События криптовалюты Wanchain

"The MAINNET Mercury hard fork goes live December 20th, at UTC 00:00!"
"New Mecury upgrade to the GWAN client hits the testnet on Monday, December 16th!"
Wanchain and BitMax AMA at 3 PM (CET) on WanchainChat Telegram.
Join Wanchain and @fin_nexus in the @BandProtocol Telegram group for an AMA about FinNexus and the Wanchain ecosystem next Monday at 9:00 pm...
"Proof of Stake is officially enabled — validation and staking rewards become active."
Validators and delegators can begin participating in WAN staking.
WAN releases new desktop light wallet with staking capabilities.
"On Monday, we will outline many fast-approaching key dates for our upcoming product launches..."
PCHAIN Staking Season meetup in Beijing.
"Join Chainlink and Wanchain as we demo an integration of a chainlinked smart contract that utilizes Wanchain's cross-chain capability."