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Midas Touch Director Gives Bitcoin Target Of $100K Or Higher
Bitcoin has been moving sideways during the day after an increase in selling pressure brought back to mid-range of its current levels. The first cryptocurrency by market cap trades at $47,394 with a 5.4% profit in the daily chart. Despite the cool off in the crypto market, sentiment has turned bullish. Managing Director of Midas Touch Consulting Florian Grummes recently supported the optimism thesis for the long term. In an interview with David from Kitco News, Grummes reiterated his prediction on Bitcoin and claimed that the cryptocurrency will continue into uncharted territory in 2021. In that sense, he expects BTC’s price to rise above the $100,000 mark in the next six months on the back of fresh capital coming into the market. Financial institutions could have bigger motivations to jump into BTC. The cryptocurrency is amongst the best-performing assets of the decade and, as Grummes said, there is “a lot of pressure” on these entities to show good performance on their investments. The Managing Director for Midas Touch believes that Bitcoin was designed to perform well under the current economical conditions. He said: (…) lots of institutions still have to catch up there, and I think this was all implemented in the game theory of Satoshi (Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin) and it’s playing out wonderfully. In the short term, Grummes acknowledged that BTC’s price saw a “good” bounce over the past weeks. However, the bullish sentim...
2021-08-26 23:08:11
‘Cardano will choke to death’ prediction elicits this response from Hoskinson
Cardano was in the news recently after the Foundation announced a collaboration with blockchain analytics provider Coinfirm. This partnership will see Cardano deploy Anti-Money Laundering and Combating Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) analytics. While this marks an important milestone to curb malicious activities, are there any concerns related to it? Is the base layer still neutral and […]
2021-08-26 23:08:50
Why Breaking $49K Is Important For Bitcoin To See Another All-Time High
Bitcoin has once again dipped back down below its $47K resistance point. This time, the price of the digital asset looks to have turned its attention downwards. While this downward correction continues, it is important to know where this correction might lead. Price dips are not a novel concept in bull markets. In fact, price dips are often expected following a rally in the price of any digital asset. Related Reading | Why An 18% Drop In Bitcoin Could Still Be Bullish This drop in price is usually the market taking a bit of a step backward. Not necessarily pulling out of the asset. Bitcoin had only recently broken $50K and did not rest at this position for long. So a small downward stretch will most likely lead to a bounce-back that will push the price higher back above $50K. With a consolidation point putting the digital asset at a reasonable position above $50K. Bitcoin Setup For New All-Time High For bitcoin to hit a new all-time high as the market expects, some factors would play into this. Simply speaking, certain signals would need to be triggered for this price jump. Bulls still have majority standing currently, but it is no secret that the bears are determined to drag down the price of the asset. BTC price set to hit new ATH if bounce-back leads past $49K | Source: Twitter This has seen the price of bitcoin forming its first weekly bear after the run-up. As expected, bears are trying to straighten their hold ...
2021-08-26 23:08:32
Milestone $188 Billion In Bitcoin Value Moves Across Network
Bitcoin has yet again broken another milestone. The pioneer cryptocurrency has seen the volume of BTC moving across its network increase exponentially. This time, the seven-day moving average of BTC volume on the network has broken a record. Volume from this shows that as of yesterday, $188 billion had been moved across the network. This […]
2021-08-26 23:08:15
DIY Bitcoin Private Key Project
In this fun tutorial, you will learn how to generate your very own bitcoin private key.
2021-08-26 23:08:00
Cardano ($ADA) Has Potential to Hit $20 This Cycle, Says Popular Crypto Analyst
Popular cryptocurrency analyst and trader Benjamin Cowen has revealed he believes the third-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization Cardano ($ADA) has the potential to hit $20 this bull cycle while outperforming bitcoin. In a video, first spotted by Daily Hold, Cowen noted he believes Cardano’s price surge so far this year is only getting started, adding […]
2021-08-26 22:08:00
Analysts say Bitcoin price pullback and profit-taking at $50K ‘was expected’
Traders say a correction to lower support levels and standard profit-taking was expected after Bitcoin’s swift ascension to $50,000.
2021-08-26 22:08:00
What Is Art Blocks and Why Are These NFTs Suddenly Selling for Millions in Ethereum?
Art Blocks generates original artwork on the Ethereum blockchain, and buyers are paying top dollar for them amidst the latest NFT boom.
2021-08-26 22:08:12
Things You Didn’t Know About VPNs
Disclaimer: The following article is part of Cryptonews Deals Series and was written as a promotional article in collaboration with the sponsor of this offer. If your company has an exclusive promotion that you would like to share with our readers, we invite you to reach out to us. Let’s build together.Photo by Tierney / Adobe StockNowadays, pretty much everyone with an internet connection has
2021-08-26 22:08:00
Bitcoin Investors Should Watch These Crucial Levels if BTC Fails To Rise Above $50,000: Crypto Trader Scott Melker
Cryptocurrency strategist and trader Scott Melker is analyzing how the price of Bitcoin may move over the coming days and weeks. Melker tells his 78,000 YouTube subscribers that Bitcoin (BTC) will likely face strong resistance just above the $50,000 level. The cryptocurrency analyst argues that the resistance level coincides with a key Fibonacci indicator number. […]The post Bitcoin Investors Should Watch These Crucial Levels if BTC Fails To Rise Above $50,000: Crypto Trader Scott Melker appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2021-08-26 22:08:43
HODL Will Be the Name of the First Crypto-Based TV Show Directed by the Producer of ‘Entourage’
The prominent name in the film industry - Rob Weiss - will reportedly produce and direct the first crypto-related TV show called HODL.
2021-08-26 22:08:25
ETH 2.0 and EIP-1559 Hasten Vanishing Available Ethereum Supply
Rumors of possible tapering by the U.S. Federal Reserve slowed down Ethereum and its quick move into previous highs. The second cryptocurrency by market cap trades at $3,113 with a 3.7% loss in the daily chart. The crypto market seems equally uncertain on its course for the short term, like Bitcoin and most cryptocurrencies in […]
2021-08-26 22:08:36
South Korea: Crypto-bank decries lack of ‘clear authoritative interpretation’
The Special Provisions Act is set to come into effect from 25 September in South Korea and this has left many exchanges panicking. Popular crypto-banking platform Sandbank is one of them, with the firm recently revealing the blurry regulatory picture currently taking shape. According to reports, the requirements for registrations have been difficult to meet […]
2021-08-26 22:08:31
Binary options trading with Bitcoin (BTC): How it works
Many traders would first think of margin trading, with its high risk, high reward approach. The post Binary options trading with Bitcoin (BTC): How it works appeared first on CryptoSlate.
2021-08-26 22:08:21
Vogue Brings NFTs To Fashion Magazines World
Source: Screenshot, Vogue Singapore / InstagramThe Singaporean edition of international luxury fashion magazine Vogue is bringing non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to high-end fashion, featuring a QR code in its September issue that enables access to two digital covers created by fashion designers, which are available as NFTs.The first NFT cover that is featured in Vogue Singapore’s September
2021-08-26 22:08:00
1inch Network is looking to raise Series B at a $2.25 billion valuation
Quick Take1inch Network is in the process of raising a Series B round at a valuation of $2.25 billion, The Block has learned.1inch is targeting a raise of $70 million in this round. 
2021-08-26 21:08:05
The U.S government can be more Bitcoin-friendly, but here’s where to start
The crypto-regulatory landscape in the U.S. has been somewhat bumpy lately. While senators have often purported different viewpoints with respect to Bitcoin and other cryptos, digital assets have received a rather ambiguous categorization. The Infrastructure Bill can be taken as a case in point, one where last-minute crypto-tax provisions sent a wave of FUD across […]
2021-08-26 21:08:26
Galaxy Digital Will Introduce Cryptocurrency Indexes In Partnership With Alerian
Galaxy Digital has announced the launch of passive cryptocurrency indexes with Alerian. These passive crypto indexes are eight in number; they will be weighted equally and re-balanced monthly. Galaxy Digital Holdings has partnered with S-Network Global indexes and Alerian to launch eight blockchain indexes focused on crypto. Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd is a financial services and investment management company that offers cryptocurrency and digital assets services. The Company also provides services in blockchain technology with business lines, including Principal investments, trading, advisory services, and asset management. Related Reading | Kraken To Re-Enter The European Market By Applying For A New License According to an announcement made on August 24th, the duo developed two families of the crypto index. They are referred to as the Alerian Galaxy Global Cryptocurrency-Focused Blockchain Indexes and Alerian Galaxy Global Blockchain Indexes. The eight offerings have their listing under Alerian Galaxy Global Cryptocurrency-Focused Blockchain Indexes. The passive indexes enable access to few selected investment vehicles and public companies. The companies and selected vehicles should be actively involved in the blockchain and crypto sectors like cryptocurrency miners. Related Reading | Number Of Short-Term Bitcoin Holders Hits All-Time Low, How This Affects The Price Other good examples are companies with crypto on...
2021-08-26 21:08:12
Bitcoin To See ‘Very Fast Price Appreciation Through The End Of This Year’, Pompliano Tells Why
Bitcoin’s highly celebrated breach of the $50,000 level was short-lived as the crypto asset failed to hold its price for the entire day, leading to a slip to $47,164 at the time of writing as data by TradingView shows. The coin reached a day-high of $50,300, before dwindling and later regaining its current price amidst […]
2021-08-26 21:08:18
Dan Tapiero Talks Bonds, Gold and Bitcoin at Bretton Woods
People should also understand that bitcoin is one of the first truly global macro investments to exist, Tapiero said.The post Dan Tapiero Talks Bonds, Gold and Bitcoin at Bretton Woods appeared first on Blockworks.
2021-08-26 21:08:09
Former Facebook Veteran Joins Coinbase as Chief Marketing Officer
Kate Rouch, a former Facebook veteran has joined American trading platform, Coinbase Global as the Chief Marketing Officer. According to the announcement, Kate will be in charge of Coinbase’s global brand, product and performance marketing. The digital economy is fast growing with constant product evolution. Keeping up with these fast paced ecosystem is daunting, and The post Former Facebook Veteran Joins Coinbase as Chief Marketing Officer appeared first on Coingape.
2021-08-26 21:08:38
Microsoft Has Patented a Token Interoperability Tool
2021-08-26 21:08:45
BIT Mining Limited: A Crypto Company With A Lot To Prove
Having shed its legacy non-crypto assets, BIT Mining Limited is a China-based company trying to (paradoxically) make a name for itself in the crypto space.The company's Q2 2021 operating results and Q2 2021 balance sheet are not particularly impressive, and the balance sheet includes ownership of speculative Dogecoin.The company is subject to further crackdowns by the Chinese government and subject to other regulatory risks.
2021-08-26 21:08:21
Bitcoin, Cardano Face Losses Before Fed’s Jackson Hole Meeting
"Hawkish commentary from the Fed could bring some volatility to the stock as well as crypto markets," BKCoin Capital's Kevin Kang said. "After Bitcoin briefly hit above $50,000 for the first time in three months, which closed May’s CME futures gap, there has been a lot of bullish optimism in the market."The post Bitcoin, Cardano Face Losses Before Fed’s Jackson Hole Meeting appeared first on Blockworks.
2021-08-26 21:08:39
Substack to Permit Bitcoin Payments for Special Content Access
Substack – a content platform backed by Andreessen Horowitz – will allow users to access VIP content in the future granted they pay with cryptocurrency. The content can be accessed utilizing the company’s new payment processor known as Open Node. Substack Is Pushing the Bitcoin Agenda Further This is a big deal in the sense...The post Substack to Permit Bitcoin Payments for Special Content Access appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2021-08-26 21:08:05
12-year-old boy sells NFTs collection for $350,000
TL;DR Breakdown • Benyamin Ahmed presented his NFTs collection “Weird Whales,” selling in less than 9 hours.• The market for non-fungible tokens is preparing for the next collection to be displayed. Benyamin Ahmed, a boy of only 12 years old, is a trend for participating in the NFTs market and making a lot of money. Cryptocurrencies have brought many profits to their enthusiasts; they are not limited by age, nationality, or level of education. In July, little Benyamin sold his NFTs collection called “Weird Whales” at a fair price. Over time the young boy earned $350,000, and by the end of August, he has earned close to a total of $400,000. Benyamin Ahmed’s NFT’s collection Benyamin Ahmed NFT’s collection auction was finished in less than 9 hours. The auction was valued at 80 Ethereum, which at the time was worth $248,000 each. The boy also obtained a 2.5 percent commission when the NFTs are sold on the market, giving him a profit of 30 Ether. Altogether, Benyamin earned $343,640 at today’s market price. His profit was very good as he spent only $300 for gas fees and the cost for interacting with the Ethereum Blockchain network. To create non-fungible tokens, the person must invest money in the Blockchain network. What is most surprising about this story is that young Benyamin doubts his abilities as an artist despite winning about $350,000 at the auction. The young man told a t...
2021-08-26 20:08:00
NFT Craze Rages On as August Sales Near $900M
NFT sales are approaching $900 million so far this month, leaving creators, buyers and spectators wondering if the trend will continue. The post NFT Craze Rages On as August Sales Near $900M appeared first on Blockworks.
2021-08-26 20:08:34
Coinbase appoints Facebook vet as chief marketing officer
Kate Rouch spent more than a decade at Facebook, most recently as its Global Head of Brand and Product Marketing.The post Coinbase appoints Facebook vet as chief marketing officer appeared first on The Block.
2021-08-26 20:08:24
Cardano, NEM, Uniswap Price Analysis: 26 August
It has been a mixed trading day for the altcoin market. The likes of ADA and UNI declined on their charts by 2.7% and 0.6%, respectively. Cardano fell below the $2.63 support level while UNI traded very close to the $25.47 support line. XEM, however, recovered slightly by 0.3% despite signs of bearish price action. […]
2021-08-26 20:08:12