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Cross-chain bridge Multichain, Alerts users of Security Vulnerability across six-cross Chain Tokens
Multichain (previously Anyswap), a Cross-chain Router Protocol (CRP) that allows for on-chain asset interoperability, has warned its users that they might be at risk of getting hacked. To forestall this risk, users have been advised to revoke wallet permission for 6 tokens listed on the platform. Multichain directs users on how to mitigate the risk The post Cross-chain bridge Multichain, Alerts users of Security Vulnerability across six-cross Chain Tokens appeared first on CoinGape.
2022-01-17 23:01:45
Panther protocol co-founder Oliver Gale discusses bringing zero-knowledge technology to multi-chain
"It's been a blessing and a privilege to participate in a community with over a quarter of a million people who have joined the 'Panther Corps' in the last 12 months," says Gale.
2022-01-17 23:01:25
Thailand’s Former SEC Chief Opposes Possible Crypto Taxation: Report
The Thai authorities should impose taxation on crypto gains only if it promotes the local trade industry, Thavaramara opined.
2022-01-17 23:01:22
Binance Burns $792M in BNB
2022-01-17 23:01:41
Bitcoin price can’t find its footing, but BTC fundamentals inspire confidence in traders
Data shows traders still feel confident about BTC price because the futures premium and other fundamentals show no signs of stress.
2022-01-17 23:01:00
Bitcoin Is Revolutionizing Global Money Management
Technologies that were state of the art 50 years ago will be usurped by Bitcoin as the superior technology makes itself apparent.
2022-01-17 23:01:00
JPMorgan Executive Says Crypto Is in the ‘Napster’ Phase of Its Life Cycle: Report
An executive from JPMorgan says that the crypto markets are at the same point that the music streaming industry was in the 1990s. Speaking to The Financial News, Umar Farooq, head of the banking giant’s digital asset unit Onyx, says that the crypto markets are in the “Napster” age. Napster, launched in 1999, was the […]The post JPMorgan Executive Says Crypto Is in the ‘Napster’ Phase of Its Life Cycle: Report appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2022-01-17 23:01:55
Altcoins Are Encroaching On Bitcoin’s Dominance On Digital Payments
Bitcoin has dominated the digital payments space for the longest time and continues to do so. However, this dominance is on the decline as more altcoins are being chosen as the preferred digital currencies for payments. This has mainly been due to cheaper fees resulting from network congestion when the price gets too high. Instead, cryptocurrencies whose fees can range from a few cents to fractions of a cent are now favored by merchants. Altcoins Are Taking Market Share From Bitcoin Crypto payments processor BitPay recently released a report outlining the percentages each crypto commanded in the crypto payments space. As expected, Bitcoin dominated the list but what was important to note from the report was how much the pioneer cryptocurrency’s dominance over this space dropped in the space of a year. Between 2020 and 2021, bitcoin lost about 27% dominance. Related Reading | Why Sovereign Nation States May Begin Acquiring Bitcoin In 2022 Back in 2020, the company had reported that bitcoin made up for 92% of all digital payments being carried out on the platform. In 2021, this number was at 65% and is expected to continue to drop as merchants move to altcoins for payments. Bitcoin market dominance down below 40% | Source: Market Cap BTC Dominance on TradingView.com   The use of Ethereum as a payment method was up, accounting for 15% of the total transactions carried out on the platform. Stablecoins made a big spl...
2022-01-17 23:01:55
Bitcoinist Review Corner: I Played The LegendsOfCrypto Game. Here’s What I Think
In this inaugural report of the Bitcoinist Review Corner, we are going to be focusing on the LegendsOfCrypto (LOCGame) game. This game has been on my radar since someone from the team had first reached out to me sometime last year to take a look at what they were doing. I figured it was just […]
2022-01-17 23:01:46
Cardano ($ADA) Sees Transaction Volume Briefly Surpass That of Ethereum ($ETH) Ahead of DEX Launch
The transaction volume seen on the Cardano ($ADA) network has briefly surpassed that of the Ethereum ($ETH) blockchain ahead of the launch of a highly-anticipated decentralized exchange on Cardano called SundaeSwap. According to data from Messari, Cardano’s daily transaction volume was at one point above the $7 billion mark, surpassing the daily transactions volume seen […]
2022-01-17 22:01:00
The A to Z of what’s standing in the way of a Bitcoin Spot ETF in the USA
A Bitcoin Spot ETF in the USA has been on many wishlists for a while now, but Christmas 2021 did not deliver, leaving potential investors disappointed. What Bitcoin Did podcast host Peter McCormack and Messari founder Ryan Selkis recently discussed the obstacles that they believe are standing in the way of the USA’s first approved […]
2022-01-17 22:01:33
25% of US Adults Plan to Start Investing in Crypto, Survey Shows
A U.S. consumer survey shows that 25% of respondents who currently do not own cryptocurrency plan to start investing in crypto. “2021 was a good year for crypto. Of the respondents that own crypto, more than half reported that they had just started investing in the space within the last year.” ‘2021 Was a Good […]
2022-01-17 22:01:09
Bitcoin is Forming Insane Patterns. What is Waiting for BTC Price in the Next Couple of Days?
The post Bitcoin is Forming Insane Patterns. What is Waiting for BTC Price in the Next Couple of Days? appeared first on Coinpedia - Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media| Crypto GuideBitcoin price since the beginning of 2022 has maintained a very undetermined rally as the price is hovering according to its pre designed path. And in such cases BTC price manifested a confused rally that could impact the entire crypto space. Currently, after breaking through the symmetrical triangle, the asset is yet again trending within …
2022-01-17 22:01:34
Law Decoded: First-mover advantage in a CBDC conversation, Jan. 10–17
Strong framing move by U.S. Representative Tom Emmer and a looming threat of another crypto ban in Asia: a digest of last week's top crypto policy stories is here.
2022-01-17 22:01:00
Bitcoin price drops below $42K, but analysts still expect ‘one more impulse’ move
BTC price is back in a free fall as the price drops to $41,600, but analysts are still holding out for “one more upward impulse” move.
2022-01-17 22:01:57
ADALend: A New Perspective On Native Cardano DeFi From the Eyes of ADALend’s CEO
A scalable, trustless, and decentralized lending protocol called ADALend is being developed to allow users to operate in a self-governed environment. They made a commitment from the beginning to build natively on the Cardano blockchain, which will allow the lending platform to aggregate protocols that support business models that provide economic support to billions of […]
2022-01-17 22:01:59
Pakistan Is Considering Ending All Crypto Activity
Pakistan could be the next country to ban cryptocurrency. The nation’s central bank is calling for an outright ban on all digital currency activity per documents submitted to the Sindh High Court, the country’s biggest legal establishment. Pakistan Seeks to End Crypto’s Run The fight has allegedly been going on since the year 2019. A...The post Pakistan Is Considering Ending All Crypto Activity appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2022-01-17 22:01:54
Cardano Hits Bottom? What You Should Consider Before Rushing Into ADA
Cardano managed to enter the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market cap and take the number 4 position, not including USDT. The cryptocurrency has seen important appreciation in 24 hours (5%) and during the past week (25%) following an explosion in its ecosystem. Related Reading | Cardano’s Ecosystem Explodes, Why ADA Could Be Quick To Resume Bullish Trend As of press time, ADA trades at $1.47 as it bounces up its lows in the 4-hour chart. Cardano was heavily impacted by recent months price action in the crypto market. After reaching an all-time high north of $2,20, the cryptocurrency lagged and dipped back into its critical support zone just above $1. Economist Michaël van de Poppe believes ADA has begun an upward trend after bouncing back from the lows with continuation but could yet present a buying opportunity. The analyst has been bullish on ADA for a while and believes $1 will remain critical support. As seen below, Cardano (ADA) has constantly bounce back from these levels on every major dropped including March and July 2021 when the entire crypto market saw a crash of over 50%. At the moment, ADA’s price approaches resistance near $1.53 and could yet give traders an opportunity to take a long position. Van de Poppe claimed the following on Cardano’s potential future price action: If you want to get into Cardano and you didn’t really get the chance you were looking for (…). In that case, we are looking at long entries at...
2022-01-17 22:01:23
Malaysian Central Bank “Actively Assessing” CBDC
2022-01-17 21:01:39
Top 5 Underrated Metaverse Crypto Coins With a Market Cap Below $2 Million
Some of the most popular Metaverse crypto coins on the market are low-valuation projects that are relatively unknown. With the number of Metaverse crypto coins on the market, there’s no shortage of underrated tokens worth keeping an eye on. This article looks at our top five Metaverse crypto coins with a market cap below $2 […]The post Top 5 Underrated Metaverse Crypto Coins With a Market Cap Below $2 Million appeared first on NullTX.
2022-01-17 21:01:52
With crypto market shivering in a state of extreme fear, ‘buy the dip’ fever is…
Buying the dip has now become a ritual as soon as Bitcoin’s price crashes, and there’s a lot banking on bringing home the king coin when it’s at its lowest point. Looking at the coin crashes in December and January, an investor might be wondering if the trend is still on. Data from a Santiment […]
2022-01-17 21:01:52
CryptoCom Becomes Financial Backer of the Australian Football League and the AFLW
CryptoCom became the digital asset partner of the Toyota AFL Premiership Season and the NAB AFLW after signing a deal with the local football federation.
2022-01-17 21:01:17
Web3 ETFs Will Spur Ecosystem Support and Growth, Industry Pros Say
Volt Equity CEO: Companies will move more toward Web3 as institutional investor interest in it increases The post Web3 ETFs Will Spur Ecosystem Support and Growth, Industry Pros Say appeared first on Blockworks.
2022-01-17 21:01:47
Fidelity Says What We’ve Been Thinking: Countries & Central Banks Will Buy BTC
Surprising the world, Fidelity predicts what Bitcoin’s game theory implies. It’s as Satoshi Nakamoto said, “It might make sense just to get some in case it catches on.” That’s the exact same conclusion that Fidelity reaches in its “Research Round-Up: 2021 Trends And Their Potential Future Impact” report. Take into account that Fidelity is a multinational financial services corporation, it doesn’t get more mainstream than this. I agree with @Fidelity, of course, but still astonishing to read this on Bitcoin adoption game theory in such a mainstream financial report: pic.twitter.com/7zRO9rEele — Alex Gladstein 🌋 ⚡ (@gladstein) January 13, 2022 What did Fidelity say about Bitcoin adoption at the nation-states and central bank level? They put it very clearly: “We also think there is very high stakes game theory at play here, whereby if bitcoin adoption increases, the countries that secure some bitcoin today will be better off competitively than their peers. Therefore, even if other countries do not believe in the investment thesis or adoption of bitcoin, they will be forced to acquire some as a form of insurance. In other words, a small cost can be paid today as a hedge compared to a potentially much larger cost years in the future.” In other words, It might make sense just to get some in case it catches on. And, as Stacy Herbert said, “First mover advantage goes to El Salvador”. At least if we’re talking out in the open, b...
2022-01-17 21:01:08
Blockchain Courts and Cats That Look Like Dogs: How DAOs Wrestle With the Law
The 2018 "case of the 50 ETH doge" was just the beginning. Now DAOs are trying to decentralize legal disputes—but it isn't so easy to cut out humans.
2022-01-17 21:01:22
Crypto Strategist Predicts Breakout for Ethereum Challenger Fantom (FTM), Says Solana (SOL) Primed To Rally
A popular crypto analyst and trader is predicting a strong breakout for Ethereum competitor Fantom (FTM) and says that another ETH rival is gearing up to rally. Crypto strategist Altcoin Sherpa tells his 165,100 Twitter followers that Fantom, a highly scalable blockchain for enterprises, is threatening to take out a massive resistance area above $3.00 […]The post Crypto Strategist Predicts Breakout for Ethereum Challenger Fantom (FTM), Says Solana (SOL) Primed To Rally appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2022-01-17 21:01:37
Cardano, Avalanche, Algorand Price Analysis: 17 January
Cardano defied the large-cap altcoins’ trajectory by noting double-digit gains over the past day. It witnessed record-high volumes and now saw overbought readings on RSI and Bollinger Bands. Contrarily, Avalanche and Algorand flashed bearish near-term technicals. Cardano (ADA) ADA managed to bag the spot of the fifth largest crypto with its recent gains after its […]
2022-01-17 21:01:13
From tuk tuks to COVID tests, YouTuber tests Bitcoin use cases across multiple countries
Under the handle "Paco De La India", the YouTuber said he planned to visit 40 countries, often using Bitcoin transactions to pay for everything he needed.
2022-01-17 21:01:00
BLOK, A Diversified Way To Enter The Cryptocurrency Market.
Amplify ETFs has a great background in ETF management, which is highly beneficial for the product.BLOK was the first crypto-related ETF in the industry and remains as one of the most influential of its kind.Diversification is a key factor that must be taken into account while considering the risks of the market.
2022-01-17 20:01:32
Two Crypto Sectors Growing Rapidly, Defying Overall Market Correction: DappRadar
Two nascent crypto sectors are bucking current crypto trends and rapidly growing despite a stumbling market, according to blockchain tracker DappRadar. Per a new report, the popularity of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain gaming are at least partially driven by interest from the Asian markets. DappRadar says countries like China, Indonesia and India are exploding in […]The post Two Crypto Sectors Growing Rapidly, Defying Overall Market Correction: DappRadar appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2022-01-17 20:01:44