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DASH - децентрализованная система для транзакций с двухуровневой архитектурой. Сами они описывают свой продукт как цифровые деньги, созданные для обеспечения финансовой свободы каждому.
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El Salvador Disables Bitcoin Price On Chivo App To Stop Scalpers
Bitcoin traders have found a way to use the recently launch Chivo App, the countries own BTC wallet, by El Salvador’s government to make a profit. As part of their BTC Law, this app operates with the second layer payment solution lightning network. Related Reading | Bitcoin Price Smashes Record For Highest Weekly Candle Close Ever Via its official Twitter handle Chivo Wallet announced that Salvadorans will be unable to track the price of BTC on the app. According to the report presented by the team behind the app, some users have been using it to do “scalping”. A type of short-term trading modality, scalping is performed by an operator to take advantage of an asset’s price fluctuations in low timeframes. In previous versions, the app allowed users to “freeze” the price of Bitcoin giving traders an edge to perform this practice by comparing it to exchange rates. The Chivo Wallet allows users to move Bitcoin via the lightning network to other Chivo users or external BTC wallets. Thus, traders can make a profit by scalping the app’s BTC price. The team behind the app clarified the following on the reasons for the decision: The “scalping” performed consisted of taking advantage of Chivo keeping the rate frozen for 1 minute and taking advantage of that minute to compare the rate with other exchanges and see if the Bitcoin price went down or up. In the future, the price of Bitcoin will have limited visibility to pre...
2021-10-18 23:10:16
Crypto Frauds in The UK Resulted in $200 Million Stolen in 2021: Report
Victims of crypto-related frauds in the UK have lost around $200 million between January and October this year, a report stated.
2021-10-18 23:10:15
Polkadot: Treasury with more than $800 million to be spent on…
The eighth biggest blockchain by market cap, Polkadot, has been making headlines in October. One reason was DOT’s strong price rally since 13 October, as previously reported. The rally could also be linked to some exciting developments ahead, such as the upcoming parachain launch and the slot auctions. Adding to this chain of events, founder Gavin […]
2021-10-18 23:10:46
MicroStrategy's New Blockchain Tools May Push Up The Stock By 35%
MicroStrategy offers enterprise analytics software and services.The company is not only investing a significant amount of money in Bitcoin. The management also believes that the programmers inside the organization could implement blockchain analytics.Besides, if MicroStrategy delivers new versions of the company’s HyperIntelligence tool, and injects additional contextual analytics into the online workflows, the free cash flow would trend north.MicroStrategy would report sales growth of 5%, CFO/Sales of 30.05%, and a capital/sales ratio of around 0.95%. MicroStrategy could report a massive increase in FCF, from close to $50 million in 2020 to close to $225 million in 2030.My figures are actually not that far from the expectations of other analysts. The results from 5 analysts included an average target price of $810 and a high price target of $950.
2021-10-18 23:10:32
Grayscale Confirms Plan to Convert GBTC Into Bitcoin ETF
Grayscale Investments has confirmed its plan to file for its bitcoin trust (GBTC) to be converted into a bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). “The NYSE Arca will file a document called the 19b-4 to convert GBTC into an ETF,” said Grayscale’s official. GBTC to Become Bitcoin ETF Grayscale Investments has confirmed that it will convert its […]
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Arbitrage bot’s spam attack on the Polygon network generated $6,800 per day
An arbitrage bot managed to turn 14 ETH to 218.5 ETH simply by spamming the Polygon network for 120 days.
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These Bitcoin Futures ETFs May Be Next to Launch
Now that the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF will begin trading, what other Bitcoin futures ETFs are around the corner?
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Cardano Loses 3rd Spot On Crypto Top 10, Why It May Drop Even More
Cardano has now lost its spot at the 3rd place on the crypto top 10 as its price had refused to move in accordance with the broader crypto market. While other altcoins had rallied alongside bitcoin, ADA had remained mostly stagnant. Despite the hype created around the project when smart contracts capability was launched last month, support has dwindled for the asset. Its race above $3 had seen it overtake Binance native token BNB to clench the top 3 spot. But ADA has once again surrendered this position as it dropped to 4th place while BNB surged past, beating ADA by $9 billion in market cap. ADA May Still Suffer Losses The Cardano project has not had any market-moving news in recent times. There has been news regarding the project investing in smaller Cardano-focused startups. However, nothing has created hype around the project. Related Reading | Cardano Investors In Japan Come Under Fire For $6 Million In Underreported Taxes Its foray into the decentralized finance (DeFi) space has been delayed because although the blockchain is now capable of supporting smart contracts, building the protocols required to provide decentralized finance services to users takes time to build. Developers have been working hard on deploying their decentralized applications (DApps) on the network and the Cardano Foundation has provided support to these projects, but it will take a while before there are enough working DeFi protocols on the b...
2021-10-18 23:10:38
Shiba Inu Holders Level With Dogecoin As Robinhood Petition Surpasses 259,000 Signatures
Shiba Inu is popularly known as the “Doge Killer”. A term coined by the asset’s creator in the original announcement of the creation of the coin. Since then, the meme coin has gone head to head with Dogecoin over which is the better meme coin. Dogecoin has no doubt held its own against the then-newcomer […]
2021-10-18 23:10:04
What Elon Musk Got Wrong About The Bitcoin Block Size
Musk’s points were already addressed in the block size debate previously, and have been shown to detract from decentralization.
2021-10-18 23:10:00
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DASH - децентрализованная система для транзакций с двухуровневой архитектурой.  Сами они описывают свой продукт как цифровые деньги, созданные для обеспечения финансовой свободы каждому. Изначально DASH основывалась на открытом коде Bitcoin, однако впоследствии разработчики существенно расширили функционал. Сеть делится на майнеров, кто добывает монеты, и мастернод, которые подтверждают транзакции. Платежи можно отправить как обычно или включить доп опцию приватности, заплатив чуть большую комиссию.

Все обладатели монет могут предлагать идеи для дальнейшего развития проекта. Мастерноды путем голосования уже решают принять или не принять данную инициативу. Вследствие этого некоторые решения, которые у других монет занимают год, здесь решаются за неделю.

Компания зарегистрирована в 2014 году в Скоттсдейле, США. Численность сотрудников на лето 2019 года составляет 69 человек. В whitepaper подробно расписано функционирование системы. Roadmap расписан не только на актуальные, но и на будущие даты, симпатично оформлен.

Команда проекта имеет хорошую пропорцию разработчиков/маркетологов, у которых за плечами хороший опыт работы в блокчейн сфере. Команда в целом устоявшаяся, есть возможность для связи с ними.

Сайт со всей необходимой документацией, имеет множество языков, в том числе и русский. Хороший темп разработки на GitHub, активные соцсети и сообщества. Обновляется даже Youtube канал, что нетипично для криптопроектов.


  • полностью рабочий продукт
  • быстрое время транзакций
  • умеренные комиссии за платежи (по сравнению с текущими комиссиями банковских карт)
  • опциональная анонимность платежа
  • двухуровневая архитектура и гибридная система достижения консенсуса
  • сильная команда, соц активность


  • поскольку мастерноды, подтверждающие транзакции публичны и их ip известны, непонятно что будет с информацией пользователей в случае успешной хакерской атаки
  • есть слухи что у DASH Foundation в собственности большое количество монет, что может приводить к манипулированию ценой
  • очень большая конкуренция среди монет, предлагающих схожий функционал, Bitcoin (в силу своей распространенности), Monero, Zcash, Bytecoin.

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