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Synthetix Network (SNX) – токен, который используется в рамках платформы Synthetix, предназначенной для выпуска синтетических активов (синтезаторов) на базе Ethereum. Синтезаторы, выпускаемые на платформе Synthetix, позволяют отслеживать стоимость активов в реальном мире, на общем криптовалютном рынке. Платформа поддерживает различные синтетические фиатные валюты, такие как sKRW, sUSD, sAUD и другие, золото (sXAU), а также более сложные активы, например, индексы акций.
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Bitcoin Cash, Tron, Filecoin Price Analysis: 28 August
Bitcoin and Ethereum’s price action impacted most altcoins positively. Some altcoins, however, showed consolidation despite broader market gains. Filecoin, for instance, gained minorly and observed range-bound movement between $75.17 and $70.01 price levels. Bitcoin Cash gained 3.5% and could test the $672.68 price ceiling while TRON presented a buy signal after gaining by 3.3%. Bitcoin […]
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Here’s How Much Your $1,200 Stimulus Check Would Be Worth In Various Cryptocurrencies In 2021
Crypto had started to bull in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. Most thought that the financial markets would suffer greatly when most of the world went into lockdown, this would turn out to not be the case. Although the various markets had experienced price crashes at the beginning of the pandemic. Then, markets started to pick back up. Both stocks and the cryptocurrency markets had recovered even past their various points before the crash. Related Reading | Crypto Analyst Lays Out Cardano’s (ADA) Pathway To $4 The recovery was at various points attributed to governments providing relief for citizens who could not work in the form of stimulus checks. These were to enable individuals who could not afford it to be able to stay home and also have their basic needs met. Governments even went as far as announcing rent and mortgage freezes across the country. In a bid to keep everyone in a home. These checks were spent by most on food. Because in reality, the checks were meant for people whose incomes were not enough to see them through a lockdown. Others though who could afford it had either invested part or all of their stimulus checks. Some of these investments were in cryptocurrencies. Related Reading | American Rapper Tyga To Launch OnlyFans Crypto-Competitor Stimulus checks were basically regarded by some as “free money.” Money that they would do with as they pleased. While some lamented the negative effects of pr...
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Majority Of Dogecoin Supply Owned By Only 0.01% Of Holders
Dogecoin was recently added by Chainalysis to their crypto reports. This saw the data platform collating information like on-chain data from the meme coin. The report showed upon release showed holding patterns of Dogecoin investors. As well as transaction data relating to individual wallets. The coin which had seen a lot of growth due to […]
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Litecoin price analysis: LTC at $173 critical support zone, bullish momentum gains ground
TL;DR Breakdown Litecoin is trading close to the 20, 50 and 100-day moving average lines, the current support region. LTC sustained strong intra-day interest to jump above vital Displaced Moving Averages (DMAs)Resistance maintains at the $190 mark although recent pullback from last week’s high of $191 has given bulls another opportunity. Litecoin price analysis suggests that the cryptocurrency is trading dangerously close to the support zone around the $170 mark established in the current scenario. After some recovery from earlier in the week where price dipped as low as $166.67 on August 26, the 15th largest cryptocurrency in the world sits at $174 at the time of writing. Selling pressure was observed near the $200 mark, which set resistance levels around $190. The current price is up 3.2 percent in intra-day trade, while trading volume has dropped by the same percentage, presenting prospect of a slight incoming correction. LTC followed a positive progression in the larger cryptocurrency market led by Bitcoin‘s ascent up to near $49,000, a 7-day high. Ethereum went up by 4 percent at $3,243, while Altcoins also propelled. Ripple and Dogecoin increased approx. 5 percent each to sit at $1.17 and $0.28, respectively, while the biggest increments were seen in Cardano (9.4 percent) and Solana (10.4 percent). Litecoin Price Analysis: Cryptocurrency Heat Map. Source: Coin360 LTC/USD 24-hour chart: Price fluctuates close...
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Avalanche price analysis: AVAX looks promising as traders cheer $55 resistance breach
TL;DR Breakdown Avalanche token breaks the bearish streak.Avalanche price analysis shows a 1.94 percent increase in value today.The resistance level of $55.42 may get tramped over. The current Avalanche price analysis shows promising signs for the investors. The price levels went up significantly last week to the $55.42 mark while a very volatile market for the crypto, still the trend line went high to a new level. Bears showed good resistance and tried to get the lead, plunging the price down to $41.26 in two days, but bulls seem aggressive enough and are again on strike. Last week proved surprisingly rewarding for the bulls when AVAX/USD touched the highest price level after February 2021, gaining a value of 33.01 percent over the previous two weeks alone. Currently, in the last few hours, an upward trend is again imminent in the altcoins and crypto market in general. AVAX/USD 1-day price chart: Bulls getting the lead, leaving behind bears The AVAX has successfully climbed above the $55 resistance in a sharp upmove. The bulls are in joy as the pair makes fresh strides towards new highs. AVAX/USD 1-day price chart. Source: Tradingview Though bears tried to turn the upward trend effectively, but today, the moving average (MA) is just below the price level at the $46.22 mark giving hope for a bullish continuation. Despite the unpredictable volatility as the upper Bollinger Band seems to be going past the $59 mark and the lower...
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Cosmos (ATOM) rallies after launching a cross-chain bridge and wrapped Bitcoin
ATOM price booked triple-digit gains after the network built out its DeFi ecosystem and works on cross-chain bridges for ETH and BTC.
2021-08-28 22:08:08
Crypto adoption surge: Why Africa saw improved P2P transactions
TL;DR Breakdown Kenya, Nigeria lead crypto adoption in Africa.Both African country lead globally in P2P transactions. Over the past months, there has been a sharp surge in crypto adoption in the African continent. Chainalysis recent report provides evidence to this claim, especially as it fingers West African Nigeria and East African Kenya as two countries leading in P2P transactions globally. Nigeria and Kenya are also ranked in the Chainalysis report as 5th and 6th highest as far as crypto adoption is concerned globally. Why Kenya rise in crypto adoption, P2P transactions Reportedly, the reason behind the crypto adoption surge in Africa and P2P transactions is the fall in the value of currencies in these countries, which leads to inflation. Chainalysis report was based on data extracted from two of the largest and most popular P2P platforms, LocalBitcoins and Paxful, which provides clear insight into market happenings. According to the Central Bank of Kenya, the country’s currency has depreciated by 6.3 percent against the US dollar since January this year. Many emerging markets face significant currency devaluation, driving residents to buy cryptocurrency on P2P platforms to preserve their savings,” according to the report. However, the African currencies never saw any massive loss of value so far this year. It indicates that African citizens shift to P2P crypto trading as an effort to make affordable and easy internationa...
2021-08-28 22:08:34
FTX Bags Naming Rights Of Cal Memorial Stadium For $17.5M To Display Their Brand
Cal Memorial Stadium has sold its naming rights to FTX during its second vital branding move. This venture was put forward after the purchase of the Miami Heat Arena’s naming rights in March. FTX is a Crypto derivative exchange that bought the Cal Memorial Stadium from California University. This move by FTX aims to introduce its brand to the stadium. This derivatives exchange owned by Sam Bankman-Fried is exploring further in sports. That is why; they have made a 10 year deal of $17M just for the university’s stadium naming rights. The stadium’s home team, the Cal Golden Bears, will now carry the new brand to create more crypto awareness. As stated by Bloomberg, from now onwards, anytime the home team will play their game this season, they will be wearing the latest FTX Field brand. Related Reading | Total Cryptocurrency Market Cap Value Surges Across $1.9 Trillion Setting A New Record Furthermore, the $17 million deal for the university’s naming rights is paid in cryptocurrency assets. This current deal is the latest inroad into sports sponsoring to create more awareness for crypto. FTX U.S. Partnered Miami Heat Basketball squad Last March, FTX.US, a North American sector of this same exchange, signed a naming rights contract with the Miami Heat Basketball squad. Due to this partnership, the stadium’s home team was rebranded to an FTX Arena. The organization also becomes the formal crypto exchange of MLB {Ma...
2021-08-28 22:08:32
Australians Reported Loses of $25M from Crypto Scams in the First Half of 2021
Cryptocurrency scams resulted in losses of $25M for Australians during the first part of 2021 as Bitcoin frauds accounted for most of them.
2021-08-28 22:08:34
Cardano Enters ‘Final, Critical Stage’ Prior to Alonzo Upgrade Next Month: IOHK
Cardano has entered the “final, critical stage” prior to the platform’s much-publicized Alonzo upgrade, according to blockchain research and engineering company Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK). IOHK has submitted an upgrade proposal to the Cardano testnet to “hardfork the chain into the Alonzo era,” according to a Twitter post from the company. The Cardano (ADA) […]The post Cardano Enters ‘Final, Critical Stage’ Prior to Alonzo Upgrade Next Month: IOHK appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2021-08-28 22:08:20
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