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This key Bitcoin price indicator shows pro traders buying each dip
Derivatives data shows Bitcoin whales added to their leveraged positions after BTC price topped out at $42,600.
2021-08-03 23:08:20
Basketball Legend Charles Barkley: My People Do Not Believe in Crypto
According to Charles Barkley's advisors, investors should stay away from Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the other cryptocurrencies.
2021-08-03 23:08:51
The best-case scenario will see XRP move to this price level
Disclaimer: The findings of the following analysis are the sole opinions of the writer and should not be taken as investment advice While the altcoin market did see an extended rally, there was not much to write home about when it came to XRP’s movement. The altcoin seemed to settle within a tight channel after making […]
2021-08-03 23:08:25
SEC Chief Gensler Demands Additional Powers From Congress To Fully Regulate Crypto
SEC Chairman Gary Gensler said Tuesday that the Commission will regulate the crypto marketplace to its best extent. The chief regulator demanded additional resources from Congress to oversee and fill up the voids prevailing in the crypto market. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chief Gary Gensler called the crypto marketplace ‘full of The post SEC Chief Gensler Demands Additional Powers From Congress To Fully Regulate Crypto appeared first on Coingape.
2021-08-03 23:08:14
Bitcoin: The Key Factor For $100,000 Versus Noise
Anything that facilitates its institutional adoption as store of value is key.Mining delays, adoption as currency, Elon’s tweets are noise.Regulation will hasten bitcoin’s entry into institutional portfolios.Factor analysis shows its diversification benefits in a diversified portfolio.
2021-08-03 23:08:34
On-Chain Data Shows Bitcoin Daily Transaction Volumes Are Up 94%, Rally Might Not Be Over Just Yet
Bitcoin has recently lost momentum following the rally that occurred over the past week. The digital asset had seen gains of over 20% while the entire market followed suit and showed massive gains all across the board. Bitcoin had spent 9 consecutive days closing in the green for the first time in a decade. As the cryptocurrency sees slowing momentum, the price has experienced various dips that have driven the price down. After the asset had jumped over $42,000 for the first time in over a month. With this slowdown, it seems that the rally has come to its end. But on-chain data shows that bitcoin is picking up steam in other areas. Related Reading | Bitcoin Is More Oversold Than It Was At ATH In April, Says Analyst On-chain data analysis shows that daily transaction volumes of bitcoin have picked up in the past week. Jumping up 94% to $9.1 billion per day from $4.7 billion per day. Showing that while the price may have slowed down, the volumes have not. Small Holders Accumulate Bitcoin Aggressively This report from Glassnode shows that small-time bitcoin holders are accumulating the digital asset even more aggressively than the whales. These wallets which are referred to as the “Shrimp and Crab” wallets are the wallets holding less than 10 BTC on their balance. For the first time, small-time holders now collectively own 13.8% of the entire bitcoin supply. Related Reading | On-Chain Expert Predicts $162K Bitcoin Peak ...
2021-08-03 23:08:45
Bitcoin Rally To $40K Sparks Return Of Trading Volume
Bitcoin has recently seen a massive rally for the past two weekends, giving rise to an increase in trading volume. Following a long period of low prices in the market. The recent rally has reignited a number of things in the market. Now including the trading volume, as volumes bounce back to levels before the […]
2021-08-03 23:08:09
Payments Giant NCR Acquiring Libertyx to Offer Complete Crypto Solution
NCR Corp., a global leader in ATM software applications, has announced that it is acquiring Libertyx, the crypto company that claims to be “America’s first and largest network of bitcoin ATMs, cashiers, and kiosks.” NCR Acquires Libertyx NCR Corp. (NYSE: NCR), a leading enterprise technology provider, announced Monday “a definitive agreement to acquire Libertyx, a […]
2021-08-03 23:08:06
Bitcoin Could Hit $700,000 in Next Decade, Says Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead
Pantera Capital CEO Dan Morehead has revealed he believes the price of bitcoin will be trading between $80,000 and $90,000 by the end of the year, and that it will rise to over $120,000 within a year. Morehead told the Reuters Global Markets Forum that increased mainstream adoption could help the flagship cryptocurrency’s price surpass […]
2021-08-03 22:08:00
Identifying which way is next for Bitcoin based on these metrics
Owing to the price rise Bitcoin saw a few days ago, the market has been consistently bullish. However, the question of where it might be heading now is a hot topic since corrections followed soon after. How likely is the $100,000 projection now? What will Bitcoin’s next moves look like? On-chain metrics may have an […]
2021-08-03 22:08:54
NBA Top Shot to Sell NFTs In-Person at Summer League Games
Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou shares new details about the crypto collectibles platform’s roadmap ahead.
2021-08-03 22:08:41
Buy Your Sandwich With Bitcoin: Quiznos Launches BTC Payment Pilot at Select Restaurants
Diners at select Quiznos locations will be able to buy their meal in Bitcoin at the point of sale, thanks to a new partnership with Bakkt.
2021-08-03 22:08:56
SEC Chair Gensler Explains Why He Believes ‘Nakamoto’s Innovation Is Real’
Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology, invented by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, are “real”. That statement might sound like a thesis put forward by a pioneer bitcoin adopter or perhaps a forward-thinking hedge fund manager. In reality, however, that comment was made by Gary Gensler, the Chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Gensler […]
2021-08-03 22:08:38
Monero Developer Comments on Fluffypony Arrest
2021-08-03 22:08:08
Ethereum Addresses Using DeFi Rose 65% Last Quarter
The boom corresponded with an increased supply of stablecoins.
2021-08-03 22:08:04
Crypto Analyst Predicts Massive Ethereum Breakout, Forecasts New Bitcoin All-Time High by November
A prominent crypto analyst says that he expects both Bitcoin and Ethereum to put up stellar performances toward the end of the year. The crypto strategist, known in the industry as Inmortal, tells his 56,100 Twitter followers that Ethereum is poised to ignite a strong rally against Bitcoin (ETH/BTC) and surge as high as 0.11 […]The post Crypto Analyst Predicts Massive Ethereum Breakout, Forecasts New Bitcoin All-Time High by November appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2021-08-03 22:08:04
El Salvador effect: Spain considers allowing mortgage payments in crypto
According to 20 Minutos, a Spanish newspaper group, lawmakers in the country are considering a proposal enabling mortgage payments with crypto. The post El Salvador effect: Spain considers allowing mortgage payments in crypto appeared first on CryptoSlate.
2021-08-03 22:08:05
Billions in Crypto Tied to Crime Has Flowed Into China Since 2019: Report
Despite the large amount of tainted coins moving in and out of the country, overall crime associated with crypto is declining.
2021-08-03 21:08:56
CERS, IDN, ZY and CDLX among after hours movers
Gainers: CERS +14.2%. IDN +8.9%. SABR +8.8%. KBAL +8.1%. ANDE +7.7%. Losers: ZY -66.4%. CDLX -21.7%. LPSN -13.2%. BRY -7.6%. LVTX -7.4%.
2021-08-03 21:08:16
Bitcoin Became Bigger At The ‘B Word’ Conference – Market Pundits Share Views On What to Expect
Amidst sweltering greens and positive gains, Bitcoin received an extra jolt of optimism last month, following the outcome of the B-word conference. From Elon to Dorsey, the event had in attendance, the creme de la creme of crypto, and they made bright sparks rubbing minds on topics that centered on Bitcoin’s past puddles, present pathway, […]
2021-08-03 21:08:36
China Crypto Clampdown: An Effort by the Government to Meet its Monetary Goals- Chainalysis Report
The annual spring rains have brought plentiful changes in China this year. The Chinese Communist Party, CCP has declared a war on cryptocurrencies and stands in the process of banning them countrywide. While the dynamic emerges puzzling at first, evidence suggests that the CCP understands the power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, and wants to The post China Crypto Clampdown: An Effort by the Government to Meet its Monetary Goals- Chainalysis Report appeared first on Coingape.
2021-08-03 21:08:34
Bitcoin and Submarine Sandwiches: Quiznos Restaurant to Pilot Payments via the Bakkt App
On Tuesday, Bakkt Holdings revealed a partnership between the national quick-service restaurant (QSR) Quiznos. The company Quiznos is a brand based in Denver, Colorado, and the restaurants specialize in offering submarine sandwiches. According to the announcement, Bakkt and a Quiznos location in Denver will be launching a pilot that allows customers to purchase food with […]
2021-08-03 21:08:10
SEC’s Gary Gensler Calls For Further Crypto Regulation
2021-08-03 21:08:02
Podcast: Anthony Crudele on Crypto as an Inflation Hedge
"Inflated Expectations" explores the macroeconomic drivers of growth and the potential for the crypto-revolutionization of monetary regimesThe post Podcast: Anthony Crudele on Crypto as an Inflation Hedge appeared first on Blockworks.
2021-08-03 21:08:38
Ransom-where? A new crowdsourced Bitcoin payment tracker spotlights attackers
Quick TakeA new public ransomware payment tracker called “Ransomwhere” launched in early July.The platform crowdsources Bitcoin addresses and other information associated with ransomware attacks. Here’s how better and more accessible retrospective data can help address the ransomware problem.
2021-08-03 21:08:11
SEC Chair Gensler Prioritizes Crypto Platform Crackdown
SEC Chairman asks companies trading and lending crypto to ‘work with us’The post SEC Chair Gensler Prioritizes Crypto Platform Crackdown appeared first on Blockworks.
2021-08-03 21:08:04
Crypto Giant FTX Sponsors League of Legends Esports Series in 7-Year Deal
The cryptocurrency exchange’s deal follows a recent $210 million alliance with one of the league’s top teams.
2021-08-03 21:08:49
MicroStrategy: We Will NEVER Stop Buying Bitcoin!
Bitcoin has been suffering heavily as of late. Yes, the currency has managed to touch $40,000 once or twice during the past week, but the asset is still considerably lower than where it was in April of this year – a time that saw the world’s number one digital currency hit a new high of...The post MicroStrategy: We Will NEVER Stop Buying Bitcoin! appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2021-08-03 21:08:30
Ergo (ERG) Token Is Now Listed on Bitcoin.com Exchange
PRESS RELEASE. Bitcoin.com Exchange is ecstatic to announce the listing of ERG, being available to trade on the 3rd August 2021 at 10:00AM UTC. Ergo was created by its team to build advanced cryptographic features and radically new DeFi functionality on the rock-solid foundations laid by a decade of blockchain theory and development. ERG will […]
2021-08-03 21:08:16
Breaking: BSV reportedly suffers ‘massive’ 51% attack
“After an attempted attack yesterday, some serious hashing power was unleashed today at 11:46AM and attackers are succeeding,” said Lucas Nuzzi of Coin Metrics, referring to the Bitcoin SV chain.
2021-08-03 20:08:40