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New Swiss blockchain group to promote blockchain innovation
A newly formed Swiss blockchain group will promote the growth of blockchain companies and emphasize innovation in the industry. Called The Ticino Blockchain Technologies Association, the body will also encourage academic research and studies in the blockchain realm. Switzerland is known to be a crypto-friendly country where policies are favorable for promoting crypto-based startups and […]
2020-09-13 23:09:54
NFT Economy Grows Exponential: $1M in Non-Fungible Token Sales Last Week
While a number of people are focused on decentralized finance (defi), the non-fungible token (NFT) industry has also exploded in demand in 2020. Last week, NFT sales soared nearing a million dollars in volume, as the blockchain-based Sorare fantasy soccer card game saw over $221,000 in sales during the last seven days. When Satoshi Nakamoto […]The post NFT Economy Grows Exponential: $1M in Non-Fungible Token Sales Last Week appeared first on Bitcoin News.
2020-09-13 23:09:36
Elastic Finance makes its case in the DeFi discussion
Is this new DeFi trend here to stay?
2020-09-13 23:09:00
Swiss blockchain group formed to encourage new blockchain companies
The group also wants more research and academic studies into the technology.
2020-09-13 22:09:00
Some Key Ethereum On-Chain Fundamentals Have Crashed To Dangerous Lows; Should Investors Be Worried?
The market for cryptocurrencies is in the viridity today after suddenly plummeting earlier in the week. Bitcoin (BTC) is up about 1.47% today to reach $10,323, while Ethereum (ETH) is down nearly 5.73%, trading around $362. Cryptocurrencies surged higher as the stock markets recouped some of their losses from last week’s pullback. While the price […]
2020-09-13 21:09:55
DeFi Is Bitcoin Pre-2013 and Ethereum Pre-2015, Says Qiao Wang
Qiao Wang, former head of product of crypto analytics firm Messari, says decentralized finance (DeFi) reminds him of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) before the two largest cryptocurrencies skyrocketed. In a tweet, Wang compares DeFi to the early days of Bitcoin and Ethereum. “From an investment point of view, BTC pre-2013 and ETH pre-2015 were […]The post DeFi Is Bitcoin Pre-2013 and Ethereum Pre-2015, Says Qiao Wang appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2020-09-13 21:09:41
How One Researcher Kept a Serious Bitcoin Issue Silent and Out of the Spotlight
Sometimes the best way to ensure your enemies can’t take advantage of you is to keep all your vulnerabilities and issues as secret as possible, and for one team of bitcoin researchers, doing so has ensured the world’s number one cryptocurrency by market cap has stayed safe over the past two years. Bitcoin Had a...The post How One Researcher Kept a Serious Bitcoin Issue Silent and Out of the Spotlight appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2020-09-13 21:09:24
Bitcoin’s 12,000,000% growth is not by coincidence
Since Bitcoin’s inception, the world’s largest cryptocurrency is up by 12 million percent. 12M percent, and no, that is not a t1ypo. The price of Bitcoin was up by 12,173,746%, as of writing, and this was not even Bitcoin’s ATH. However, while outsiders may be surprised by the scale of the growth, the point is […]The post Bitcoin’s 12,000,000% growth is not by coincidence appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-09-13 21:09:19
DeFi carnage, Chef Nomi’s admission, $625K prize for cracking Monero: Hodler’s Digest, Sept. 7–13
The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions and much more — one week on Cointelegraph in one link!
2020-09-13 21:09:01
Bitcoin Makes Headway Implementing Smart Contracts, ‘Most Complicated’ Part of Upgrade Complete
Bitcoin coding expert Pieter Wuille has successfully merged support for Schnorr signatures to BTC. The Taproot merger and the soft fork update are the final steps for smart contract implementation on Bitcoin.
2020-09-13 20:09:54
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