События криптовалюты Stratis

"A mobile application that caters for the sending and receiving of the Stratis Token will be delivered for both Android and iOS."
"Stratis will provide an SDK for Unity developers, enabling the utilization of the Blockchain during game development."
"Extend the functionality of the Stratis ICO Platform to cater for the regulatory requirements needed to conduct a security token offering."
"The further development of the Breeze Privacy Protocol will include a new version of the Breeze Wallet with enhanced security."
"Introducing support of new programming languages inherently increases the audience that the Stratis Platform appeals to."
"Stratis will develop a Payment Gateway that can be deployed by third-parties to utilize the STRAT token as a form of payment."
"Stratis Core 2.0 will incorporate new features that will enable interaction with other components within the Stratis ecosystem."
"The introduction of further consensus algorithms for Stratis Sidechains will grant even more bespoke use-cases on the Stratis Platform."
No additional information.
"AMA with @stratisplatform CEO, Chris Trew in the #Binance English Telegram group."
"Stratis will be releasing our Cirrus Sidechain Masternodes on 1st July"
"The Stratis 2019 roadmap will be released next week. Stay tuned to find out all the exciting things we are working on."