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Police caution residents against rising crypto crimes in Regina
Amid the rising crypto crimes in Regina, the local police have issued a warning to the citizens not to fall prey to scammers. A police poster in Regina warns against sharing personal financial details with unknown persons over the internet. The poster strictly warns against fraudulent Bitcoin schemes. After a surge in crypto crimes in […]
2020-09-18 23:09:48
East Asia Dominates World’s Onchain Crypto Activity, Europe and North America Trail Behind
Crypto activity continues to flourish worldwide, according to a new cryptocurrency adoption index published by the blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis. The researchers compile onchain digital currency retail value transferred, onchain crypto deposits, peer-to-peer exchange volume, and other types of methodology. Chainalysis recently published a new report called the “2020 Geography of Crypto,” a study that […]The post East Asia Dominates World’s Onchain Crypto Activity, Europe and North America Trail Behind appeared first on Bitcoin News.
2020-09-18 23:09:33
More pump than dump: 22% UniSwap (UNI) price drop doesn’t faze traders
UniSwap’s UNI governance token soared to $8.60 before pulling correcting sharply but top traders expect the price to rise higher.
2020-09-18 23:09:00
Unhappy miners threaten to fork Filecoin ahead of mainnet launch
MIX Group, a Filecoin mining company is threatening to fork the blockchain digital storage ahead of its mainnet launch. MIX Group chairman, Weiping Han, said at a press conference that he has the support of many Filecoin miners and influential VCs such as Jun Du, co-founder of Huobi and founder of Node Capital for the […]
2020-09-18 22:09:22
Firstderivative Yield Farming Project Is Now Live With x10 Bonus
The latest trends at the cryptocurrency market are largely characterized by DeFi gaining more momentum and the upcoming launch of ETH 2.0 staking algorithm. As both DeFi and staking markets keep growing swiftly, their synergy also strengthens, leading to an increased superposition and consequently more composability. However, those processes come with a number of complications […]The post Firstderivative Yield Farming Project Is Now Live With x10 Bonus appeared first on Bitcoin News.
2020-09-18 22:09:32
Chainlink to power TrustSwap SmartLock and SmartEscrow products
After its initial token launch in June, TrustSwap, a smart contracts payments platform announced in a blog that Chainlink’s Price Reference Data – its decentralized oracle network – had been integrated with TrustSwap’s SmartLock and SmartEscrow products in order to determine fees associated with token-locking services. TrustSwap believed that Chainlink’s ETH/USD price oracle, which sources […]The post Chainlink to power TrustSwap SmartLock and SmartEscrow products appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-09-18 22:09:59
Uniswap Trading Volume Trails Only Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether
Just two days after decentralized exchange Uniswap launched its governance token, the UNI is doing twice the daily trading volume of Bitcoin Cash.
2020-09-18 22:09:09
Bitcoin plays saviour as Peso declines post new Argentine foreign currency rules
Argentine Peso has taken another turn for the worse after the country’s central bank announced new Argentine foreign currency rules. The restrictive new rules governing foreign exchange transactions have put renewed pressure on Argentine Peso which was already struggling to hold on its own amid the pandemic. New foreign currency regulations caused an immediate 10 […]
2020-09-18 22:09:20
Binance Coin price returns to $27, what to expect?
Binance Coin follows the market into the high and the crash today. Market volatility affecting Binance Coin prices as well. Descending channel broken at $26.6 low. Analyst observes a crossroad pattern for the stable coin. The Binance Coin price line spiked above the $28.5 level on the 18th of September. The price volatility decreased as […]
2020-09-18 22:09:14
Security Risks in DeFi (Decentralized Finance)
Decentralized finance has been the talk of the town for the last few months, seeing unprecedented growth since June this year, In just six weeks, the amount of ETH locked into these decentralized platforms rose from just over $1 billion to nearly $10 billion. DeFi has provided thousands of people with access to financial services The post Security Risks in DeFi (Decentralized Finance) appeared first on Coingape.
2020-09-18 21:09:44
OKEx CEO slams Binance’s Changpeng Zhao for promoting questionable DeFi projects
Jay Hao did not mince words in disparaging Binance for strategies he referred to as "irresponsible."
2020-09-18 21:09:44
New Binance-Backed DeFi Site Lets You Earn Yield on Bitcoin, Other Non-Ethereum Assets
Kava Labs has launched its first application: a yield-generating decentralized finance (DeFi) platform for bitcoin and other non-Ethereum assets.
2020-09-18 21:09:39
Kraken Earns License to Become First US Bank Charter to Provide Crypto Services
The Wyoming Banking Board has granted crypto exchange Kraken a Special Purpose Depository Institution (SPDI) charter that’s recognized under federal and state law. Founded in San Francisco in 2011, Kraken applied for the banking license under Wyoming state laws shortly after the state introduced a comprehensive framework earlier this year to make it easier and […]
2020-09-18 21:09:13
Binance and Coinbase List New Uniswap Token UNI Within Hours of Minting
Uniswap has caused waves in the crypto market after minting its new governance token UNI and launching it in style by airdropping the token in huge amounts to thousands of its users. Following the announcement, Binance and Coinbase rushed to list the UNI token, as excitement flooded the market with users receiving a minimum of […]
2020-09-18 21:09:34
How to File Your DeFi Taxes in the US
Working out how to pay your DeFi taxes is a tricky subject to approach. Here's a quick guide.
2020-09-18 21:09:08
VeChain’s Utility Expands Through China, Indicators Flash Buy
2020-09-18 21:09:20
What Is DeFi?
DeFi is short for "decentralized finance," an umbrella term for Ethereum and blockchain applications geared toward disrupting financial intermediaries.
2020-09-18 21:09:41
Bitcoin price at $10800, retesting $11,000?
Bitcoin price hits $11,00 mark but unable to hold. Bitcoin facing extreme volatility. Bollingers band confirms volatility. Analyst believe a bearish formation may plunge Bitcoin in a retrace to $10,450. Persistent market volatility continues as the king of cryptocurrency hit $11,000 mark today but was unable to sustain. The Bitcoin price line observed a brief […]
2020-09-18 21:09:02
Ethereum under pressure from DeFI; Can Bitcoin capitalize?
2020 saw Ethereum [ETH] briefly take over Bitcoin’s lead in the market. However, this growth was the result of the boom witnessed by the decentralized finance [DeFi] ecosystem. According to data provided by Skew, the price volatility of Ethereum and Bitcoin are converging. The converging spread of the Ether-Bitcoin 6-month at-the-money [ATM] Implied Volatility had […]The post Ethereum under pressure from DeFI; Can Bitcoin capitalize? appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-09-18 21:09:28
More Political Candidates Are Accepting Bitcoin Contributions
Many more congressional and political candidates have turned to accepting bitcoin as a means of support for their campaigns. While they’re always open to cash donations, bitcoin has become something of a norm for many people running for office. The reason: because bitcoin is not controlled by banks. It is not recognized as legitimate money...The post More Political Candidates Are Accepting Bitcoin Contributions appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2020-09-18 21:09:21
The runaway success of Uniswap’s token raises an old question: is it a security?
Uniswap has gone live with a dedicated token to mass success, but concerns have emerged that the proverbial party could come to a halt if the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) looks too closely at the token.The post The runaway success of Uniswap’s token raises an old question: is it a security? appeared first on The Block.
2020-09-18 20:09:28
SEC Regulation Won't Kill DeFi, Say Crypto Execs
The Decrypt Daily podcast digs into one of the biggest topics in crypto today with help from Erick Pinos, Jason Wu, and Zaki Manian.
2020-09-18 20:09:03
Dissatisfied miners in China want to fork Filecoin
Multiple mining groups in China have announced that they will fork Filecoin’s blockchain as they claimed to be dissatisfied with mining rewards, according to a report in Sohu.com, a Chinese media company. Moreover, the announcement has come just weeks before Filecoin’s mainnet launch in October. With regard to the fork announcement, Weiping Han, Chairman of MIX […]The post Dissatisfied miners in China want to fork Filecoin appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-09-18 20:09:31
Market Wrap: Bitcoin Tests $11K; Uniswap Passes $1.5B Locked
Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is captivating the crypto market, and that is causing weakness for bitcoin.
2020-09-18 20:09:42
New Hardware Wallet Feature Fends Off Bitcoin Dusting Attacks
Hardware wallet company Ledger introduced a new software feature, Coin Control, which guards the privacy of users transacting in Bitcoin.
2020-09-17 23:09:06
Australian CBDC seems unnecessary right now, says Reserve Bank of Australia
As nations jostle around to launch CBDCs, the possibility of an Australian CBDC has been rejected by the country’s central bank. The Reserve Bank of Australia has stated in its payment paper that it is in no rush to create a central bank digital currency since the Australian Dollar is performing well. The payment paper […]
2020-09-17 23:09:37
Uniswap’s Distribution Is Built on Something That Can’t Be Forked: Actual Users
Uniswap distributed 400 of its new UNI tokens, a $1,400 value, to all its past users. Observers say the big surprise is likely to pay years of dividends.
2020-09-17 22:09:35
Will Tesla bubble mimic the 2018 Bitcoin catastrophe
As tech stocks heat up, a potential Tesla bubble is giving investors nightmares. Founded by Elon Musk, both Tesla and SpaceX hold immense potential when it comes to changing the world. However, the stock market has its way of interpreting financial jargon to define any stock’s value. The current valuation and volatility in Elon Musk’s […]
2020-09-17 22:09:47
German music label firm Kompakt now accepts Bitcoin, ETH via Utrust gateway
Utrust, a blockchain powered crypto payment gateway that gives e-commerce businesses the option to accept cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum, announced its integration with Kompakt, a Cologne-based electronic music record label company. This would allow the music company’s fans to pay in digital currencies like BTC, ETH, and also UTC token when they buy merchandise […]The post German music label firm Kompakt now accepts Bitcoin, ETH via Utrust gateway  appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-09-17 22:09:28
Major Milestone: Polkadot Treasury Funds Its First Set Of Projects
The fund management arm of the Polkadot team known as the Polkadot Treasury has just funded its first set of projects. The four projects include Redspot, the development environment, testing framework, and asset pipeline for pallet-contracts, Centrifuge and the Go Substrate RPC Client, Polkascan, and its essential infrastructure deployment project and Encointer, the quest for […]
2020-09-17 22:09:37