События криптовалюты Siacoin

"Folks in NYC, catch @manasilvora and @MarcinJachymiak talk about Sia at @Columbia University this Sunday. "
Sia Berlin meetup on Aug 24 (5-8 pm)."We will have food and geek out on Sia with David Vorick and Chris Schinnerl"
Pluralsight LIVE 2019 in Salt Lake City from Aug 27 - 29.
V1.4.3 release, which includes filesharing and continuous backups, by August 16.
V1.4.2 release, which includes relay payments, snapshot backups, and blacklists all pre v1.4.1 hosts, by July 31.
Nebulous launches v1.4.1 of Sia, which brings seed-based file recovery, partial uploads, and more.
"The next release is targeting May 16th, 2019."