События криптовалюты TRON

"... Our CEO @justinsuntron will host a #BTT AMA with our Product Head, Justin Knoll and our Engineering Head, CONG LI..."
"... Are you curious about the game developed by @TeamJustDev on #TRON network? Join my livestream on Dec 23rd 10:00 AM(SGT)"
"I will have an AMA with Mantso, Justo from @TeamJustDev ,creators of Fomo3D on Dec 20th, 1:00 AM (SGT)(Dec 19th 9:00 AM PST)..."
"TeamJustDev creators of Fomo3D, are launching new game on TRON on Dec 22! Breaking the barrier between reality and science fiction."
"On December 11th 00:00 UTC we will initiate our eleventh $BTT airdrop and reward TRON $TRX holders with 990,000,000 #BTT!"
Bitfinex trading competition with TRX pairs, lasting from 09/12/19 to 15/12/19.
No additional information.
"Got questions? Here's your chance to ask @justinsuntron all about it!"
"See you all on Poloniex Periscope account on 12th November at 11:00AM PST."
"The #TRON cross-chain project will be available on Nov. 15th"
"Join us on Nov 10, 6:00 PM(PST) for an AMA with TOP, Co-Founder of @kucoincom , in our English Telegram group..."
"#TRON blockchain will be integrated to MacfeeDex on November, 8th."
FinanceX lists TRON and BTT at 10 AM (UTC+7).
"We will be breaking down the basics of blockchain and crypto in this interactive intro session at 301 Howard Street First Floor,SF."
“Blockchain Economy” Date: February 20-21th, 2020  Venue: WOW Convention Center, Istanbul, Turkey.
"On August 11th 00:00 UTC we will initiate our seventh $BTT airdrop and reward TRON $TRX holders with 990,000,000 #BTT!"
"#TRON will be listed on the daily contract (20X leverage) with the global innovative exchange – @OnTrade1 on 26th of July 2019(SGT)."
"The Incentive Plan will start from July 15, 09:00 to August 15, 08:59, 2019(PDT)."
"Join us on July 11,7:00 PM(PDT) for an AMA with @gan_chun , CEO & Founder of @kucoincom , in our English Telegram group."
"From 2pm, Wednesday, July 3, 2019(GMT+8) at Taipei Marriott Hotel on the 7th floor."
BitTorrent File System (BTFS) launches on testnet.
Gate.io removes some coin from US market due to regulatory uncertainty.
"An exclusive interview with @JOIND_IO will start on June 24th(9PM GMT+9)...."
"I will hold a livestream on @PeriscopeCo and @YouTube on 24th of June 19:00(PDT)...."
No additional information.
OKEx will hold the "OKEx Vietnam Cooperation Summit 2019" in Vietnam on June 16 (UTC+7).
No additional information.
"Tron CEO Justin Sun is moving his $4.6 million lunch date with Warren Buffett to 'the heartland of tech' aka Silicon Valley."
On June 11th at 00:00 UTC we will reward TRON $TRX holders with 990,000,000 $BTT.
Nexo onboards TRX as a collateral option during June.