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Kim Kardashian Called out by UK Regulator for Pumping Crypto Token That Could Harm Investors
Kim Kardashian has been singled out by the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for pumping a crypto token that could put investors at risk. With 250 million Instagram followers, the FCA chairman said that Kardashian’s cryptocurrency promotion “may have been the financial promotion with the single biggest audience reach in history.” Kim Kardashian Promotes Crypto […]
2021-09-06 23:09:41
Bitcoin Cracks $52,000, Why This Time It Could Sustain The Rally
Bitcoin has broken out of its range for the second time in the past month. The first cryptocurrency by market cap is making its way up from its yearly low, $29,900, after a season trending to the downside. At the time of writing, BTC trades at $52,333 with a 1.4% and 7% profit in the daily and weekly charts, respectively. Bitcoin smashed the major resistance at $52,000, as news about El Salvador buying its first BTC came out of that country’s presidential office. The bulls are back in control, it would seem, and Bitcoin could potentially rise to its next resistance level at around $56,000, for the first time since May. If it does break that resistance, the bulls could attempt a move into the $60,000 area. This could put BTC’s price in the “path of least resistance”, as Senior Commodity Strategist for Bloomberg Intelligence Mike McGlone said. The price target for that path is $100,000 by the end of 2021 for the first cryptocurrency by market cap, and $5,000 for the second, Ethereum. McGlone noted: After enduring a gut-wrenching correction, we see the crypto market more likely to resume its upward trajectory than drop below the 2Q lows. What could stop Bitcoin and Ethereum from achieving record highs in 2H may be the more elusive question. Increasing demand and adoption are facing diminishing supply. A report by Glassnode support the bullish thesis for the short term. The firm records a recovery in the mining sector after these ...
2021-09-06 23:09:12
Solana Extends Uphill Drive, Hitting Record Highs After Record Highs
Solana continues its uphill drive, hitting record highs after record highs. The speed, dive into NFTs and deeper DeFi expansion are key reasons for Solana’s price surge. Could it eventually compete with Ethereum? Still too early to decide but its present form is multiple steps in the right direction. Third-generation blockchain, Solana has been in […]
2021-09-06 23:09:36
Why U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren Thinks Crypto Is “The New Shadow Bank”
Crypto regulation has been a hot topic lately in the United States. The Infrastructure Bill has been one of the most talked-about bills in the crypto industry. Senators have usually taken a stand for or against favorable crypto regulations. And for the most part, the House has been divided on what should be done with […]
2021-09-06 23:09:42
As Crypto Market Goes Into “Extreme Greed,” Is Bitcoin Set For New All-Time High?
Bitcoin price recently broke past $50,000 as the entire crypto market experienced a surge. Investor sentiment has been greatly skewed into the positive with this break of the $50K resistance point, increasing the buy pressures all around the market. There are various tools used to measure how investors are currently feeling towards a particular asset. In this case, the Fear & Greed Index helps to measure the general sentiments around the top coins in the crypto market. The week has started on a high note with the Fear & Greed Index index at a score of 79 today. Putting sentiments around top coins like bitcoin in the region of extremely positive. Fear & Greed Index goes into extreme greed | Source: Fear & Greed Index from alternative.me Market Turns To Extreme Greed The market has spent the last week in greed according to the Fear & Greed Index. Now, following bitcoin going to $52K, the pin has now moved straight into “Extreme Greed.” This is a result of investors, both old and new, clamoring to get their hands on as much bitcoin as possible. At this point in time, accumulation looks to be the name of the game. Related Reading | These Three Lagging Altcoins Are Poised For A Breakout, Says Crypto Strategist The Fear & Greed Index jumped six points in the span of 24 hours to land at 79 on the index, which put it directly in the “Extreme Greed” territory. Measuring emotions and sentiments in the m...
2021-09-06 23:09:14
Cardano, Dogecoin, Chainlink Price Analysis: 06 September
Mixed trading patterns were observed in case of certain altcoins. While some altcoins rallied, others also logged some gains, while many were busy trading laterally. Chainlink rallied 12.9% over the last 24 hours, while setting a new multi-month high. Dogecoin hiked by 4.4% and was preparing to revisit the $0.314 price ceiling. Cardano traded sideways, […]
2021-09-06 23:09:11
Big ups for Bitcoin Price Ahead! $54K Next Pittston?
The post Big ups for Bitcoin Price Ahead! $54K Next Pittston? appeared first on Coinpedia - Fintech & Cryptocurreny News Media| Crypto GuideThe price of bitcoin is poised to revisit the $52,000 mark after reaching highs of $51,880 on September 5. The overall market capitalisation of all cryptocurrencies is now $2.32 trillion, up 2.61 percent, with the bulk of them trading in the green. Bitcoin’s price cemented the $49,500 and began a new upward trend. BTC moved …
2021-09-06 22:09:00
What these ‘unlikely’ supporters have in mind for Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador
Bitcoin enthusiasts the world over, are waiting in anticipation for El Salvador’s Bitcoin law to finally come into force tomorrow, 7 September. This marks the first time that the cryptocurrency will attain the status of legal tender in a nation. To commemorate this event, a Reddit community with over 3 million members, decided to buy […]
2021-09-06 22:09:07
$52K Bitcoin price triggers rally in large caps like Litecoin, Stellar and Bitcoin Cash
Bitcoin’s steady climb toward new highs is bringing about the usual breakout from legacy altcoins like LTC, BCH and XLM.
2021-09-06 22:09:00
Bitcoin Miners And Oil Producers To Discuss Crypto-Mining Opportunities
Last week, Bitcoin miners and oil producers met in Houston to discuss the possible opportunities for on-site digital mining. They meet in-vehicle warehouse, which served as their point of encounter to examine these opportunities. The meeting had over 200 investors in attendance to deliberate on an alliance aimed at favoring both parties. Related Reading | […]
2021-09-06 22:09:27
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