События криптовалюты QLC Chain

"We would then like to invite our talented community members, or any of you that feel creative, to design an infographic of our milestones."
QLC and Opacity Hackathon to improve user privacy ecosystem.
"We are conducting an AMA with QLCchain Tomorrow at 4:30PM UTC. Zardique from QLC team is with us."
Allen Li, Chief Architect of QLC Chain, is invited to attend and deliver a keynote speech at the 2019 International MVNO Summit.
"Q-Wallet to support QGAS/USDT OTC function," during July 2019.
"QDEX to release beta version," during August 2019.
"Confidant to add PGP Email function, support encrypted email," in August 2019.
“Le Hack” is the biggest hacking even in Europe and one of the biggest in the world! QLC Chain is invited by Qwant to attend the event."
"Anti fraud message tracker service starts to generate revenue for QLC community in OTC and exchange market," during June.
"WinCash launch - a QLC Chain based mobile wallet and an OTC marketplace connecting fiat payment," during June.
"ISO (initial staking offer) launches," during May.
QLC Chain launches its antifraud message tracker and conducts a live demonstration of the platform.
QKC AMA at 10 PM (HKT) on NEO Reddit channel.
The QLC team will airdrop 100,000 QLC to users between April 29th and May 4th to celebrate the QLC mainnet launching and IOU release.
"Purchase Q-Gas backed IOU with USDT," on BitAsset.
"We will be holding a Q-Gas and IOU AMA in our main Telegram channel (https://t.me/qlinkmobile) on April 24, 7 PM HKT."
No additional information.
"QLC Chain is delighted to share that QLC and the QLC token and Q-Gas IOU will be listed on BitAsset in mid-April."