События криптовалюты NULS

"We are so excited to hold NULS × Pionex AMA! AMA Topic: How to use NULS trading bot on Pionex! AMA Time: 02:00am(UTC), Dec,27."
"Our first monthly #NULS meet-up will be this Wednesday evening in #SiliconValley to discuss SCOs."
In order to strengthen the communication between the Graphene community, attract more developers and resources to join the graphene ecology.
Complete at least 20 industry solutions and build a new NULS-based ecosystem.
"Integration of blockchain, big data and AI to provide a comprehensive solution for the production and operation needs of agriculture..."
Launch of NULS 2.0 mainnet.
Application modules hackathon July 8- August 28.
"On July 11th, $NULS will be holding our Basic and Business Application Module Workshop in San Jose, CA."
No additional information.
NULS Chain Factory public beta released during Q3 2019.
NULS 2.0 public beta released by end of Q2 2019.
NULS 2.0 alpha test during Q1 2019.