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Novogratz’ Galaxy Interactive Raises $325 Million to Engage with Blockchain-Based Games
Following a $325M fundraising round Galaxy Digital's division - Galaxy Interactive - plans to enter the blockchain-based games and artificial intelligence sectors.
2021-10-20 23:10:54
Opinion: Bitcoin Hitting $200-300K Might Be Too Far A Reach
It’s no news anymore that Bitcoin has surpassed it’s all-time high (ATH) on Wednesday, bringing its price to about $67,000 On Wednesday. But how high can the digital asset really climb? Quite a number of analysts have been predicting new highs for Bitcoin for a long time now, and surely their forecasts truly came to The post Opinion: Bitcoin Hitting $200-300K Might Be Too Far A Reach appeared first on Coingape.
2021-10-20 23:10:58
Andrew Yang and Bankless Release NFT to Support Forward Party
Yang revealed his NFT collaboration on Twitter after joining the Bankless podcast.
2021-10-20 23:10:17
Bitcoin Leads Charge Of Large Cap Altcoin Dominance In October
Bitcoin has regained dominance over the market in recent times. The digital asset has seen price recover towards previous highs, with less than 1% left for it to surpass its previous all-time high. This has so far renewed faith in the asset and the market and has seen sentiment move into the positive in the broader crypto market. Bitcoin has not shown any signs of slowing down since then. On the index side, bitcoin has not taken any prisoners in its market domination. The digital asset has crushed every single index in the market and has outperformed indexes from small to mid-size, bar the Large Cap Index. BTC price shows that the asset is back in the lead. Trends show that it has only begun to rally. With October margins showing a 180% turn from September lows. This is quite simply bitcoin’s season. Bitcoin Takes Charge Of The Market Bitcoin’s numbers for the month have been nothing short of exceptional. It has led the charge for the massive recoveries that have been witnessed in the market. The total market rally was sparked by BTC’s upward movement which began at the beginning of the month and since then, the Large Cap Index has recorded an impressive profit margin. Related Reading | Number Of Bitcoin Whales On The Rise As BTC Chases New All-Time High BTC has been at the forefront of the recovery in the market. The digital asset is up 29% in the month of October. While the Large Cap Index is up 32% in the same ti...
2021-10-20 23:10:54
Bitcoin Open Interest Climbs Toward April Peak Levels: What This Could Mean
Bitcoin recently marked a recovery above $64K. The digital asset did not linger in the price range for long but it is nonetheless an important milestone for the asset. One month of gains has seemingly erased the past couple of months of a slow market. Investors who had watched the values of their portfolios crash […]
2021-10-20 23:10:10
Following Bitcoin’s all-time high, DeFi TVL hits a record high above $233B
The total value locked in DeFi protocols soared to $233.8 billion as rising token prices and the increasing integration of stablecoins helped send the metric to a record high.
2021-10-20 23:10:00
Why A Bitcoin Futures ETF Is Good For Bitcoin
The recently launched Bitcoin futures ETF makes Bitcoin more accessible and improves its legitimacy.Some people seem to believe that the ETF will be bad for Bitcoin, for example, if more accessible futures reduce remand for the underlying asset.This article is a deep dive into how futures work and how the ETF will impact Bitcoin.
2021-10-20 22:10:41
Large Bitcoin Whales Are In Decline While Little Whales Flex Their Muscles
The number of accounts holding 10,000 BTC or less has dropped to its lowest ebb in 8 years. On the bright side, the number of addresses that own between 100-1,000 BTC has gained momentum in recent days. Several reasons are responsible for this trend including El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption and the swirling news about the […]
2021-10-20 22:10:56
NFT ownership collaborative PleasrDAO says it purchased rare Wu-Tang Clan album
The Wu-Tang album sold for $4 million in July to an anonymous entity. On Wednesday, PleasrDAO said it is the new owner.The post NFT ownership collaborative PleasrDAO says it purchased rare Wu-Tang Clan album appeared first on The Block.
2021-10-20 22:10:48
A Cryptocurrency Gets To The Central Bank of Israel, CBDC Is On Trial
The possibility of issuing a cryptocurrency fills the Central Bank of Israel with enthusiasm. A digital shekel has come from merely a theory to a persistent search for possible solutions. Their pros and cons list seems to have grown, leading them to be on the lookout for answers and new ideas. Back in June, Bank […]
2021-10-20 22:10:21
As Wormhole ‘unleashes’ Terra, a ‘cross-chain trade boom’ might ensue
Interoperability is trending across the crypto sector and blockchains are coming up with innovative proposals and workarounds, in order to meet users’ diverse needs. A recent example of this was when the Wormhole Network added a fourth blockchain to its collection of supported chains. A ‘Terra-fic’ update On 20 October, the twelfth biggest blockchain by […]
2021-10-20 22:10:54
Second Bitcoin-Linked ETF In The US To Begin Trading On Friday
The fund, which tried listing as BTFD, has backtracked and will list under the ticker symbol BTF.
2021-10-20 22:10:48
Bitcoin: You Have Been Warned
ETF approval could be overrated.The Treasury turns to ransomware and sanctions.Tether is now a target.Is BTC a trojan horse for CBDCs?
2021-10-20 22:10:59
How a Bitcoin Spot ETF Would Differ from a Futures ETF
2021-10-20 22:10:32
Valkyrie Bitcoin Futures ETF Launch Confirmed For Friday
Experts are unsure if Valkyrie will have the same explosive volume, and the demand from the market for this type of product may not be sustainable. The post Valkyrie Bitcoin Futures ETF Launch Confirmed For Friday appeared first on Blockworks.
2021-10-20 22:10:12
Coinbase Launches Support for New Crypto Assets on Retail Trading Platform
Coinbase is adding two altcoins built on Ethereum to its ever-expanding suite of crypto assets. After initially only being available on Coinbase Pro, ARPA Chain (ARPA) and Perpetual Protocol (PERP) are now open for trading on the company’s main retail trading platform and mobile applications. ARPA is the token that powers ARPA Chain, a blockchain-based […]The post Coinbase Launches Support for New Crypto Assets on Retail Trading Platform appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2021-10-20 22:10:26
Flow Blockchain Now ‘Controlled by Community,’ Says Dapper Labs
The network behind NBA Top Shot has gradually decentralized, with Dapper now running less than one-third of the total nodes.
2021-10-20 22:10:13
LUNA Outperforms Bitcoin’s Rally, Why It’s Ready For Massive Gains
Bulls are in control as Bitcoin and the crypto market break every all-time high, coming into the top 10 is Terra’s native cryptocurrency LUNA with a 12.9% rally in the daily chart. Trading north of $40, at press time, this cryptocurrency has outperformed BTC and major altcoins in lower timeframes. However, LUNA could be just firing up its engines and getting ready for a fresh leg-up in the short term. The Terra ecosystem has been implementing major improvements to its ecosystem in the past months. Related Reading | Why The Terra Ecosystem Delayed A Major Mainnet Upgrade For Late September Therefore, LUNA could have multiple bullish reasons to continue to outperform the market. As researcher Ryan Watkins recently indicated, Terra is closed to implementing all 3 massive upgrades on its infrastructure. The Colombus-5 and Wormhole V2 upgrades have gone live, and the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol upgrade is set to roll out today, October 20th. As NewsBTC reported in August, Columbus-5 was delayed providing every actor on the Terra ecosystem with more time to prepare for the upgrade. Designed to introduce a deflationary mechanism for LUNA, this upgrade will increase Terra’s interoperable capabilities while creating more demand for its underlying asset. In the meantime, the Wormhole upgrade will operate as the communication component between Terra, Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and potentially more block...
2021-10-20 22:10:21
Cboe Acquiring Erisx to Enter Cryptocurrency Spot and Derivatives Markets
Cboe is acquiring Erisx to enter the crypto spot and derivatives markets. “With Erisx, in a single step, Cboe is able to enter the digital asset spot, data, derivatives, and clearing ecosystem. Now is the right time to fully embrace and help define this emerging asset class,” said Cboe’s chief operating officer. Cboe Entering Crypto […]
2021-10-20 22:10:18
How Bitcoin Brings Financial Literacy To Everyone
Discovering and understanding bitcoin can be a catalyst for people to explore the origins of money and the world of finance.
2021-10-20 22:10:00
Shiba Inu Whale Transactions Helped Fuel $SHIB’s Price Rise, Data Suggests
Shiba Inu ($SHIB) whale transactions have been partially fueling the meme-inspired cryptocurrency’s bull run, according to data that shows large transactions occurred ahead of price rises. According to cryptocurrency analytics firm Santiment, SHIB transactions exceeding $100,000 have generally surged ahead of cryptocurrency price rises. Notably, whales may be accumulating even more of the cryptocurrency ahead […]
2021-10-20 21:10:00
BITO ETF: The Bitcoin Phenomenon
The first exchange-traded fund for Bitcoin is now trading, as the cryptocurrency trades at a record high over $66,000.While I am a cautious bull on risk assets, I am still questioning the investment thesis behind Bitcoin.Other than its phenomenal increase in price in recent years, I do not see the fundamental basis for its value long term.
2021-10-20 21:10:39
Robinhood Rival Public Adds Shiba Inu Trading To Its Platform
Stock-trading app Public has joined the Shiba Inu Mania. The New York-based firm has revealed that it has added support for SHIB, the latest dog-themed token that everyone is barking about. Public Now Supports Shiba Inu Public announced Wednesday that it had added “Dogecoin killer” Shiba Inu on its trading platform. Public was unveiled in […]
2021-10-20 21:10:41
Price analysis 10/20: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, XRP, SOL, DOT, DOGE, LUNA, UNI
Bitcoin’s breakout to $67,000 also sent the total crypto market capitalization to a new all-time high and is a signal that altcoins could soon embark on a new uptrend.
2021-10-20 21:10:20
Marathon Digital: Don't Let The High ROI Fool You
Marathon is quickly ramping up its bitcoin mining operations and by mid-2022 will produce almost 3,000 BTC (~$180M) per month.Currently, profit margins are over 80%, making the company look very cheap.However, there are five major trends that make the high profit margins unsustainable.I, therefore, believe that Marathon is overvalued and that investing directly in Bitcoin is the safer option for crypto enthusiasts.
2021-10-20 21:10:41
Bitcoin Rally Lends Strength to ETH, SOL and LUNA: Markets Wrap
Bitcoin lends strength to ethereum and major alts, Ethereum has grown considerably since the last time it visited $4,000, SOL and LUNA pop.The post Bitcoin Rally Lends Strength to ETH, SOL and LUNA: Markets Wrap appeared first on Blockworks.
2021-10-20 21:10:45
Diem Answers Congress by Distancing Itself From Facebook
2021-10-20 21:10:49
This is a major hint with regards to an upcoming price swing for Ethereum
So far, the month of October has belonged to the market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum. With the top two digital assets making inroads to new ATH’s, other coins waited in the wings to register price hikes off their own. Ethereum’s advance was in the forward direction. A daily close above $4,000 would allow ETH to […]
2021-10-20 21:10:50
BITO Bitcoin ETF Becomes Fastest ETF Ever To Hit $1 Billion AUM
The ProShares bitcoin-linked ETF hit $1 billion in assets under management in just two days.
2021-10-20 21:10:37
Soldex Signs Long Term Partnership With Speqto Technologies
Soldex is thrilled to announce that it has officially partnered with Speqto Technologies to accelerate the development of it’s decentralized exchange (DEX) solution, and to build and program the A.I.-powered bots, that form part of the services offered by Soldex to the public. Speqto Technologies were selected as the vendor due to their extensive expertise […]
2021-10-20 21:10:56