События криптовалюты Callisto Network

Constantinople Activation with EIP 145 , EIP 1052 , EIP 1283 and EIP 1014 integration at block 3,100,000 , which is expected around Jul 24.
Monetary policy hard fork during the block 2,900,000. Estimated HF date: Sunday, 23 June 2019.
"Callisto Network Official Web wallet will get a major upgrade. Clean and easiest than ever before."
Testnet for the new monetary policy will be launched.
Block reward will be reduced 4 times by 40% every 1,500,000 blocks. Next reward reduction is June 1.
"Retweet and participate for another 100k CLO! The winner will be annouce on 29/04/19."
Callisto's next AMA is confirmed for Sunday, April 14th at 19:00 (UTC) on the CLO Telegram's main channel.
Callisto's next AMA with founding member and CRO Dexaran on Telegram at 19:00 (UTC 0).