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Hawkish Fed comments push Bitcoin price and stocks lower again
Bitcoin price drops a leg lower and stocks slump after St. Lous Federal Reserve President James Bullard signals that interest rates could rise by the end of this year.
2021-06-18 23:06:26
Steve Hanke Calls El Salvador’s President “Stupid” For Making Bitcoin Legal Tender
Steve Hanke has condemned the legalization of Bitcoin in El Salvador. The economist believes the decision will “completely collapse” El Salvador’s economy. He called the move “stupid.” His reasoning around this being that El Salvador is a dollarized nation and making Bitcoin legal tender would be detrimental to the economy. Professor Hanke was on Kitco […]
2021-06-18 23:06:51
El Salvador’s Bitcoin adventure – Is everyone REALLY convinced?
El Salvador‘s latest quest to make Bitcoin a legal tender in the region was greeted with enthusiasm by many, especially since it was the first country to do so. The congressional hearing on the issue saw an overwhelming majority in favor of national crypto-adoption. The ruling authorities see this as an opportunity to support the […]
2021-06-18 23:06:25
XRP, Dogecoin, NEO Price Analysis: 18 June
The last seven days have seen some major high points for bitcoin. However, the altcoin market did not take to it. While a few altcoins did make minor gains, a majority of the top ten coins registered dips on the charts. While Dogecoin was down by 8.6 percent, XRP and NEO were down by 4.1 […]
2021-06-18 23:06:17
‘Confusion’ as Regulator Chimes in Amid South Korean Delisting Spree
Crypto investors have been left “confused” after a spate of altcoin delistings on major South Korean exchanges has escalated to the point where the regulator has stepped in with yet more rules for under-fire trading platforms.Already reeling from racing to adopt a long list of compliance measures in time for a September 24 deadline, exchanges will now have to
2021-06-18 23:06:00
This Little-Known Altcoin Surged Over 200% While Bitcoin Moved Sideways
At a time in which the price of bitcoin has been moving sideways a lot of large-cap altcoins have been steadily dropping, a little-known altcoin called Amp (AMP) has surged over 200% outperforming the rest of the market. As first reported by Daily Hodl, AMP is a collateral-as-a-service token that is designed to power instant, […]
2021-06-18 22:06:00
Dogecoin Killer or Kin? How Shiba Inu Differs From DOGE
Shiba Inu calls itself a "Dogecoin Killer." In many ways, it's a different breed.
2021-06-18 22:06:13
Why is Cardano open to ‘fixing’ Dogecoin’s ‘existential, ticking time bomb?’
Dogecoin and Tesla CEO Elon Musk have both been two of the crypto-market’s biggest highlights this year. While the former was once seen as merely a “meme-coin,” thanks to the latter’s tongue-in-cheek efforts to market the alt, the dog coin is now the sixth-largest cryptocurrency in the industry with a market cap of over $40 […]
2021-06-18 22:06:09
How China Bitcoin FUD Is Lowering The Cost To Produce BTC
Bitcoin FUD out of China might be helping to lower the cost to produce BTC. The news of the crackdowns on mining farms in China has rocked the market lately. Entire mining operations were shut down and they had to be moved to other sites. No one is sure where the rigs will be moved […]
2021-06-18 22:06:08
Cardano, Polkadot and Three Altcoins Are Technologically Superior to Ethereum, According to Weiss Ratings
Five cryptocurrency projects are more technologically advanced than Ethereum, according to veteran financial ratings agency. The latest update from Weiss Crypto Ratings shows Cardano (ADA), Polkadot (DOT), Tezos (XTZ), Cosmos (ATOM) and Fantom (FTM) have “excellent” technology ratings. Ethereum (ETH) lags behind with a “good” rating, alongside Holo (HOT), Iota (IOTA), Grin (GRIN), Bitshares (BTS), […]The post Cardano, Polkadot and Three Altcoins Are Technologically Superior to Ethereum, According to Weiss Ratings appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2021-06-18 22:06:31
The Missing Ingredient From A Full On Bitcoin Reversal
Bitcoin price is back around $35,000 and has failed to retake $40,000 despite several low timeframe reversal signals building. When looking back at past breakdowns following significant rallies, there could be a missing ingredient needed for a full on reversal, and it could have to do with the Bollinger Bands. All About The Bollinger Bands […]
2021-06-18 22:06:56
Bitcoin Top And Bottom Metric Reaches Historically Oversold Level
Bitcoin price is still stuck in the mid-$30,000 range for weeks now, unable to break any lower or make an attempt to reclaim highs. After such a drastic 50% move down, the market is shaken and waiting for confirmation of direction before volume returns. Currently, the top cryptocurrency by market cap is at historically oversold […]
2021-06-18 22:06:30
Community reacts as Mark Cuban calls for regulations after getting ‘rugged’ on TITAN
Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, who became known as a decentralized finance (DeFi) enthusiast and a high tier investor, told Bloomberg he was lazy and failed to do his own due diligence, causing him to lose money in a recent bank run. The post Community reacts as Mark Cuban calls for regulations after getting ‘rugged’ on TITAN appeared first on CryptoSlate.
2021-06-18 22:06:04
SCOR, GOGL, KLDO and APM among after-hours movers
Gainers: [[SCOR]] +12.7%. [[GOGL]] +8.8%. [[VCTR]] +6.4%. [[APTX]] +4.8%. [[JOAN]] +3.8%.Losers: [[KLDO]] -5.7%. [[APM]] -4.7%. [[SYBX]] -3.5%. [[STSA]] -3.0%. [[ATLC]] -2.7%.
2021-06-18 21:06:33
Bulls hesitate to buy the dip after Bitcoin price falls close to $35K
Bitcoin’s drop to $35,130 has bulls hesitant to buy the current dip but on-chain data shows long-term holders continue to accumulate.
2021-06-18 21:06:32
NASCAR Driver Landon Cassill to Be Paid in Cryptocurrency for the Remainder of the Season
The American professional stock car racing driver, Landon Cassill, has announced he has partnered with the crypto-asset platform Voyager Digital Ltd. in order to get paid in cryptocurrency. Cassill’s announcement notes that the racer will be paid in crypto for the remainder of the 2021 NASCAR Xfinity Series season. Landon Cassill to be Paid in […]
2021-06-18 21:06:30
Crypto company CEO says the recent crypto boom brought increased adoption
Crypto usage in 2021 differs from the 2017 rally, according to the CEO of StormX.
2021-06-18 21:06:36
“All The Way To $160K This Year” – Here’s Why Celsius CEO Is Upgrading His Bitcoin Price Target
CEO of Celsius Network, a leading crypto lending, and interest-yielding blockchain platform Alex Mashinsky has predicted that the price of Bitcoin looks on track to hit $160,000 by the end of 2021. Mashinsky supports his prognosis with recent events happening in the crypto community that saw El Salvador adopt Bitcoin as legal tender. He feels […]
2021-06-18 21:06:16
Mila Kunis Launches “Stoner Cat” NFT Cartoon Series
2021-06-18 21:06:18
Crypto-Powered Investing App SimpleFX Launches $50,000 “Euro 2021 Trading Cup”
Are you a crypto trader looking for a fun opportunity to earn more returns or a soccer fan who wants to add some excitement during the Euro Cup? Great news, crypto-powered investing app SimpleFX launches a trading contest with a $50,000 prize pool. The SimpleFX Euro 2021 Trading Cup SimpleFX is an online broker covering […]
2021-06-18 21:06:57
Tim Draper Sticks with $250K BTC Price Prediction
63-year-old venture capitalist Tim Draper has always been there to support BTC. In a recent interview, he stuck to his guns and claimed, once again, that bitcoin was likely to hit the $250,000 mark by the end of 2022 or the beginning of 2023, something he has mentioned time and time again in the past....The post Tim Draper Sticks with $250K BTC Price Prediction appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2021-06-18 21:06:34
The Case For Bitcoin As An ESG Investment: Accelerating A Renewable Future
Fears over Bitcoin’s environmental impact have dampened investor enthusiasm, but these fears are likely to be overblown and short-sighted.Bitcoin has the potential to accelerate a green energy future by incentivizing next-generation sustainable grids.Should Bitcoin successfully position itself as the harbinger of a greener future, adoption is likely to accelerate creating opportunities for investors.
2021-06-18 20:06:24
Bitcoin and Dogecoin ATMs Coming to Texas Grocery Giant HEB
Coin Cloud’s 2,000th Bitcoin ATM is arriving to a H-E-B store. Many more will be installed in the Texas supermarket chain’s outlets.
2021-06-18 20:06:54
Goldman Sachs Partners With Galaxy Digital For Bitcoin Futures
Goldman Sachs furthering investment into bitcoin, and even crypto more broadly, shouldn’t surprise anyone too much by now. The top-tier global investment and financial services firm has emphasized this quarter as the one to get their crypto services in swing, and this recent partnership announcement falls in line with exactly that. The Partnership Perspective: Galaxy […]
2021-06-18 20:06:33
A 557% hike for Cardano – Is it possible?
Over the past few months, a host of ecosystem-centric developments has pushed Cardano into the top-5 of CoinMarketCap’s charts. With the alt trading at a level almost 38% lower than its ATH at press time, some Cardano optimists have been claiming that its price might hit the $10-mark by the end of 2021. Cardano’s first […]
2021-06-18 20:06:42
Strengthening Dollar Leads to Sell Off in Stocks, Gold and Cryptos: Markets Wrap
A strong dollar and deflationary pressures may have been this week’s downfall for commodities like gold. The US currency briefly reached a two-month high on Friday while gold slumped the lowest it has in over a month.The post Strengthening Dollar Leads to Sell Off in Stocks, Gold and Cryptos: Markets Wrap appeared first on Blockworks.
2021-06-18 20:06:06
Texas crypto users will soon be able to buy and sell tokens at major supermarket chain
The state is already becoming known for attracting miners and attempting to pass pro-crypto legislation, with Governor Greg Abbott saying he was a "crypto law proposal supporter."
2021-06-18 20:06:00
China’s crackdown on bitcoin mining has probably already made the network greener — for now
Quick TakeXinjiang said to have shut down nearly two gigawatts of coal-based bitcoin miners.Sichuan has also ordered some miners to shut down.The global environmental implications for the bitcoin network depend on where China’s miners decide to move.
2021-06-18 20:06:36
Bitcoin Has Three Major Flaws, According To Cornell Economist
Bitcoin continues to trend lower in the daily chart. After losing support in the $37,000 area, BTC trades at $35,540. The main cryptocurrency by market cap has been on a downwards trend since May 2021. When the bears take over the price action, there are events that occurred with certainty. For example, Bitcoin critiques start […]
2021-06-18 20:06:08
China Will Knock Out The U.S. In The Race For Crypto Adoption, Coinbase Co-Founder Asserts
China, which has long dominated other countries in Bitcoin mining power and adoption, but has also recently clamped down hard on bitcoin miners, is now being touted as the country that will likely beat the U.S in the race for Bitcoin adoption. The CEO and co-founder of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform Coinbase, Fred Ehrsam, […]
2021-06-18 20:06:59