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Bitcoin publicity strategy
Bitcoin has the goal to replace the fiat currency which is a big one, and it is one that cannot be met without a good campaign strategy. No one knows who is running the Bitcoin operation and if they are dead or alive, so who knows if Bitcoin even has a publicity team. Earlier this […]
2020-11-28 23:11:05
Ethereum Likely Set Its Local Low for the Year as Buyers Defend $500
Ethereum has been flashing signs of immense strength today, with the cryptocurrency surging up towards $550 as bulls try to erase the recent losses that came about due to the recent market-wide selloff. This comes as Bitcoin also shows some signs of strength, with the benchmark cryptocurrency navigating towards $18,000 following its recent decline that […]
2020-11-28 23:11:19
XLM/USDT trend analysis: Stellar Lumens sees 17% surge as crypto market recovers
TL:DR Stellar Lumens (XLM/USDT) has surged over 17% as the wider crypto market recovers from sharp correction. However, volatility remains in the extremely high levels as trading volume stays stable. The surge has set XLM/USDT at a higher price but unless trading volume picks up, there is likely to be some downside. Overview (24-hour) XLM/USDT […]
2020-11-28 22:11:44
Top Ripple Executive Reveals He’s an XRP Whale After Divulging Details on Crypto Portfolio
Ripple chief technology officer David Schwartz is revealing more details about his crypto holdings. Schwartz, who is one of the original architects of the XRP Ledger, says he owns at least 1,000,000 XRP, valued at $555,000 at time of writing. While he doesn’t want to reveal the exact number of XRP he owns, Schwartz says […]The post Top Ripple Executive Reveals He’s an XRP Whale After Divulging Details on Crypto Portfolio appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2020-11-28 22:11:27
Ethereum price prediction – ETH/USD at $545 – Next bull run or long-covering?
Ethereum price prediction takes a U-turn as the bullish wave sweeps ETH/USD ETH prices have risen from November 26 lows to touch a $546 high ETH/USD technical indicators signal a short-term recovery rally is underway Ethereum price prediction bounces towards a positive direction with technical support The rout in the crypto markets seems to be […]
2020-11-28 22:11:16
Could Libra Be Available Within the Next Two Months?
Facebook’s new cryptocurrency and digital payment system, Libra, could be ready for release early as January of next year. Libra Is Potentially Ready for a Rollout The news surrounding the release of Libra has been circulating throughout crypto newsrooms for more than a year and a half. Since June of 2019, the currency has been...The post Could Libra Be Available Within the Next Two Months? appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2020-11-28 22:11:48
Bitcoin Could Be Mirroring This Extremely Bullish Gold Fractal from the 1970s
Bitcoin is currently caught within a strong upswing following its recent selloff Bulls are pushing the crypto towards $18,000 as they move to erase its recent losses Where it trends next will depend largely on how sustainable this ongoing move higher is One investor is now noting that a gold fractal from the 1970s seems to indicate that this selloff could be followed by a powerful push higher in the days and weeks ahead Bitcoin […]
2020-11-28 22:11:37
Paul Tudor Jones Bitcoin fractal hints at possible explosive BTC rally
A fractal from Paul Tudor Jones hints that Bitcoin price is in an early stage, long-term rally like gold was in the 1970s.
2020-11-28 21:11:32
Bitcoin carnage, Eth2 milestone, Libra launch, PayPal blunder: Hodler’s Digest, Nov. 21–27
The best (and worst) quotes, adoption and regulation highlights, leading coins, predictions and much more — one week on Cointelegraph in one link!
2020-11-28 21:11:16
Litecoin price prediction: LTC to retest $94 ahead, analyst
TL:DR Breakdown Litecoin price prediction expects a further rise towards $94 high again. Litecoin is now past the $70 mark. Strong support is now found at the $69 mark. Bitcoin price movement improving is translating into new highs. The Litecoin price prediction by DLavrov suggests that the cryptocurrency will move towards the $94 resistance again. […]
2020-11-28 21:11:08
Bitcoin Is More Like A ‘Casino Operation’, Says Investment Legend Mark Mobius
Mark Mobius, the founding partner of Mobius Capital Partners, is still bearish on bitcoin. Speaking with Financial News today, Mobius basically compared investing in bitcoin to a casino operation. He posited that the cryptocurrency’s upsurge is a  “casino operation based on all sorts of rumors and speculation”. The veteran investor further noted that there is […]
2020-11-28 21:11:42
BTC/USDT trend analysis: Bitcoin back above $17,000 mark as crypto-market recovers
TL:DR Bitcoin is back over the $17,000 mark, after sharply correcting to a low of $16,200. As the wider crypto-market recovers, BTC/USDT has seen volatility decline. BTC/USDT remains bullish but could still see some sideways movement before it takes off again. Overview (24-hour) BTC/USDT opened today’s trading period at 16,788.00 USD. The highest price of […]
2020-11-28 21:11:25
Crypto Markets Turn Green Following Tough Week, Bitcoin Price Nears $18k
Following its latest plunge to $16.1k, Bitcoin has recuperated and almost at $18k again after dwindling close to $15k, inching closer to the all-time high of around $20,000. The digital asset appears unstoppable in the last couple of weeks, climbing higher every single day with only a few retracement periods. Nonetheless, this bull rally seems […]
2020-11-28 21:11:37
Ethereum, Tezos, Algorand Price Analysis: 28 November
The market cap of all cryptocurrencies was valued at $513.7 billion, and Bitcoin commanded a 62.92% share of that valuation. Although Bitcoin Dominance has fallen in recent days, it has been in a steady uptrend since early mid-September. Ethereum boasted a $59 billion market share, a number that can be expected to rise in the […]The post Ethereum, Tezos, Algorand Price Analysis: 28 November appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-11-28 20:11:51
Litecoin price prediction: LTC set to reach $74
TL:DR breakdown LTC is set to reach $74. At 18:00 pm GMT the time of writing this piece LTC was $73.5. There has been major bullish action in November. Litecoin price prediction: current price/trend At the time of writing at 18:00 pm GMT Litecoin price was at $73.5, suggesting it was on its way to […]
2020-11-28 20:11:33
Hash War: Mystery Miner’s Empty Block Attack Makes ABC’s New Blockchain Almost Unusable
According to various reports, the Bitcoin ABC pro-IFP chain has been under ‘attack’ for a number of consecutive days now. The mystery miner has been mining a great number of sequential blocks, but almost all of them have been empty. The miner who calls himself ‘Voluntarism.dev’ says the mining operation is a group of “old-guard […]The post Hash War: Mystery Miner’s Empty Block Attack Makes ABC’s New Blockchain Almost Unusable appeared first on Bitcoin News.
2020-11-28 20:11:33
Data shows Bitcoin price drops days after BTC futures open interest hits $1B
Data shows Bitcoin has a pattern of sharply correcting after the open interest on BTC futures tops $1 billion.
2020-11-27 23:11:45
Ripple Is Cashing Out a Third of Its Stake in Surging MoneyGram
It is the first such sale of MoneyGram stock since the startup invested in the remittance giant in 2019.
2020-11-27 23:11:58
Beam announces integration with Chainlink’s oracle network
Privacy-focused blockchain Beam has announced that it will be integrating Chainlink’s price feeds to help its developers build DeFi Apps. The initial integration will focus on using Chainlink oracles to maintain collateralization of Beam’s confidential stablecoin protocol, while also supporting the Beam-ERC-20 bridge for moving assets between the Ethereum and BeamX blockchains. According to Beam, […]The post Beam announces integration with Chainlink’s oracle network appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-11-27 23:11:10
Tether's market cap is growing at a near-record pace
The market cap of USDT swelled by 1 billion over nine days.
2020-11-27 23:11:00
Here’s Why Bitcoin May Need to Tap $13,000 Before Continuing Its Uptrend
Bitcoin has been spiraling lower ever since it tapped its all-time highs within the mid-$19,000 region There are a few factors driving this move lower, including selling pressure stemming from the rejection, fear regarding a regulatory crackdown in the U.S., and withdraws on OKEx resuming The confluence of these factors has created a perfect storm for bears, and they appear to be taking full advantage of it One trader believes that Bitcoin has quite a […]
2020-11-27 23:11:51
OKEx Sees Massive Bitcoin Outflows as BTC Weakness Mounts
Bitcoin’s price has been flashing signs of immense weakness throughout the past few days, with the recent $19,500 rejections sending it reeling lower as analysts watch for further downside. The rejection just below its all-time highs was certainly what sparked the ongoing correction, but some other factors are at play here. One such factor is […]
2020-11-27 23:11:05