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No Elon Musk and Ethereum collaboration, clarifies Tesla CEO
The crypto community has long hinted at an Elon Musk and Ethereum collaboration. He is the famed CEO of futuristic companies Tesla and SpaceX. Now, he has rejected the claims of any partnership or collaboration with Ethereum for his upcoming projects. In his latest tweet, he has clarified that he is currently not involved in […]
2020-07-04 23:07:02
DeFi Offers Potential Investment Opportunities said HyperChain Capital
HyperChain Capital CEO says DeFi provides potential growth and investment opportunities for the digital assets management firm.
2020-07-04 23:07:00
BlockDown Conference launches video on demand service, BlockDown TV
The company behind one of the most popular crypto and blockchain-related conferences in the industry has announced the launch of BlockDown.TV, a platform where users can access content from previous BlockDown conferences. The post BlockDown Conference launches video on demand service, BlockDown TV appeared first on CryptoSlate.
2020-07-04 22:07:16
VISA Head Of Crypto Deconstructs Issues Regarding CBDCs and Effects on Bitcoin Adoption
Through a series of tweets on his official twitter account published on July 4, VISA Head Of Crypto, Cuy Sheffield, shared his thoughts on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). According to him, CBDC is one of the most important trends for the future of money and payments over the next decade. Sheffield stated that regardless […]
2020-07-04 22:07:45
Here Are 2 Ways to Benefit From the Impending Bitcoin Volatility Spike
Bitcoin’s price action has quickly become unbearable for many traders. As NewsBTC has reported extensively over recent days, the crypto market has come to an absolute standstill. In the past week, the cryptocurrency has traded in a right 5.5% range, with bulls and bears not even attempting to break out of the consolidation. Stepping back, […]
2020-07-04 22:07:48
Bitcoin’s Chart Is Looking More and More Like February’s $10,500 Top
There’s no doubt that Bitcoin’s price action has been weird over recent weeks. As the S&P 500 has entered a range, so too has the cryptocurrency. In the past week, BTC has literally traded in a 5% range. And over the past two months, the asset has been stuck in a 15% range. Although this seems to be the first time Bitcoin has traded like this in a while, some are likening the recent price […]
2020-07-04 22:07:40
Why One Top Bitcoin Trader Believes Now is the “Calm Before the Storm”
Bitcoin has seen some of the most boring price action it has witnessed in over a year. After ranging between $9,000 and $10,000 for over two months, the cryptocurrency has now narrowed its trading range to between $9,000 and $9,300, with BTC primarily just hovering around $9,100. The benchmark digital asset is showing few signs […]
2020-07-04 22:07:20
Cardano Reveals Coinbase Staking Partnership – Will Leading Exchange Support Cryptocurrency ADA?
IOHK, Cardano’s development company, says Coinbase will allow holders of the cryptocurrency ADA to stake their coins through Coinbase Custody. At Cardano’s 2020 Virtual Summit, IOHK said the partnership would allow ADA holders to stake their coins in a safe and secure manner through Coinbase’s institutional storage offering. “As of Q4 this year, ada holders […]The post Cardano Reveals Coinbase Staking Partnership – Will Leading Exchange Support Cryptocurrency ADA? appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2020-07-04 21:07:51
Compound holds massive influence over 3 major tokens: Breaking down the “COMP effect”
The launch of Compound (COMP) just a couple weeks ago has provided the decentralized finance sector with a boost that has completely altered its trajectory, ushering in a wave of new DeFi participants while also providing investors with massive gains. The post Compound holds massive influence over 3 major tokens: Breaking down the “COMP effect” appeared first on CryptoSlate.
2020-07-04 21:07:31
Can Crypto Payment Cards Become Mainstream?
Many people see the introduction of crypto payment cards as a viable method of bringing crypto to the mainstream world of retail sales, but there are several problems that the these cards will have to overcome if they are to ever be used on a regular basis by those looking to obtain both goods and...The post Can Crypto Payment Cards Become Mainstream? appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2020-07-04 21:07:12
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"We are planning to release news about iOS Wallet and ElectraPay by latest Dec 31st"
"A partnership that will greatly impact the future of Electra. This will be a true milestone."
"Our monthly live engineering call will be on May 01st, 2019 at 19:30 UTC."
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