События криптовалюты Ravencoin

CoinAgenda Caribbean 2020 from March 6-8 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
The bug bounty starts on November 19th and ends on December 19th.
"Blockchain updates: restricted assets and messaging are on testnet, dividends are almost ready for testing," released in mid-December.
BXB exchange launches RVN leveraged futures at 10:00 (UTC+8).
"Right now, RVN rewards are 5000 RVN every 1 minute block. In around Jan 2022 that will drop to 2500 per block."
"New code available for testing this week...will allow testing for messaging and restricted assets."
INDODAX lists RVN. Trading begins at 12 PM (UTC +7).
Ravencoin Meetup Europe June 19, 2019 | 5PM-6PM | RAI | Amsterdam Netherlands.
Customers in Europe will be able to buy digital currencies with the Euro and British Pound. Direct purchases will be enabled.