic bull run. In a new interview on Fast Money, Kelly points to Bitcoin’s recent halving, which cut the rate of new supply entering the market in half, as a prime reason BTC is set to […]The post CNBC Analyst Says Massive Bitcoin Bull Run Officially Underway – Here’s Brian Kelly’s Target for the Top Cryptocurrency appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2020-07-29 22:07:37
Here's what Bitcoin's rising correlation with gold means
The Bitcoin market has finally broken out of its consolidation phase and surged past its important resistance at $10k. As the world's largest crypto hovers just over $11k, it was also moving close to The post Here's what Bitcoin's rising correlation with gold means appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-07-29 22:07:13
Cardano Launches Shelley Mainnet, Offers Staking Rewards to All
Cardano launched its Shelley mainnet today, introducing staking rewards for all users who own its ADA cryptocurrency. The launch took place on July 29, 2020, at 21:45 UTC. More technically,...
2020-07-29 21:07:28
Winklevoss Twin: Next Bitcoin Bull Run Will Be ‘Dramatically Different’
Billionaire investor and Gemini founder Cameron Winklevoss says the next Bitcoin bull run will be “dramatically different.”
2020-07-29 21:07:00
Cardano’s Shelley hard fork, five years in the making, goes live
Shelley, the latest upgrade to the Cardano blockchain, has finally arrived.
2020-07-29 21:07:14
Utreexo: ‘re-thinking’ how Bitcoin works to help it scale without a protocol change
Quick TakeBy storing a cryptographically secure representation of Bitcoin’s UTXO set, Utreexo aims to let Bitcoin users run a full node more efficiently.Now, its creators will work on adding its capabilities to a Bitcoin client called btcd.
2020-07-29 21:07:51
Maturity of the Crypto Derivatives Market Attracting More Institutional Investors
Bybit exchange’s CEO believes maturity of the crypto derivatives market plays an important role in attracting more institutional investors.
2020-07-29 21:07:00
Blacklisted YFI copycat spurs DeFi soul searching
Automated asset management protocol Balancer blacklisted YFII, the confusingly named fork of yEarn’s governance token, YFI.
2020-07-29 21:07:06
Scam Accusations, Copycat YFI Cryptocurrency Offers 18% Weekly ROI
A fork of YFI, YFII token, has popped up on the crypto market this week, offering a weekly ROI of over 15% on yCRV staking with a 788% APY. While...
2020-07-29 21:07:42
Crypto collectibles are coming to the $60M Avalanche blockchain
Polyient Games will collaborate with Ava Labs to establish an NFT DEX for games and apps on Avalanche, and help improve its bridge to Ethereum.
2020-07-29 21:07:06
Stablecoin On-Chain Activity Explodes as Bitcoin Breaks $11K
The on-chain activity for market-leading stablecoins Tether, DAI and USDC exploded as Bitcoin breached the $11,000 plateau.
2020-07-29 21:07:00
Analysts Argue Over BTC and Gold; Which Is Better?
Gold and bitcoin appear to be surging at the same time. Gold and Bitcoin Are Heading for the Top This has set up all kinds of questions that we haven’t really dealt with before, a big one being, “Are gold and bitcoin suddenly correlated?” As of late, the big question has been whether stocks and...The post Analysts Argue Over BTC and Gold; Which Is Better? appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2020-07-29 21:07:28
Ethereum lead large-cap assets, while the small-cap slips lower
The low volatility streak of cryptocurrencies has finally concluded and the bulls have rushed back into the market. Bitcoin, the largest crypto witnessed a surge in its price on 27 July, and the altcoThe post Ethereum lead large-cap assets, while the small-cap slips lower appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-07-29 21:07:04
Scammers Are Forging CoinDesk Emails — Here’s How to Protect Yourself
Scammers are forging CoinDesk newsletters in phishing emails. Here’s how to spot them and protect yourself.
2020-07-29 20:07:19
Fidelity Digital Assets Calls Bitcoin ‘An Aspirational Store of Value’
On Wednesday (July 29), Fidelity Digital Assets, a subsidiary of Boston-headquartered American multinational financial services company Fidelity Investments (“Fidelity”), released the first report in its “Bitcoin Investment Thesis” series. As of 31 December 2019, Fidelity Investments had $8.32 trillion in assets under administration ( $3.2 trillion of which were discretionary managed assets). On 15 October […]
2020-07-29 20:07:43
Market Wrap: Bitcoin Sticks to $11,000; Derivatives, DeFi Keep Growing
The cryptocurrency markets are finally heating up in July.
2020-07-29 20:07:27
As Binance slows down asset listings, Poloniex attempts to retake market share
Quick TakePoloniex’s slowdown of supporting new assets in 2017 allowed Binance to take over as the dominant cryptocurrency exchange.More recently, Poloniex has begun to increase the speed at which it lists new assets for trading.In 2020, Poloniex is leading the pack by the number of assets listed.
2020-07-29 20:07:59
Philippines latest Asian country to start work on digital currency
The central bank of the Philippines has launched a committee to begin researching the issuance of digital currency.
2020-07-29 20:07:49
To Beat Online Censorship, We Need Anonymous Payments
Online censorship and surveillance will persist as long as local fiat currencies are the only way to pay for telecommunication services.
2020-07-29 20:07:32
Kin Price Prediction for 2020, 2021, 2025
The Kin coin was released through the Ethereum blockchain. It was created to be the core currency in the ecosystem of Kik Messenger. Before the Kin creation was the Kik point which was supposed to be a system for reward points. However, it didn’t have much success and was therefore ended in 2017 when Kin […]
2020-07-29 20:07:40
Dubai Debuts Nationwide Data Platform Powered by Blockchain
The United Arab Emirates is debuting a blockchain-based Know Your Customer, or KYC, platform.
2020-07-29 20:07:00
The Logbook: Laundry detergent as black market currency
Quick TakeLaundry detergent is one of the most commonly stolen items from retailers.The reason why could be linked to its use in drug trades.
2020-07-29 20:07:39
DeFi project Aave unveils the token to rule its $400 million protocol
DeFi lending protocol Aave has released its plan, dubbed Aavenomics, for transitioning to decentralized, community-run control—with a new governance token to boot.
2020-07-29 20:07:05