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$500 Billion German Asset Manager Considers Adding Bitcoin to Existing Funds
The German asset manager furthers its adoption of crypto after experimenting with Bitcoin certificates.
2021-09-07 23:09:03
Kim Kardashian crypto instagram post attracts concern from UK watchdog
TL;DR Breakdown • FCA chairman says these cryptocurrency promotions can drive scams.• Kim did nothing illegal because she admits in the post that it is a paid advertisement. Kim Kardashian never stops being a trend, even in the cryptocurrency market. Recently the head of the financial control agency in the United Kingdom spoke about an announcement made by the American diva and businesswoman. Kim had published an image on the social network showing her support for the Ethereum Max. The FCA chairman, Charles Randell, said that the cryptocurrency developers paid Kardashian to promote the Ethereum Max. With over 250 million followers, Kim Kardashian successfully promoted crypto. Artists promoting cryptocurrencies The regulator believes this cryptocurrency promotion was one of the largest ever seen in the UK and other countries. Randell believes these marketing campaigns towards cryptocurrencies are getting out of control, leading to irreversible problems. Regarding Ethereum Max, Randell clarifies that the crypto was developed a month before the promotion and had only speculative purposes in its value. However, Randell adds that he does not have enough evidence to charge the token as a scam. But he dares to say that developers often pay social media influencers like Kim Kardashian to promote cryptos. These internet stars accept the contract, unaware that crypto may be clinging to a Ponzi scheme. Randell finishes talking about cr...
2021-09-07 23:09:12
Tom Brady gives crypto advice to NBA star Stephen Curry
TL;DR Breakdown • Tom Brady is preparing to take advantage of cryptocurrencies with NFTs and passive investments.• Tom Brady gives funny crypto advice to Stephen Curry. Famous athlete Stephen Curry is dabbling in the decentralized marketplace and his colleague Tom Brady appears to give him some crypto advice. Brady is relevant in the crypto world for his latest decentralized investment announcements and his support to the market. Last Monday, Super Bowl star Tom Brady was very active on his Twitter account, where he tagged Basketball athlete Stephen Curry to give him what appeared to be crypto advice on new investment markets. However, Brady is an expert on the subject because he has some experience from his past investments. The athlete told Curry that whatever he has planned, don’t do it with laser eyes, referring to Bitcoin. Brady and his crypto advice trending on Twitter As expected, Brady’s tweets were enough for the Twitter platform to explode. Brady took advantage of this fame to change his profile image on the social network. He included a character with laser eyes. The athlete who participated in the Super Bowl recognized that he supported the virtual market and had invested in Bitcoin since May, even though the cryptocurrency had lost over 50 percent of its value in May. Bitcoin got off to a great start in January 2021, reaching new all-time highs in its value, where it traded above $64,000. However, th...
2021-09-07 23:09:06
Solana just became the best performing crypto in 2021
TL;DR Breakdown • Solana is trading today at $185.08, rising in value by 61.44 percent.• SOL offers over 50000 transactions per second, tripling the Ethereum work. New crypto investors should get into context about Solana and its huge influx in prices. Although the crypto looked vulnerable and would not reach an attractive value at its creation, it could surprise most speculators. SOL, the token linked to the Solana crypto, made it to the top ten cryptocurrencies in the virtual market, beating Dogecoin, Uniswap, and even Binance USD. The cryptocurrency seeks to compete among the five favorite cryptos and even surpass Ethereum. Solana: Surprisingly, the leading cryptocurrency in September Since September began, the SOL cryptocurrency has gained three times its value, leading to over $35-billion market capitalization. Solana’s adoption has increased due to the decentralized network’s characteristics with fast transfers and low payment rates. SOL has also supported the Defi market and non-fungible token auctions. Under these ideals, SOL could compete against the Ethereum network that has dominated the virtual market for years. The SOL token was developed under a cryptographic services project. Crypto differs from Bitcoin because its purchase value is low, but it is linked to the functions that Ether usually imparts. Solana supports up to 50000 transactions transfers per second, which is faster when compared to Bitco...
2021-09-07 23:09:45
Terra Price Analysis: LUNA traders sit on the fence as price oscillates wildly between $26 and $38
TL;DR Breakdown Terra price analysis shows that it is facing an undecided market with great price volatilityThe descent from $37.64 on August 29 is likely to continue as technical signs look vulnerableIf price starts to lower further, forced liquidation may come in play with bleak trading volume Terra price analysis suggests that the cryptocurrency faces a spell of uncertainty in the immediate term. While there is no significant indication that price can only go downward from here, the price volatility swirling in a wide range of $26 to $38 is a cause for concern. With this uncertainty, it is hard to predict whether an upward extension is on the cards or a downturn reversal. Over the past 24 hours, LUNA dropped a massive 15.38 percent, falling from $32.77 to trade at $27.22 at the time of writing. Its trading volume also fell more than 16 percent and market cap went down 11 percent. This put an end to a remarkable spree for LUNA that started from a low of $5.52 in July. The impressive run saw the 16th largest cryptocurrency in the world go up to its record price of $37.64 by the end of August. However, it now has the worst 7-day performance in the cryptocurrency market, suggesting a downturn in fortunes. LUNA followed the larger cryptocurrency market in plummeting over the past 24 hours, as Bitcoin, Ethereum and all Altcoins except Solana displayed bloodbaths. Ethereum led the downfall by going down almost 12 percent to a ...
2021-09-07 23:09:17
‘Nothing to fix’ – What Cardano’s Hoskinson said after Minswap shut down
Struggles with UTXOs, DApp errors, and congestion issues after the Cardano testnet went up led to users asking for help and complaining across a variety of forums. On 6 September, Minswap – a decentralized exchange on Cardano – confirmed it had shut down its testnet “temporarily.” Needless to say, crypto-community reactions weren’t positive. In fact, […]
2021-09-07 23:09:58
Monero price analysis: XMR collapses to $251 as panic disrupts bull rally
TL;DR Breakdown The Monero price analysis shows price hits an excruciating low below $251.Major decline in price can be expected in future.New support to be established as $277 is crossed. The Monero price analysis is indicating that a strong bearish activity has been taking place for the past few hours. The bearish wave has been overwhelming for the market, as the price has gone below the $251 level today. The chances for recovery are low, as the bearish momentum seems to be intensifying each hour. More and more buyers are backing off and contributing to the downfall of XMR/USD price value. XMR/USD 1-day price chart: Cryptocurrency faces a huge blow as the bears takeover the market The 1-day XMR/USD is going bearish as the price has dropped down suddenly to the $246 level. This has cast negative effects on the overall XMR/USD value, as the moving average is also standing far above the current price i.e. at 295.31. Moreover, the volatility is also increasing which is a negative sign related to the upcoming trends. The past week has been considerably favorable towards the bulls, yet today the bears have secured their place on the price charts. XMR/USD 1-day price chart. Source: TradingView As the volatility is towards the increasing side, the upper Bollinger band has reached the $333 level while the lower Bollinger band has moved down to $246. Monero price analysis states that the Relative Strength Index graph is also showing ...
2021-09-07 23:09:48
Crypto Market Is ‘Development Vector’ of Nation’s Digital Economy, Ukraine President Says
President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has highlighted the importance of launching a legal digital assets market in his country during a working visit to the U.S. The Ukrainian head of state met with top investors including from the cryptocurrency industry. President Zelensky Highlights Importance of Ukraine’s Virtual Assets Market Speaking to venture capital funds and […]
2021-09-07 23:09:37
Bitcoin cash price analysis: Bearish current takes BCH to $733 as bulls struggle
TL;DR Breakdown The latest Bitcoin cash price analysis shows a decline in price.Coin value to go down even below $732.65.Support is still quite strong as it is present at $680.2. The Bitcoin cash price analysis shows that the cryptocurrency has gone through a bearish momentum in the latest price chart. The bearish momentum has been continuously at a peak, as the last hours have seen a major decline in the price value. The price has lowered to the level of $733, causing a reversal in the uptrend that followed earlier this day. As the short-term trending line is also showing downward movement, further reduction in price can be expected. BCH/USD 1-day price chart: Bears debase coin value ruining further chances of improvement The 1-day Bitcoin cash price analysis is indicating that the price has undergone a major decline today. That has been made possible by the bears who have been able to interrupt the successive bullish wins. The bears have taken the price value down to $733, which has been surprising as the past week has seen a continuous rise in price. The price is still present above the Moving Average (MA) value which is currently set at $699.54. The expansion of Bollinger bands has resulted in increased volatility which is a partially negative indication for the future. BCH/USD 1-day price chart. Source: TradingView The Bollinger band indicator in the 1-day price chart is displaying the following figures; the upper band ...
2021-09-07 23:09:32
FTX Token price analysis: FTT skyrockets to $83, will the bulls retain momentum?
TL;DR Breakdown FTX Token price analysis shows FTT at an all-time high of $74.strong support present at $60.92 level.FTT retraces after swinging as high as $83. The FTX Token price analysis shows FTT is at an all-time high. At the time of writing, the FTT/USD price is $74.06, while the price swung as high as $83 today. FTT Gained a value of six percent in the last 24 hours, while an increase of 51 percent has been observed during the past week. Today the FTT/USD pair is trading between $73.1-$74.89. The intraday traders have to be careful enough as FTT is retracing after touching the new record high. Though most altcoins gained value in the last week, many are on the lose today, whereas FTT is among the several retainers. FTT being the utility token of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange, gained a new high after the news of new acquisitions of assets by FTX surfaced, which triggered the bullish momentum to take the price higher. FTT/USD 1-day price chart: FTT bulls trigger upswing to gain six percent value The 1-day FTX Token price analysis reveals Bullish momentum. Support present at $62 seems strong. During the last few days, some bearish activity has also been observed, but the bulls seem to overcome every bearish attempt. Yesterday FTT swiftly crossed the psychological mark of $63 and gained a new record all-time high. FTT/USD 1-day price chart. Source: Tradingview The FTX Token price analysis is showing the volatility is inc...
2021-09-07 23:09:49
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