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A fund manager’s three winners - if inflation takes off
Horizon Kinetics' Murray Stahl has spoken early and often about concerns over inflation - and no less recently, as the government's money creation has "taken on a historically monumental character." In Horizon's Q2 market commentary, Stahl acknowledges he's swimming against a tide by saying inflation is "already here" - explaining that the low CPI is all about how it's weighted, and asking his audiences which prices have gone down for them, aside from computers (which "haven't gone down that much"). Insurance and property taxes continue to go up and by more than 2% in general; "How about lawyers ... How about doctors? Are those bills down?" Those data lead him to expect "a commodity cycle the likes of which has never been seen before and I do not think it is going to be quick. I think it could last for 40 years." When it comes to oil, the severe
2020-07-28 23:07:45
$39M of Bitcoin Stolen in 2016 Bitfinex Hack Is on the Move
Hackers have transferred roughly $38.7M out of $1.3B worth of Bitcoin from wallets connected to the infamous 2016 hack of crypto exchange Bitfinex.
2020-07-28 23:07:00
Tokens are equity in Internet-native businesses
Quick TakeCrypto protocols are similar to traditional companies in that they provide a service — e.g. file storage, lending, or exchange — in exchange for a fee.A major difference between a traditional company and a crypto protocol the lack of legal recourse — services have to be reliable only using economic incentives.Token holders are the owners of crypto protocols. They both govern how the protocol develops and can capture a portion of the profits generated by services provided.
2020-07-28 22:07:19
Bulls Control Bitcoin Price Even as Funding Rates Reach Record Highs
As Bitcoin rallied through $10K, derivatives markets started to show signs of excessive leverage but the market remains tilted toward bulls.
2020-07-28 22:07:00
Coinbase Sees More Institutional Investors Buying Bitcoin in H1
Coinbase says more institutional investors are now using its platform to build direct positions in the cryptocurrency market. Crypto fund managers are now getting more backing from institutional investors that see the crypto market as an alternative investment strategy. In a report, the exchange says it observed a “noticeable uptick in institutional business’s growth” in […]The post Coinbase Sees More Institutional Investors Buying Bitcoin in H1 appeared first on Bitcoin News.
2020-07-28 22:07:00
The new Augur promises to be faster and simpler — and denominated in dollars
Augur has launched Augur v2 an upgraded version of its decentralized prediction market that promises a better, cheaper user experience for traders.The post The new Augur promises to be faster and simpler — and denominated in dollars appeared first on The Block.
2020-07-28 22:07:20
Litecoin price rises above $55, what’s next?
Litecoin rose past the $57 mark on the 28th of June, while the cryptocurrency had been trading below the $50 level before 17:00 GMT on the 27th of June. LTC price remains bullish with the day’s range of $51.71 to $57.94. 1-Day Litecoin price analysis Litecoin price chart by Trading View For the day’s lowest, […]
2020-07-28 22:07:33
5 Years After Launch, Predictions Market Platform Augur Releases Version 2
Augur v2 has all the bells and whistles: Interplanetary File System (IPFS), 0x Mesh, MakerDAO’s dai and Uniswap’s v2 oracle network.
2020-07-28 22:07:08
Bitcoin Will Smash Through $100,000 on This Date, With Select Altcoins Set to Outpace BTC, Predicts Analyst Nicholas Merten
One of YouTube’s most popular crypto strategists says Bitcoin’s next bull cycle is officially underway, with BTC en route to a meteoric all-time high of $100,000. In a new video, Nicholas Merten says that Bitcoin’s expanding boom-and-bust cycles are painting a clear picture of where the crypto king is headed in the long term. “What […]The post Bitcoin Will Smash Through $100,000 on This Date, With Select Altcoins Set to Outpace BTC, Predicts Analyst Nicholas Merten appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2020-07-28 22:07:22
Major Investment Bank Recommends Bitcoin Over Gold
A senior analyst at investment bank and asset manager Oppenheimer said that he would go for Bitcoin over gold as the two safe-havens are rallying these days. The post Major Investment Bank Recommends Bitcoin Over Gold appeared first on CryptoPotato.
2020-07-28 21:07:03
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