События криптовалюты IOTA

"Hello NewYork ! Join Dan Simerman, our Head of Financial Relations, to discuss the key developments in 2019 & IOTA’s strategy for 2020..."
Global Blockchain Summit 2019 at 1 PM.
"The IOTA community in #London and the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) will host an event to share the 2019 highlights and give..."
"Healthcare Professional Interest Network: Is AI the end of Healthcare?" meetup in London from 18:30 - 21:30 (GMT).
Wilfried Pimenta, our Director of Business Development, will be among the speakers at the AI & Blockchain Summit in the Smart City Expo Worl...
"Join us for the “2019 recap & 2020 outlook” MeetUp, organized by IOTA & @iotashop."
"Come learn about the IOTA technology! Dec 10 at 6PM CEST."
From Construction to Smart City: IOTA, Maschinenraum & Thinkt Digital will explain, using concrete use cases, how to gain real value from..
"It will bring together key industries from across the globe for two days of top-level content and discussion across 5 co-located events..."
MoCo in Los Angeles from November 12-13.
"The community in Argentina will get together to discuss the current initiatives led by IOTA Foundation. Aug 29 at 7PM UTC-3."
"Join the community in this free informational event about DLT & IOTA technology. Aug 28 at 5PM CEST."
"Join the community, meet IOTA's team and be the first to see IOTA’s PoCs."
"Save the date, August 15, Webinar - Machine Money . We will explore machine money and how to build device wallets with IOTA."
“Blockchain Economy” Date: February 20-21th, 2020  Venue: WOW Convention Center, Istanbul, Turkey.
Diffusion 2019 from October 19 - 20 at Factory, Berlin.
"Sign up today for the first episode scheduled for July 30th at 2 pm EST/8 pm CEST!"
"Join us for the IOTA Barbecue Satellite TOA Event in Hafenküche July 4 at 6PM."
InnoVEX from May 29-31 at Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1.