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Market Wrap: Bitcoin, ETH Rise After Wrapping Up Worst Month
High correlation between crypto and the broader equity markets and concerns over inflation still need to be watched in the second half of the year, analysts sayThe post Market Wrap: Bitcoin, ETH Rise After Wrapping Up Worst Month appeared first on Blockworks.
2022-07-05 23:07:07
Ethereum Name Service Registrations Spike 216% in One Week
Secondary sales on OpenSea meanwhile exceeded $7.9 million over the same period.
2022-07-05 23:07:24
One of Wall Street’s largest trading firms is hiring a crypto trader for the weekends
Virtu Financial is growing its footprint in the crypto market. Now it is on the hunt for a weekend trader to work on its new crypto trading desk.
2022-07-05 23:07:33
Chinese Tech Giants Vow Support Additional Regulations on Digital Collectibles
The new initiative reportedly came in response to the country’s banking, internet finance, and securities associations openly criticizing NFTs.
2022-07-05 23:07:35
The Meme Coins That Dominate The Top Ethereum Whale Holdings
With the bear market coming into full bloom, Ethereum whales are stacking up their holdings. However, there has been some deviation from the norm as new coins seem to have caught the fancy of these large investors. With meme coins continuing to make whales, the top 100 Ethereum whales remain bullish on them. The result […]
2022-07-05 23:07:50
Institutional Investors Remain Bearish As Short Bitcoin Sees Record Inflows
Bearish sentiment toward Bitcoin among institutional investors has been gaining ground in recent months. This was propelled even further by the crash that rocked the digital asset back in mid-June. Since then, bitcoin has struggled to keep its head above the $20,000 level, and as it continues to fail, bearish sentiment has grown rampant. This is evident in the short bitcoin inflows that were recorded for last week. Record Numbers For Short Bitcoin The latest CoinShares report has shown that institutional investors are only investing in bitcoin for the short term, and what’s more, they believe that the digital asset is set to decline more. It shows that inflows into the short bitcoin ETFs had hit their highest point since its inception with $51 million for the previous week. Related Reading | Mounting Support For Bitcoin At $19,000 As Market Ushers In A New Week The ProShares short BTC ETF is the latest in line for these types, and while it had seen significant inflows for the prior week, it was chalked up to the fact that the ETF had just launched. However, last week has put into perspective how institutional investors are viewing bitcoin going forward. To put this in perspective, while inflows for short bitcoin had come out to $51 million for the 7-day period, bitcoin had only recorded $0.6 million in inflows. The digital asset had narrowly missed recording another week of outflows with one of the lowest inflows ever rec...
2022-07-05 23:07:47
Still No Plan for US Central Bank Digital Currency After Latest Fed Meeting
Panelists did not see an urgent need to press ahead with a CBDC.
2022-07-05 22:07:58
Meta to Slow Hiring in 2022, Hints at Layoffs After Metaverse Pivot
Meta, the company formerly known as Facebook, is preparing to face a strong market downturn. According to reports, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, announced a change in the hiring policies of the company, lowering the number of engineers planned to be hired from 10K to 6-7K. Previously, Zuckerberg had warned about the metaverse pivot of […]
2022-07-05 22:07:15
What are Bitcoin investors aiming for amid surging BTC outflows
On-chain data suggested that June was the worst month for Bitcoin [BTC] considering the performance of the king coin since 2011. It took a dip of 37.5% over the month in an already catastrophic Q2. Feds, inflation, and now recession rumors are circling around the crypto market. How will these talks affect the BTC performance […]
2022-07-05 22:07:09
GBTC: SEC Slams Grayscale, Bitcoin Adoption - How The 'Arbitrary' Argument No Longer Matters
Pointing to discriminatory treatment, Grayscale filed a lawsuit with the U.S. Court of Appeals concerning the disapproval by the SEC of their Bitcoin trust conversion to an ETF."If regulators are comfortable with ETFs that hold derivatives of a given asset, they should logically be comfortable with ETFs that hold that same asset." - Grayscale Letter to Investors.The SEC is setting a higher bar for spot-based ETPs, compared to futures-backed ETPs, by asking them to show a potential manipulator is likely to trade on the CME.Over the past year and a half, the SEC has evolved an increasingly active and antagonistic position toward the crypto space as evidenced by the Ripple lawsuit and Frayer hiring.While highly constructive on Bitcoin in the 20,000 USD range, I am changing my rating on the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust from buy to hold.On Wednesday, the SEC disapproved the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust's (OTC: GBTC) proposed conversion to a spot Bitcoin (BTC-USD) ETF. Restating a prior argument, the Commission said Grayscale and NYSE Arca had not adequately shown the fund is designed to prevent fraudulent and manipulative acts. Specifically, the SEC again focused on the failure to meet technical aspects of a general rule that an exchange traded product has "a comprehensive surveillance-sharing agreement with a regulated market of significant size related to the underlying or reference bitcoin assets."The Grayscale disapproval will have a sub...
2022-07-05 22:07:16
Crypto exchange Bitstamp to charge inactive accounts a fee
Crypto trading volumes have fallen off a cliff and now Bistamp will charge inactive users a fee beginning next month.
2022-07-05 22:07:19
Whales And Miners In The Bitcoin Ecosystem Are Reacting Differently Under The Bear Market – Here’s How
Behaviors of miners, shrimps, and whales to BTC might have the answers to the question of where the asset price might go from here.
2022-07-05 22:07:31
XRP Ledger’s Latest Milestone Is ‘Actually Huge’, Says Legal Expert Jeremy Hogan
Legal expert Jeremy Hogan has noted that the XRP Ledger’s latest milestone is “actually huge” even though it initially does not sound like it. Commenting on XRP Ledger being used for Colombia’s land registry system, Hogan noted it’s a “perfect example of crypto utility.” Earlier this week blockchain developer Peersyst Technology announced that in collaboration […]
2022-07-05 22:07:00
High-ranking crime fighter to join UK’s FCA as payments and digital assets director
The Financial Conduct Authority is introducing the post of digital assets director as part of a hiring spree that goes along with its new, more assertive strategy.
2022-07-05 22:07:00
Whales And Miners In The Bitcoin Ecosystem Are Reacting Differently Under The Bear Market – Here’s How
Behaviors of miners, shrimps, and whales to BTC might have the answers to the question of where the asset price might go from here.
2022-07-05 22:07:57
XMR Technical Analysis: Double Bottom Reversal Plans A Jump To $150
XMR price shows an increase in buying pressure leading to a double bottom formation which teaches a price jump to the $150 mark upon breakout. Key technical points: XMR traders witness high demand pressure near the $105-$100 mark The 100-and-200-day SMA are nearing a bearish crossover The 24-hour trading volume of Monero is $90 Million, indicating a rise of 18.85%. Past Performance of XMR The drastic 50% drop in the market value of Monero token prices in the early days of June brought the XMR prices to the psychological mark of $100. However, the buyers quickly cushioned the downfall with a lateral shift in price trend within the consolidation range between $137 and $100. Additionally, the growing bullish influence on the consolidation range teases a double bottom pattern, teasing a price jump to the $150 mark. Source- Tradingview XMR Technical Analysis The XMR price action shows a double bottom pattern at the $100 mark and the neckline at $137. Hence, the recent bullish reversal surpassing the neckline will signal a buying spot for the intraday traders with the target at the following 50-day average line. The MACD indicator shows a gradual rise in fast and slow, indicating sustained buying pressure from traders. A crossover of these slopes above the neutral line would bolster the $137 breakout. The RSI indicator showcases a rise in the underlying bullishness as the slope surpasses the 14-day average line after exiting the ove...
2022-07-05 22:07:02
Top Crypto Trader Predicts Rally for Ethereum Rival Solana (SOL), Updates Outlook on ETH and STEPN (GMT)
A popular analyst is setting price targets for Ethereum challenger Solana (SOL) while forecasting what’s next for ETH and STEPN (GMT). Pseudonymous analyst Altcoin Sherpa tells his 179,900 Twitter followers he’s using the Fibonacci retracement tool to plot out support and resistance levels for Solana, noting things may go south for the smart contract platform […]The post Top Crypto Trader Predicts Rally for Ethereum Rival Solana (SOL), Updates Outlook on ETH and STEPN (GMT) appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2022-07-05 22:07:31
Much Ado About 'Nothing'? Why Polygon Is Making a Web3 Push Into Mobile
The upcoming Nothing Phone (1) will integrate Polygon’s tech for easier mobile access to dapps, games, payments, and more.
2022-07-05 22:07:38
Nexo Looking To Acquire Distressed Crypto Lending Platform Vauld: Report
Crypto lender Nexo is announcing intentions to buy another lending platform in the industry as markets continue to struggle. According to a Reuters report, a new statement from the London-based Nexo says it will buy all of Vauld, though it did not disclose a price or date. Nexo also plans to “reorganize its future operations with […]The post Nexo Looking To Acquire Distressed Crypto Lending Platform Vauld: Report appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2022-07-05 22:07:54
Core Scientific sold $167M worth of Bitcoin holdings in June
The sale left the firm with ​​1,959 BTC at the end of the second quarter, a more than 75% drop when compared with its reported 8,058 BTC holdings as of May 31.
2022-07-05 21:07:14
Basic Attention Token: The User Growth Story
BAT is the utility token of the Brave browser ecosystem.Monthly active users of the browser topped 62 million in June.BAT token has outperformed BTC and ETH over the last month.It has been 15 months since I last covered Basic Attention Token (BAT-USD) for Seeking Alpha. Like most altcoins, the price of BAT has done very poorly since that article was published. However, unlike many of the altcoins in the cryptocurrency space, Basic Attention Token has continued to be linked to real economic activity despite the declining prices. BAT is a key component in a fast growing ecosystem that provides real utility in a blockchain-based model. In this article, I'll briefly revisit the utility of BAT, update some of the key metrics in the ecosystem, and compare recent price performance to creator coin peers.Brave EcosystemThe Brave ecosystem is designed to reward both publishers and web users to a larger degree than what is currently experienced in the "web 2" model. The backbone of the ecosystem is Brave's web browser that has built-in privacy and ad-blocking features. Users of the browser can opt into Brave's ad-serving model and earn BAT token in exchange for willingly receiving advertising. Users who receive the BAT token for viewing ads can choose to either take the BAT token for themselves or designate its distribution to the online publishers that they enjoy reading or watching.The BAT token is made possible with the proceeds from ...
2022-07-05 21:07:53
Bitcoin price swings 7.5% during intraday trading as US recession concerns mount
BTC bounces back to reclaim support at $20,400 after hitting a daily low of $19,309 on July 5, as bulls battle bears for control of the market.
2022-07-05 21:07:05
Circle’s EUROC Stablecoin Will Trade Only Within the US — at Least for Now
“Circle will not directly solicit customers outside of the United States until it holds the relevant licenses in those jurisdictions,” a Circle spokesperson told BlockworksThe post Circle’s EUROC Stablecoin Will Trade Only Within the US — at Least for Now appeared first on Blockworks.
2022-07-05 21:07:52
Bitcoin exchange outflows surge as 'not your keys, not your crypto' comes back into fashion
June saw the worst monthly performance for Bitcoin since 2011, but several metrics indicate that its underlying support base continues to grow stronger.
2022-07-05 21:07:23
A probably win-win for Polygon [MATIC] as network and alt gear for…
The Polygon [MATIC] network and its native have been moving towards the green than staying around the red lately. Additionally, trader optimism has been high due to celebrations around 4 July. MATIC, has thus, witnessed a rampant price surge alongside a recovering crypto market. A day to behold! The crypto market has been flashing a […]
2022-07-05 21:07:18
CRV Technical Analysis: Buyers Plan To Escape The Symmetrical Triangle
CRV price shows a bullish trend within a symmetrical triangle pattern, gaining trend momentum and increasing the possibility of a breakout. Key technical points: The CRV market price has jumped by 9.24% in the last 24 hours. The market prices show a bull cycle gaining momentum within a triangle pattern. The 24-hour trading volume of Curve Dao is $182 Million, indicating a rise of 30.29%. Past Performance of CRV CRV prices showcase a bullish reversal from the $0.55 mark Resulting in the formation of a support trendline that shapes the symmetrical triangle pattern. Furthermore, the recent bullish reversal from the support trendline resulted in a price jump above $0.85 to challenge the 50-day average line. Hence, traders can expect the reversal rally to surpass the opposing SMA and the resistance trendline shortly. Source- Tradingview CRV Technical Analysis CRV price action shows an increase in the trading volume, supporting the bullish reversal within the triangle pattern. Thus, increasing the likelihood of a bullish breakout of the resistance trendline. Traders can expect the breakout rally to reach $1.50 after surpassing the 50-day SMA. The bullish reversal starting from $0.55 starts a bullish trend in the fast and slow line of the MACD indicator bullish sentiments. Hence, the indicator forecasts a prolonged uptrend leading to the bullish breakout of the triangle pattern. The RSI indicator also showcases a bullish reversal in ...
2022-07-05 21:07:00
Institutional Interest in Shorting Bitcoin Rises to Record Levels in US (Report)
Institutional investors' fixed their eyes on shorting Bitcoin amid mass slaughter in the crypto market.
2022-07-05 21:07:08
Bexplus Announcing $5,000 Rewards For New Users: Profiting With 2 Benefits & 3 Tools On Bexplus
SPONSORED: Since its creation, Bexplus has been aiming to maximize and protect its users’ profit. For the sake of helping traders earn more, Bexplus provides traders two benefits: a 100% deposit bonus and a wallet with 21% annual interest; three tools: 100X leverage, a demo account, and copy trading. Two Benefits 100% Deposit Bonus: More Margin, More Profit To welcome our new users and thank our regular users, each user is eligible to get the same Bonus as the deposit […]
2022-07-05 21:07:00
Bitcoin mining stock report: Monday, July 5
Here's how crypto mining companies performed on Monday, July 5.
2022-07-05 20:07:57
eToro’s $10 Billion SPAC Merger Has Been Cancelled
Trading platform eToro has canceled its SPAC agreement with FinTech V, according to a press release from both companies. SPAC Merger Was Mutually Cancelled EToro’s proposed merger was first announced...
2022-07-05 20:07:47