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Hong Kong Released an Official Whitepaper of Its CBDC
The HKMA unveiled a technical whitepaper on its future retail CBDC, aiming to explore the specifics of a the e-HKD.
2021-10-04 23:10:47
Bitcoin Loses Steam As Institutional Investors Shift Focus To Ethereum
Ethereum is gaining favor over bitcoin in the eyes of institutional investors. The price of the latter has been seen as being too high, prompting investors to look for other crypto investment options to gain exposure from. The expanding real-world use cases of Ethereum have also helped to further its case as the preferred crypto […]
2021-10-04 23:10:40
FinTech Behind Cardano’s First Stablecoin Launches Bank Accounts And Visa Debit Cards
COTI is set to launch bank accounts and Visa debit cards for its users. The company which is building the very first stablecoin on the Cardano blockchain is moving forward with new products to expand its service offerings to its clients. COTI had announced that it had partnered with Simplex to bring this project to the fore, which would enable users to operate bank accounts and debits cards on the platform. COTI has long been working on being a bridge between the finance and crypto world. Its services marry traditional finance offerings with the cutting-edge technology that comes out of the crypto industry. The partnership with Simplex enables COTI to provide its users with crypto-friendly bank accounts and debit cards, which the users will be able to operate and spend globally. COTI Brings Crypto To Banking Using the COTI bank accounts and debit cards makes it easy for users to spend their crypto. The bank account provides easy conversion of the crypto to fiat, which can then be spent by the user. In addition to funding their accounts with crypto, users can also load up using swift, SEPA, and cards. This makes it easy for users to spend their crypto no matter where they are in the world. Related Reading | EMURGO To Invest $100 Million In Cardano To Bolster DeFi Adoption The bank accounts also provide its users with IBANs and customers can withdraw funds from their bank accounts using SEPA transfers, SWIFT, and ATM withdr...
2021-10-04 23:10:34
Facebook, Instagram Down as Bitcoin Advocates Take Shots
The social media giant’s major services have been offline for hours—a prime example of the weaknesses of centralized services, say crypto enthusiasts.
2021-10-04 22:10:23
Dapper Labs acquires Lil Miquela creator Brud to build a unit focused on DAOs
Dapper Labs has acquired Brud — known for its computer-generated influencers — and it will build out a new business unit focused on DAOs.The post Dapper Labs acquires Lil Miquela creator Brud to build a unit focused on DAOs appeared first on The Block.
2021-10-04 22:10:27
FTX to Flex Political Muscle in DC With Crypto PAC: Sources
Sources say FTX, led by Biden supporter Sam Bankman-Fried, is set to launch a PAC that would dwarf other such efforts by the crypto industry.
2021-10-04 22:10:43
Grayscale Adds Solana and Uniswap to Crypto Investment Fund
Grayscale Investments has added solana and uniswap to its large-cap investment fund. This is the first time solana has been added to a Grayscale fund. The company now offers 15 funds, two of which are diversified portfolios. Solana and Uniswap Added to Grayscale Fund Grayscale Investments, the world’s largest digital currency asset manager, announced Friday […]
2021-10-04 22:10:50
The reason why Bitcoin is ‘so attractive’
Bitcoin, the largest crypto token has traveled a long journey since its inception. The perceptions about these digital assets have moved from those of a pessimistic nature to that of a more optimistic one. At press time, it was trading just shy of the $48,000 mark. Nonetheless, Bitcoin has suffered a significant amount of volatility […]
2021-10-04 22:10:39
These 3 indicators flashed bullish ahead of the recent Bitcoin price pump
Correlation does not imply causation, but these 3 indicators did signal prior to Bitcoin's recent push to $49,000.
2021-10-04 22:10:00
Bulls Regain Control Over Bitcoin Trend Strength: What To Expect
Bitcoin bulls are back in charge, so to speak. The headline alone makes quite a statement, and there are no doubt several readers questioning how one might draw such conclusion after only a small move and lack of new highs. The conclusion has been made for us all, depending on what the Average Directional Index is currently saying about an asset – in this case the top cryptocurrency by market cap. Let’s take a look what the trend strength measuring indicator says about Bitcoin price action. Tug-Of-War Ends With Bears Falling Flat Last week, after several weeks of chop and stalemate, Bitcoin broke out from short-term downtrend resistance, and is close to making it though high timeframe resistance as well. The shots fired from bulls might have actually been the starting pistol ahead of the final leg of the bull run, according to the Average Directional Index. Related Reading | Bitcoin Trend Strength Indicator Suggests Bull Run Isn’t Yet Over In technical analysis, a reading on an indicator either is or it isn’t – meaning, for example, the MACD can only be crossed bullish or bearish, not both at the same time. The Average Directional Indicator is a trend strength measuring tool that typically comes with two built-in directional indicators – a positive and a negative. The ADX itself, simply says how strong the trend is, and the positive and negative DI tell who is in control. They make reading the tool very straig...
2021-10-04 22:10:26
Bitcoin Has Already Effectively Replaced Gold, According to Billionaire Investor Chamath Palihapitiya
Billionaire investor and former Facebook executive Chamath Palihapitiya says that Bitcoin (BTC) has already effectively replaced gold as a store of value. In a new CNBC interview, the founder and CEO of Social Capital shares why he believes the market share of the flagship cryptocurrency will continue to grow. He also predicts a swath of […]The post Bitcoin Has Already Effectively Replaced Gold, According to Billionaire Investor Chamath Palihapitiya appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2021-10-04 22:10:47
$10,000 Bitcoin Is a Pipe Dream for Bears, Says Crypto Analyst Benjamin Cowen – Here’s Why
Closely followed crypto analyst Benjamin Cowen says the idea of Bitcoin collapsing all the way down to $10,000 is a pipe dream for BTC bears. In a new strategy session, Cowen tells his 557,000 subscribers that Bitcoin was consistently putting in lower highs and lows, up until its recent spike out of the trend at […]The post $10,000 Bitcoin Is a Pipe Dream for Bears, Says Crypto Analyst Benjamin Cowen – Here’s Why appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2021-10-04 22:10:50
The FCA Influencer Program And Bitcoin
Telling people to avoid “high-risk” investments could be a guise for encouraging people to stay within legacy finance.
2021-10-04 22:10:00
Irrespective of correction, Bitcoin is about to begin the second leg of its bull cycle
Bitcoin, the largest token has witnessed a significant amount of fluctuations in its past. This time it’s no different. Ever since the end of September 2021, when BTC had dipped below $41,000, the price of the asset has been gradually increasing. At press time, it is trading just shy of the $48k mark. That said, […]
2021-10-04 21:10:59
Galaxy Digital assets under management of $2.23M rises 4.9% in September
Cryptocurrency asset manager Galaxy Digital Holdings' (OTCPK:BRPHF) affiliate, Galaxy Digital Asset Management posts September assets under management of $3.23M. This compares with $2.13M in August and $1.62M in July. Shares of the over-the-counter stock finished higher by 2.5% Monday. The company's AUM has been consecutively growing every month since May of this year at $1.35M. In end-August, Galaxy Digital's Michael Novogratz sees a huge shift in mainstream crypto acceptance, saying he isn't nervous about the overall crypto market despite regulatory scrutiny on digital assets and mining operations.
2021-10-04 21:10:10
Dapper Labs Acquires Brud, Shifts Focus To DAOs
Can DAOs be the future of social interaction? Dapper Labs could be thinking so, as the platform has acquired startup Brud to jump-start the company’s new business unit around DAOs. The new business unit will be titled ‘Dapper Collectives,’ and will focus primarily on building out DAOs on Flow. Details were released on Dapper’s Medium […]
2021-10-04 21:10:32
Midas Touch Director ‘Pretty Sure’ Bitcoin Will Trade at $100,000
Florian Grummes, managing director of financial consultancy firm Midas Touch Consulting, has revealed he is “pretty sure” the price of bitcoin is set to hit $100,000 in the near future while maintaining a price target he set in August. During an interview with Kitco News, Grummes noted that it’s currently a challenge to make bitcoin […]
2021-10-04 21:10:00
Stagflation Worries Drag Down Equities; Bitcoin Shows Resilience: Markets Wrap
Bitcoin is trading near $49,200 despite equities selling off, Layer-1 battles continue to heat up, $AXS and $LUNA both enter price discovery.The post Stagflation Worries Drag Down Equities; Bitcoin Shows Resilience: Markets Wrap appeared first on Blockworks.
2021-10-04 21:10:30
Facebook Outage Boosts Bitcoin’s Market Standing
2021-10-04 21:10:29
Discussing The Latest Lightning Network Developments
Leaders in the Lightning Network discuss Chivo wallet, miner extractable value, replace-by-fee and more.
2021-10-04 21:10:49
Bitcoin Cash, Shiba Inu, EOS Price Analysis: 04 October
From the altcoins that have been top gainers today, Shiba Inu was one of them as the coin rallied 27.28% over the last 24 hours. The likes of Bitcoin Cash and EOS, however, declined on their charts. BCH moved near its immediate support line and EOS despite noting a depreciation, flashed bullishness in the market. […]
2021-10-04 21:10:52
GNO City Play-to-Earn Game Created the Biggest and Most Diverse WAX Blockchain Game
GNO City features an already playable trading card game on the WAX blockchain. In GNO City you can collect NFTs, win experience points, level up and earn tokens by just playing the game and having fun. Players can explore the story mode or go head to head in matches against other players. Welcome to GNO […]
2021-10-04 21:10:43
Orlando Bravo Is Becoming a Big Bitcoin Fan
Orlando Bravo – a billionaire private equity investor – is going nuts for bitcoin, and revealed in a recent interview that he owns quite a bit of the world’s number one digital currency by market cap. He commented that in the long run, institutions are only just beginning to warm up to the asset, and...The post Orlando Bravo Is Becoming a Big Bitcoin Fan appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2021-10-04 21:10:01
Binance Bolsters Its Security Efforts, Appoints Former IRS Criminal Investigation Special Agents
Important information: This is a sponsored story. Please remember that the value of investments, and any income from them, can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest. If you are unsure of the suitability of your investment please seek advice. Tax rules can change and the value of any […]
2021-10-04 21:10:00
HIVE Blockchain achieves record net income, gross mining margin in Q1 2022
While cryptocurrency miner HIVE Blockchain (NASDAQ:HIVE) jumped as much as 10% in premarket trading on Monday, the company's stock ended the day up 1.8% after posting net income of $18.6M in fiscal Q1 2022. This compares with just $4.3M in the prior quarter and $1.8M in Q1 a year ago. "We're lowering costs and maximizing our existing electrical and infrastructure capacity by installing new mining equipment as the orders roll in," Interim Executive Chairman Frank Holmes said in the conference call. Gross mining margin expanded to $31M vs. $27.7M in Q4 and just $2.6M in Q1 of last year. Q1 hosting revenue also jumped to $1.7M, compared with $410K in Q4. For September, HIVE mined approximately 221 bitcoin (BTC-USD), which is equivalent to $10.2M of revenue and 2,572 etherum (ETH-USD), or $8.6M in revenue, Aydin Kilic president and chief operating officer said. The total equivalent of BTC mined on a
2021-10-04 20:10:01
Bitcoin flirts with $50K level after bouncing off $41K just last week
Bitcoin (BTC-USD +1.4%), the world's largest digital token by market cap, is grinding higher to $50K, a level of resistance that has been tested four times throughout August and September. Just a week ago, BTC marked a low at the $40K-41K support range. Still, the second largest crypto, ethereum (ETH-USD -0.8%) continues to outperform BTC Y/Y; ether also climbs 17.1% in the past five days; BTC gains 14.4%. The bullish price action in the crypto universe coincides with U.S. equities continue to slump as investors worry about energy, supply chain issues, and higher inflation. Some other crypto-related names that are trading deep in the red on Monday includes: First Bitcoin Capital (OTC:BITCF) (-25.7%), Vinco Ventures (NASDAQ:BBIG) (-4.1%), MGT Capital Investment (OTCQB:MGTI) (-7.6%), Bit Digital (NASDAQ:BTBT) (-6.0%), The9 Limited (NASDAQ:NCTY) (-6.9%) and ISW Holdings (OTCPK:ISWH) (-28.6%). Earlier, Bitcoin and Ether inch higher after robust start to Q4.
2021-10-04 20:10:21
Bitcoin price dips are being ‘bought up strongly’, but a $50K close remains key
Analysts identify the key levels BTC needs to hold in order to see continuation above $50,000.
2021-10-04 20:10:39
Volcanoes and Lightning: Here’s how El Salvador is brewing up a storm
Mining Bitcoin with volcanoes sounds like a sci-fi plot device to most. Yet, the world has been entranced since El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele released a teaser video suggesting that the first steps were already in motion for the same. More recently, Bukele shared another milestone. He claimed that the state crypto wallet Chivo had […]
2021-10-04 20:10:50
Compound Facing More Problems: More Than $140 Million in Tokens up for Grabs
Compound, one of the main cryptocurrency lending protocols on Ethereum, is facing serious problems again. According to banteg, a Yearn developer, someone called a function that moved more funds to be available for users to claim. Now, users can claim up to $140 million of the protocol’s native currency, comp. Compound is hoping users won’t […]
2021-10-04 20:10:43
50% of Africans Invest in Crypto to Pay for Their Children’s Education: Survey
The majority of crypto owners from Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa deal with cryptocurrencies so they can provide a better future for their children.
2021-10-03 23:10:13