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Here's why Bitcoin might be safe from a global stock market crisis
BTC’s lack of integration with traditional finance and its inability to be forcefully sold to cover financial losses mean the price might not ‘collapse’ if there is a global stock market meltdown.
2021-09-19 23:09:00
Bitcoin’s Performance in the Past Decade Was Impressive, But What About the Next 10 Years?
Bitcoin (BTC) has not only made history as the first and biggest digital currency in the world today but as the most innovative financial innovation of the 21st Century. From the overview of its price growth to the growing adoption by both retail and institutional investors, Bitcoin has helped in birthing a digital money era The post Bitcoin’s Performance in the Past Decade Was Impressive, But What About the Next 10 Years? appeared first on Coingape.
2021-09-19 22:09:35
Bitcoin dominance is an irrelevant metric unless…
The volatile cryptocurrency market has given way to multiple metrics for the market observers to analyze and predict what’s coming next. One such metric has been Bitcoin dominance, but as per Su Zhu, it should not be relevant to you unless you are a billionaire. How so? The CEO of Three Arrows Capital opined this […]
2021-09-19 22:09:33
Ex-Head оf Wex Crypto Exchange Reportedly Arrested in Poland, Faces Extradition to Kazakhstan
Dmitry Vasiliev, former chief executive of Russian cryptocurrency exchange Wex, has been detained in Warsaw, the Polish press reported. Vasiliev is wanted in Kazakhstan where he is accused of fraud related to the now defunct trading platform, successor of the infamous BTC-e exchange. Former Wex Executive in Polish Custody as Prosecutor’s Office Reviews Extradition Request […]
2021-09-19 22:09:31
Top Crypto Analyst Predicts Deep Correction for Bitcoin and Ethereum, Pulls Out Altcoin Positions
A prominent crypto strategist and trader says he’s pulling out of his altcoin positions as he believes Bitcoin and Ethereum are poised for a deep correction. The pseudonymous trader, known in the industry as Smart Contracter, tells his 165,600 followers that he sees Bitcoin (BTC) dropping below $40,000 while Ethereum (ETH) could slide below $3,000. […]The post Top Crypto Analyst Predicts Deep Correction for Bitcoin and Ethereum, Pulls Out Altcoin Positions appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2021-09-19 22:09:40
Weekly Market Roundup: A Look into the Altcoins that Saw the Biggest Gains?
The digital currency industry in the past week came off with impressive price actions across the board. With Bitcoin (BTC) notably steering in the direction of the majority of the crypto ecosystem with its trading range of $43,591.32, and $48,791.78. The limited price surge of the premier cryptocurrency was perhaps stumped due to the protests The post Weekly Market Roundup: A Look into the Altcoins that Saw the Biggest Gains? appeared first on Coingape.
2021-09-19 21:09:33
Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, DOT, LUNA, ATOM, FTT
Bitcoin price is struggling to flip $48,000 to support, but the steady protocol developments taking place in DeFi projects could lead to further upside from DOT, LUNA, ATOM and FTT.
2021-09-19 21:09:08
Australian Cryptocurrency Exchange Grows Among Veterans That Consider Bitcoin As A Legit Investment
According to the Australian cryptocurrency exchange, BTC Markets, Aussie boomers have become more familiar with crypto-asset investment. The country’s largest crypto exchange Bitcoin Markets have witnessed a rise in users in the past year. This is due to the increased number of older clients utilizing the platform. Following the data from one of the country’s […]
2021-09-19 21:09:38
Cardano, Chainlink, MATIC Price Analysis: 19 September
Most altcoins in the market have been consolidating or recording losses over the last 24 hours. Cardano fell by 3% and inched closer to the support line of $2.20. Chainlink also depreciated by 5% and was trading closer to its three-week low price. Lastly, MATIC was seen moving closer to its one-week low price of […]
2021-09-19 21:09:33
The Crypto Mining Fight in China Is Not Over
It looks like China is still not done clamping down on the crypto mining space. Another region known as the Hebei province has agreed to comply with Beijing’s ruling that all crypto mining should be omitted from China’s workforce. The province is now claiming that the practice is illegal and must end within its borders...The post The Crypto Mining Fight in China Is Not Over appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2021-09-19 21:09:21
Skybridge Capital Applies For Cryptocurrency ETF And Accumulates $100 Million For ALGO Fund
A statement from Anthony Scaramucci has revealed the total crypto worth of an Alternative investment firm in Australia’s SkyBridge Capital. He stated that SkyBridge holds crypto worth $700 million presently. The alternative investment firm has filed for a cryptocurrency company ETF which simply means a crypto-based exchange-traded fund. Related Reading | New To Bitcoin? Learn To Trade Crypto With The NewsBTC Trading Course They did this on Tuesday, aiming to increase their digital currency offerings. SkyBridge Capital also revealed its plans for the Algorand fund during the SALT conference held within the week in New York. SkyBridge Crypto Assets Worth SkyBridge founder Anthony Scaramucci while addressing CNBC, stated that the firm raised over $100 million for the new Algorand fund. Anthony was also the former Director of White House Communications. It was Scaramucci who valued the company’s crypto-assets to be about $700 million. The CEO reaffirmed that crypto has come to stay. However, he added that if regulations plan to fan the increasing adoption of digital asset technology, they should take quick action. Anthony explained the crypto adoption as similar to Uber, which the regulators planned to knock out of the system. But the people later won because they accepted its use. He predicts that the United States will start recording up to 200 million crypto users in no distant time. The SkyBridge CEO made thes...
2021-09-19 21:09:19
Which crypto-remittance service is most likely to dominate the Latin American market
A hatred for remittance fees unites every level of society. Even El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele took a dig at Western Union and other intermediaries in the run-up to the country’s Bitcoin adoption day. The Central American country’s GDP was $26.9 billion in 2019, and the remittances that year were around $6 billion. Bukele claimed that […]
2021-09-19 20:09:42
NFT Market Sales Begin to Improve After Last Week’s Massive Market Slump
Seven days ago, non-fungible token (NFT) marketplaces saw sales nosedive after reaching all-time highs during the month of August. A week later sales have rebounded to a degree and NFT marketplaces like Opensea, Rarible, and Superrare have seen improvements in terms of seven-day trade volumes. Opensea, Rarible, Hic et nunc, Makersplace, Superrare See NFT Weekly […]
2021-09-19 20:09:31
What are Some of the Practical Innovations that the Online Casino Industry Uses?
One of the primary reasons for the astonishing rise of the online casino industry has been its embracement of technology. The $266 billion sectors has always been at the forefront of innovations to enhance the player experience. There are also some more practical applications of tech that are often imperceptible to the end-user. These additions, […]The post What are Some of the Practical Innovations that the Online Casino Industry Uses? appeared first on NullTX.
2021-09-19 20:09:43
U.S. Treasury Targets Stablecoins in Latest Regulatory Risk Assessment
Officials from the United States Treasury have targeted stablecoins in what they view as the most urgent risks.
2021-09-19 20:09:14
DOT Price Analysis: Polkadot Rides Ascending Channel Near All Time High, Will Bulls Break $40?
DOT Price is down nearly -9% over the last week Price has been stuck in an ascending channel over the last month DOT has been holding the 200MA as support Polkadot has been performing better than the overall market over the last few weeks. Along with ALGO, ATOM, AVAX & more, DOT has been riding The post DOT Price Analysis: Polkadot Rides Ascending Channel Near All Time High, Will Bulls Break $40? appeared first on Coingape.
2021-09-19 20:09:30
Market Pundit Tells What To Expect From Dogecoin If It Gets A ‘Secondary Use Case’
While Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA) take the spotlight as they break new all-time highs, market observers are still dropping interesting takes on altcoins like DOGE. The meme-coin has not been getting a lot of public attention lately as other rivals gain market interest. However, some Doge supporters and key figures in the industry still […]
2021-09-19 20:09:36
Recent Analysis Compares Waste From One Bitcoin Transaction To Throwing Out Two iPhones
There have been many studies that have highlighted the carbon footprint and electricity usage problems of Bitcoin transactions. Founder of Digiconomist Alex de Vries and researcher at MIT’s Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research, Christian Stoll, released a new study that shines a light on the electronic waste that Bitcoin generates. Related Reading | How Elon Musk Is The Answer To Bitcoin Energy FUD This study, “titled Bitcoin’s growing e-waste problem”, provides new insights into another major component of Bitcoin’s wasteful design. The Electronic Waste Problem Of Bitcoin Most studies have ignored the fact that Bitcoin miners go through a large amount of short-lived hardware that could increase global electronic waste growth. “E-waste represents a growing threat to our environment, from toxic chemicals and heavy metals leaching into soils, to air and water pollutions caused by improper recycling.” According to the study, a single transaction generates 272 grams of e-waste, the same amount of electronic waste as throwing two iPhone 12 minis in the bin. In 2020 the bitcoin network processed 112.5m transactions (compared with 539bn processed by traditional payment service providers in 2019). “Bitcoin’s annual e-waste generation adds up to 30.7 metric kilotons as of May 2021,” they claim. “This number is comparable to the amount of small IT and telecommunication equipment waste pro...
2021-09-19 20:09:47
Imminent Bitcoin Upgrade Is One for the Ages, According to Crypto Exchange Kraken
Crypto exchange Kraken says that an upgrade for Bitcoin (BTC) coming in November is “one for the ages.” In Kraken Intelligence’s latest report, the exchange explains that Taproot – which is comprised of three Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (BIPs) – will revamp multiple aspects of the world’s biggest crypto by market cap. “Taproot substantially improves user […]The post Imminent Bitcoin Upgrade Is One for the Ages, According to Crypto Exchange Kraken appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2021-09-19 20:09:44
MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor Interview: The Predator Prey Dynamics Of Bitcoin
An exclusive interview with MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor.
2021-09-19 19:09:30
Bitcoin Cash price analysis: BCH to move below $600 support level
TL;DR Breakdown Bitcoin Cash price analysis suggests downwards movement to $580The closest support level lies at $610BCH faces resistance at the $650 mark The Bitcoin Cash price analysis shows that the bears dominate the asset’s price action as BCH continues its downwards movement. On the other hand, the market volatility and the recorded trade volumes have shown a significant decline in the past few days compared to the start of September.  The broader cryptocurrency market observes a bearish market sentiment over the last 24-hours as most major cryptocurrencies record negative price movements. Major players include Elrond and EOS recording a 6.89 and a 6.42 percent decline respectively.  Bitcoin Cash price analysis: Bears dominate the market Technical indicators for BCH/USDT by Tradingview Across the technical indicators, the MACD is currently bearish as exhibited by the red histogram showing seller dominance at press time. The indicator observed a bearish crossover two days ago and has remained red since. However, the recent hours have observed a declining in bearish momentum as BCH finds short-term support at the $610 mark.  The EMAs are currently moving downwards showing strong selling activity in the markets. The 12-EMA is currently moving with a steeper slope suggesting further divergence from the 26-EMA.  The RSI has remained neutral for the last ten days since briefly dipping to overbought region ...
2021-09-19 19:09:39
Analysts Say Putting Crypto in an IRA Is Not the Best Idea
Over the past few months, the idea of adding bitcoin or crypto to one’s retirement account has really picked up steam. There are many individuals out there that are looking for ways to diversify their portfolios as a means of preparing for retirement later in life, and thus they are looking to add cryptocurrencies to...The post Analysts Say Putting Crypto in an IRA Is Not the Best Idea appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2021-09-19 19:09:57
A quick reference-guide on how to choose between Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain
In the DeFi race, there have been many developments including Ethereum‘s domination, Cardano‘s launch, Solana‘s unprecedented rise, and many other appearances in this space. But the one blockchain that has been truly a competition to Ethereum’s domination is Binance Smart Chain (BSC). And looking at the top projects on both the chains, it looks like […]
2021-09-19 19:09:41
Bitcoin Will Decapitate Zombie Corporations That Are Destroying The Economy
The decaying rot of corporations carried only by the fiat machine will come to an end as Bitcoin fixes our money.
2021-09-19 19:09:00
DeFi has exploded by 800 percent but has a long way to go mainstream
TL;DR Breakdown Decentralized finance is the investment and trading of assets in a distributed environment without a central entityDefi metrics include, On-chain cryptocurrency value received, On-chain retail value transferred, and Peer-to-peer (P2P) exchange trade volume What is DeFi? Decentralized Finance is a form of Finance that relies on blockchain forms or distributed systems and does not involve financial intermediaries. DeFi involves the trading and investment of digital assets. Since the rise of the cryptocurrency markets, DeFi has attempted to go mainstream in the finance sector. It has been to no avail, but the fruits were not wholly futile. More investors have embraced the digital way of trading.  DeFi adoption In an attempt to measure the adoption of Decentralized Finance, the Global DeFi Adoption Index has compiled statistics that show an 880% increase in the usage of DeFi. Instead of using the volume of transactions and the number of assets being exchanged, the Global DeFi Adoption Index uses non-professional and small-scale crypto traders. They also consider ordinary activities like making payments and savings, not just trading, exchanges, and making speculations. By doing this, they not only focus on big economies and markets which have the upper hand in cryptocurrency.  Cryptocurrencies share size per platform by Chainalysis.com The metrics used in measuring DeFi adoption are pretty diverse and involving. T...
2021-09-19 18:09:02
Crypto Investors Slap Apple With Class-Action Lawsuit, Claim Tech Giant Authorized Distribution of Malicious Application: Report
Apple is facing a class-action lawsuit from crypto investors over an application that allegedly allowed hackers to steal their coins. According to a report from civil litigation media outlet Courthouse News Service, hackers used the tech giant’s app store to place a phishing application disguised as a crypto wallet called “Toast Plus” and lured users into […]The post Crypto Investors Slap Apple With Class-Action Lawsuit, Claim Tech Giant Authorized Distribution of Malicious Application: Report appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2021-09-19 18:09:34
Regulatory issues facing decentralized finance
TL;DR Breakdown Decentralized Finance is a collective term for commodities offered on the blockchainRegulating DeFi is tough What is Decentralized Finance (DeFi), and how does it work? Decentralized Finance is a collective term for commodities offered in digital platforms without financial intermediaries in crypto markets. The absence of involvement of central financial intermediaries means that the digital platform is available for everyone and does not involve financial statements from institutions and blockchain. With smart contracts instead of traditional financial statements, investors are at an advantage of borrowing, lending, and earning interest on digital assets invested using DeFi. Defi enables anybody to trade and invest in digital assets as long as one is connected to the internet. Regulating DeFi Considering that the system is decentralized, regulating it is hard. Around $60b is locked in Decentralized Finance; hence, it is necessary to control the activities happening in the platform for the security of investors and their assets. However, unlike traditional forms of investment where the Finance is centralized, no statements are offered to prove the transaction. This is because the digital platforms do not fit the pract5icallity of traditional financial transactions.  Challenges faced when regulating DeFi Classifying digital assets Digital assets are available in different types and forms. They are the item...
2021-09-19 18:09:55
Turkey President Erdogan says they are at war against cryptocurrencies
TL;DR Breakdown Turkey president says they are fighting a separate war against cryptocurrencies.Crypto adoption spikes among Turkey residents.War against crypto appears to be in favour of Digital Turkish Lira. Turkey President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that the country is at war with cryptocurrencies. Erdogan said this on Saturday during a meeting with students. He said Turkey does not have a problem of opening up to crypto money, on the contrary, they have a separate war and struggle against them. “We will not give them such a premium, nor will we. Because we will continue on the road with our money, which is our fundamental identity in this matter, Erdogan said. Turkey President’s statement does not come as a surprise as the country has been hostile against cryptocurrencies despite their wide adoption among residents. Turkish central bank imposed a ban on cryptocurrency payments in mid-April, stopping local firms from conducting transactions with digital assets. They sighted regulatory uncertainly, extreme high volatility, and crime as key reasons behind their decision. Turkey President, Turks and cryptocurrencies Crypto adoption rate among Turks spiked incessantly in 2020, with data showing that the country had one of the highest exposures to cryptocurrencies worldwide. Polls also indicated that about 16 percent of Turkish citizens had used or owned cryptocurrencies. The reason for the high volume was as a result of th...
2021-09-19 18:09:58
Paypal ends international crypto rollout
TL;DR Breakdown • PayPal will accept four cryptocurrencies.• Regulators in the UK will not endorse the new crypto trading platform. The multinational payment system, PayPal, launched its cryptocurrency trading platform. This opens the way for users to buy four types of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Now the American payment platform clients can explore the cryptocurrencies world in a very dynamic way. Enthusiasts can solve all their doubts about cryptos within the new platform. Paypal is heading towards crypto adoption For months, PayPal had announced that it was thinking of entering the cryptocurrency trade. However, he remained silent until a few hours ago. Paypal is prepared to open its offering in cryptocurrencies far from the North American limits, focusing on the United Kingdom. In this way, its cryptos adoption will be effective in the United States and European countries. UK users will now purchase all four types of tokens that the platform supports. With this report, PayPal expands its crypto operations by bringing a fluid and educational system to its enthusiasts. The company indicates that it is subject to the regulators’ rules in Europe to work best. The company’s objective is to improve the purchase, sale, and exchange of cryptocurrencies with a platform regulated by the national authorities of the United Kingdom. News in the cryptocurrencies purchase within the US p...
2021-09-19 18:09:06
AT&T Sued by Customer After Security Breach Led to Theft of Cryptocurrency
An AT&T customer filed a lawsuit against the company last week accusing it of failing to provide “reasonable and appropriate security to prevent unauthorized access to its customer wireless accounts.” This has led to the theft of cryptocurrency from the plaintiff’s crypto exchange account. AT&T Sued by Crypto Investor An AT&T customer, Jamarquis Etheridge, filed […]
2021-09-19 18:09:59