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Litecoin price prediction – LTC/USD stages comeback at $70
Litecoin down by 8.51 percent as altseason under threat Bearish divergence on LTC/USD chart engulfs daily bullish Litecoin price prediction Technical indicators reaching oversold levels as mounting bear pressure weakens Litecoin price prediction follows a broader decline in altcoins Litecoin, just like every other altcoin, is currently undergoing correction after surging to fresh annual highs […]
2020-11-26 23:11:35
Cointelegraph Consulting: Overwhelming bullish sentiment once again proves costly
Analysis of sentiment and on-chain data shows that a correction was likely to occur. Is there still room for growth?
2020-11-26 23:11:00
Are exchange services dampening Bitcoins DeFi aims?
There are many advantages to Bitcoin, but one of the most notorious ones is meant to be that the coin is decentralized. The pull of decentralization is so magnetic that there has been a whole industry developed around decentralized finance. What most people can recognize as the main advantage of no central force controlling people’s […]
2020-11-26 22:11:56
Cypherpunk Holdings becomes 9th largest public holder of Bitcoin
Canadian holding company dumped XMR and ETH to fund its acquisition.
2020-11-26 22:11:41
Bitcoin and blockchain topics to discuss with the crypto curious this Thanksgiving
Experts explain how to address common questions newcomers may have regarding bitcoin and the blockchain space.
2020-11-26 22:11:40
Roe V Wade: the anti-abortion cryptocurrency?
TL:DR Breakdown American entrepreneur Nick Loeb recently announced cryptocurrency funding for his upcoming feature film: Roe V Wade. The RVW token is powered by the Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchange (LCX.) Roe V Wade has been in production since 2019, no release date has been confirmed. Roe V Wade. American entrepreneur and filmmaker Nick Loeb has recently […]
2020-11-26 22:11:46
Ripple price prediction – Thanksgiving correction wipes off 30% as XRP/USD slides to $0.4850
Bearish Ripple price prediction scenario unfolds as the pair slides to lower supports XRP/USD loses 30 percent in a broader crypto market correction No bottom in sight as the pair has broken below key support levels on the charts Correction time – After a rapid rise, it is time for a healthy correction in XRP/USD […]
2020-11-26 22:11:37
Spending Sats: A Look at This Year’s Bitcoin Black Friday Deals
Every year the shopping holiday called Black Friday allows consumers to get better deals on products and services. On November 24, the day also known as ‘Bitcoin Black Friday’ will provide crypto users access to deals when they purchase items with digital assets like bitcoin. Due to the fact that bitcoin prices have been on […]The post Spending Sats: A Look at This Year’s Bitcoin Black Friday Deals appeared first on Bitcoin News.
2020-11-26 22:11:52
Top Bloomberg Strategist Says Bitcoin Could Peak at $180,000 – Here’s When
Bloomberg’s senior commodity strategist Mike McGlone says Bitcoin may be on a path to six figures and beyond. In a new interview with Bloomberg TV, the seasoned analyst assesses Bitcoin’s past performance and what it may indicate for the king coin’s price trajectory in 2021. “Short term $20,000 is a pretty good resistance. I’m afraid […]The post Top Bloomberg Strategist Says Bitcoin Could Peak at $180,000 – Here’s When appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2020-11-26 22:11:32
Record $7.4B Bitcoin futures open interest shows pros still expect $20K BTC
Bitcoin price fell short of reaching $20,000, but record high open interest on BTC futures shows pros are still bullish.
2020-11-26 22:11:09
Bitcoin Black Friday Is Back On November 27!
Bitcoin Black Friday returns this year with incredible deals and payments technology from November 27 to November 30 (Cypher Monday).The post Bitcoin Black Friday Is Back On November 27! appeared first on Bitcoin Magazine.
2020-11-26 22:11:13
The Growth of Ripple Is Possibly Outshining That of Bitcoin
Bitcoin has been doing rather well as of late, but what about some of the world’s smaller coins? Assets like Ripple (XRP)? Ripple Is Doing Rather Well as of Late It’s clear that bitcoin has been hogging up all the attention lately. The currency’s run all the way past the $19,000 mark is making a...The post The Growth of Ripple Is Possibly Outshining That of Bitcoin appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2020-11-26 22:11:01
Bitcoin Stored on Exchanges Falls to Two-Year Low
The Bitcoin balances on all major crypto exchanges have fallen to their lowest point since August 2018.
2020-11-26 21:11:48
What would happen if XRP was declared as a security? Here’s Ripple CEO’s take on it
CEO of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse spoke about crypto regulation today and shared his views about what it would mean to Ripple if US regulators were to declare XRP as a security. Garlinghouse went on to state that if the SEC deems XRP a security, US citizens would require a broker-dealer license to trade the crypto. […]The post What would happen if XRP was declared as a security? Here’s Ripple CEO’s take on it appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-11-26 21:11:10
Garlinghouse: Ripple would still thrive even if XRP were declared a security
The CEO thinks his company will be just fine, even in this hypothetical scenario.
2020-11-26 21:11:00
Tron price prediction: TRX/USD plummets to $0.028
TL:DR breakdown Tron is on its way to $0.028. The Tron price at 19:00 GMT was at $0.026. The bearish movement has been picking up. Tron went from bullish to bearish in a year. At 19:00 GMT, at the time of writing, Tron (TRX) had plummeted to $0.026. TRX/ USD opened up at $0.032 but […]
2020-11-26 21:11:14
China’s national blockchain network adds Polkadot, Oasis and Bityuan support
China-based blockchain infrastructure provider, Blockchain Service Network or BSN, which is backed by the Chinese Government, today announced that it has added major blockchain protocols such as Polkadot, Oasis and Bityuan into its network. In a tweet published on 26 November, the firm announced: Welcome @Polkadot @OasisProtocol @Bityuanofficial into the BSN family! pic.twitter.com/yD6LfMlNDb — BSN […]The post China’s national blockchain network adds Polkadot, Oasis and Bityuan support appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-11-26 21:11:54
XRP Sees Massive Retrace, But Analysts Remain Optimistic
XRP has been on a roller-coaster of a ride throughout the past few days and weeks, with the crypto randomly breaking out of a multi-year trading channel earlier this week that allowed its price to ascend as high as $0.90 on some exchanges. The selling pressure here was significant, with many long-term holders using the […]
2020-11-26 21:11:53
XRP Poised To Overtake Ethereum On This Crucial Metric For First Time In Seven Months
Like a few other altcoins, XRP has been riding the bitcoin boom. The digital token has surged a monumental 210% in the past 14 days. Along with the strong rally, XRP is on the brink of surpassing ethereum on one key metric. Crypto analytics firm Santiment has observed that XRP’s social engagement volume is exploding […]
2020-11-26 20:11:50
Ideaology’s IEO Ushers the Launch of Blockchain Platform for Innovators
PRESS RELEASE. DUBAI, UAE – Ideaology is proud to announce its IDEA token pre-sale on December 1, 2020. The pre-sale event is an initial exchange offering (IEO) on P2PB2B exchange. Users will have a chance to purchase IDEA tokens with a 22% discount before the IDEA token public sale. Ideaology aims to be the “Biggest […]The post Ideaology’s IEO Ushers the Launch of Blockchain Platform for Innovators appeared first on Bitcoin News.
2020-11-26 20:11:53
Chainlink price prediction: fall to $11 before recovery can begin
TL:DR Breakdown Chainlink price prediction – set to recover to $14 Chainlink hits resistance at $16.4 and $20 Second wind of Altcoin season may see $16.4 challenged LINK price down 17 percent on the day Chainlink price prediction: current price/trend Alt season saw Chainlink (LINK) grow exponentially, but following recent news and Bitcoin’s price correction, […]
2020-11-26 20:11:21
ETH/USDT trend analysis: Ethereum corrects, breaking below $500 mark
TL:DR ETH/USDT has broken below the $500 mark as the crypto-market sees widespread sell-offs. Ethereum’s trading volume increased over this period, as traders looked to cut their losses. Volatility remains as the bears continue their assault. Overview (24-hour) ETH/USDT opened this trading period at 596.12 USD, rising slightly to the trading period’s high of 598.00 […]
2020-11-26 20:11:52
Compound liquidator makes $4M as oracles post inflated Dai price
DAI reached a price of $1.3 on Uniswap and Coinbase, the two exchanges used by Compound's oracles.
2020-11-26 20:11:01
This is how Bitcoin is coming to the rescue of companies racing against time
MicroStrategy’s adoption of Bitcoin as its primary reserve asset took the market by storm, with many arguing that the development was one of the catalysts behind BTC climbing to $19k on the charts. The firm’s Michael Saylor recently spoke about Bitcoin and his company’s decision to invest in Bitcoin, which is now up by over […]The post This is how Bitcoin is coming to the rescue of companies racing against time appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-11-26 20:11:22
Bitcoin: Don't Panic, It Is Just A Short-Term Retracement
After rising exponentially in the past few months, Bitcoin consolidated lower by over 15 percent in the last two days.Investors are getting anxious as they are worried that the consolidation in Bitcoin may resemble the one in 2017/2018.We just think it is a short-term bear retracement and the positive trend will resume.Social distancing measures will remain for a while and therefore economies will strongly rely on governments' support in the medium term.More money in circulation will simply continue to support Bitcoin prices.
2020-11-26 20:11:16
BTC/USDT trend analysis: Bitcoin corrects as market tumbles
TL:DR Bitcoin drops below the $17,000 mark as the wider crypto-market sees red. Trading volume spikes to over six times the average as traders capitulate. A sharp correction has occurred but BTC/USDT remains bullish in the medium term. Overview (24-hour) BTC/USDT opened the trading period at 19,150.22 USD. It reached a high not too far […]
2020-11-26 20:11:51
Here Are the Best Bitcoin Black Friday Deals for 2020
Let these crypto accoutrements find their way to your post-Thanksgiving shopping lists.
2020-11-26 20:11:04
Polkadot long-term Price Analysis: 26 November
Disclaimer: The findings of the following article are the sole opinion of the writer and should not be taken as investment advice Following the lead of Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, most altcoins have also noted price breakdowns on their charts. Polkadot, one of the industry’s major altcoins, also saw its value crumble under the […]The post Polkadot long-term Price Analysis: 26 November appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-11-26 20:11:29
Catherine Coley: Bitcoin Is Jumping Thanks to All the New Buyers
As of late, bitcoin appears to be traveling on a rocket ship to the moon. The currency recently struck the $19,000 price for the first time in roughly three years, and many analysts think that the asset is likely to continue its bull run into 2021. Bitcoin Is Spiking Because People Are Buying It Several...The post Catherine Coley: Bitcoin Is Jumping Thanks to All the New Buyers appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2020-11-26 20:11:09
Time To Pay Attention: Where The Bitcoin Bull Market Correction Might End
Bitcoin price over the last 24 hours saw an over $3,000 crash and more than 15% wiped out from its price tag. Despite the downside, the cryptocurrency is undeniably in a bull market. But bull markets do correct, and when they do it can be powerful. As to where Bitcoin could fall to, the last […]
2020-11-26 20:11:08