События криптовалюты EOS

EOS coin will be listed on the Crypto.com Exchange and App on Tuesday, 17th December 2019, at 08:00 AM UTC.
"#OKExUSDTFutures: $EOS/$USDT futures trading will launch on Dec 2."
"Do you want to build on #EOSIO? @LiquidAppsIO community #DAAPHackathon begins 8pm Sunday CST."
"Interested in building on #EOSIO? Join us on July 10th from 8-10am (HKT) for a walkthrough of all you need to know about getting started."
No additional information.
Gate.io removes some coin from US market due to regulatory uncertainty.
Airdrop of UOS tokens to EOS holders ends.
"... NY Block Plus Summit will be held on 5/11 at @FordhamNYC."
Endless Dappathon by EOS Discussions and StakeMine starting at 16:00 (UTC-0).
“June will be biggest news since EOSIO announcement,” according to EOS CEO.
Block.One, company that owns the EOS code and released it to the community, also made a pre-announcement of a Washington event this June 1st...