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The road not taken: Jealous brother claims twin earned $10M in Bitcoin
“His wealth in Bitcoin alone is more than 100 times greater than my entire net worth,” the “dumb” twin claims.
2020-12-02 23:12:17
Bitcoin price consolidates as traders contest the $18.2K to $19.5K range
Bitcoin price has decided to take a breather as bulls and bears fight to take control of the $18,200 to $19,500 range.
2020-12-02 23:12:59
New Congressional Bill Seeks to Regulate Stablecoins
Three Democratic lawmakers want to make sure stablecoin issuers don't take on the bad habits of big banks.
2020-12-02 23:12:55
Analyst: Bitcoin is Forming a Grave Bearish Divergence on Its Macro Chart
Bitcoin has been struggling to hold above $19,000 following its latest rejection around its all-time highs The selling pressure at this level has proven to be quite intense, and it remains unclear as to when bulls will be able to surmount it For this region to be broken, Bitcoin’s buyers will first have to show some greater signs of strength, as they are currently struggling to hold the crypto above $19,000 A continued bout of […]
2020-12-02 23:12:37
Analyst: SushiSwap Token Price to Hit $9.00 Eventually as Strength Grows
Sushiswap’s governance token, called Sushi, has posted some massive gains as of late, benefiting from the inflows of capital into the DeFi market and regaining its hype and momentum following a partnership with Yearn.finance. Naturally, the clout and hype surrounding the Yearn ecosystem drew massive amounts of capital towards the Sushi token, with investors sending […]
2020-12-02 23:12:10
Bank of Canada May Be Accelerating Digital Currency Plans
The pandemic is apparently forcing the Bank of Canada to rethink its timeline for a central bank digital currency, according to Timothy Lane.
2020-12-02 22:12:59
New Congressional bill includes mandate for stablecoin issuers to obtain U.S. banking charters
Three House Democrats have unveiled a new piece of legislation focused on the regulation of stablecoins and the companies that issue them. The post New Congressional bill includes mandate for stablecoin issuers to obtain U.S. banking charters appeared first on The Block.
2020-12-02 22:12:43
ETH/USDT trend analysis: Ethereum ranges at $600 mark as the crypto-market decides its future
TL:DR Ethereum ranges around the $600 mark as the cryptocurrency market decides its next move. Both trading volume and volatility have rapidly decreased. It’s all eyes on Bitcoin as altcoins like Ethereum wait to see if it will break above its all-time high. Overview (24-hour) At the open of today’s trading period, ETH/USDT was trading […]
2020-12-02 22:12:15
You Can Now Track Ethereum Whales on Uniswap With This App
A new app is tracking whale movements on Uniswap in real time in the hope that the DeFi world becomes a little easier to follow.
2020-12-02 22:12:22
US Lawmakers Introduce Bill That Would Require Stablecoin Issuers to Obtain Bank Charters
Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Rep. Stephen Lynch and Rep. Jesus Chuy Garcia have introduced a bill that would require stablecoin issuers to secure bank charters and either obtain FDIC insurance or maintain full reserves to operate in the U.S.
2020-12-02 22:12:01
Polkadot price prediction: bulls to retest $6.00 resistance level
TL;DR Breakdown Polkadot price currently $5.4672 as bulls control short-term momentum. Long term charts show consolidation as price action stagnates between $5.00 and $6.00 Traders may expect price to retest $6.00 level Polkadot price prediction: Today’s price overview Polkadot price opened at $5.0084 with slight bullish momentum that died soon. The daily session observed wave-like […]
2020-12-02 22:12:04
Alliance Bernstein Tells Clients Bitcoin Has a Role in Asset Allocation
Alliance Bernstein has told its clients that bitcoin has a role in investment portfolios. The head of the Portfolio Strategy team of the firm’s research arm said he has changed his mind about bitcoin after previously stating that it did not have a place in investment portfolios. Alliance Bernstein Recommends Bitcoin Allocation Alliance Bernstein’s Inigo […]The post Alliance Bernstein Tells Clients Bitcoin Has a Role in Asset Allocation appeared first on Bitcoin News.
2020-12-02 22:12:02
Bitcoin miners brought in more than $500 million in revenue during November
Bitcoin miners made roughly $521 million in revenue during November.The post Bitcoin miners brought in more than $500 million in revenue during November appeared first on The Block.
2020-12-02 22:12:19
Legendary SimCity Creator Part of Ripple’s $100,000,000 Push to Bring XRP to Gaming
The results of one of Ripple’s largest-ever investments are beginning to take shape. In early 2019, Ripple teamed up with the blockchain gaming startup Forte, creating a $100 million fund dedicated to developing games that utilize blockchain technology, the Interledger Protocol (ILP) and XRP to power gaming economies and cross-chain interoperability. Forte recently announced a […]The post Legendary SimCity Creator Part of Ripple’s $100,000,000 Push to Bring XRP to Gaming appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2020-12-02 22:12:40
Ethereum doing well but it could do better
With a part of the Ethereum 2.0 finally launched today it is no wonder there has been a constant climb in the price recently. Newcomers who have just joined cryptocurrency and are none the wiser and are probably buying into the hype by investing in Ethereum even though Ethereums best days so far are behind […]
2020-12-02 22:12:07
BlackRock CEO says Bitcoin is gaining legitimacy as an asset class
BlackRock CEO Laurence Fink sees growing search volume on the firm's website as a sign that bitcoin's legitimacy is growing.The post BlackRock CEO says Bitcoin is gaining legitimacy as an asset class appeared first on The Block.
2020-12-02 22:12:32
Inigo Fraser-Jenkins Has Become a True BTC Fan
It’s always pleasurable to see a one-time bitcoin skeptic get turned into a believer, and that appears to be the case with Inigo Fraser-Jenkins, the co-head of portfolio strategy at Bernstein Research. Fraser-Jenkins: I See BTC Differently, Now In a recent note to his clients, he has commented that everyone needs to make room in...The post Inigo Fraser-Jenkins Has Become a True BTC Fan appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2020-12-02 22:12:47
Former Goldman Sachs Chief and Trump Economic Advisor Says Bitcoin Lacks Integrity
Gary Cohn, a former advisor to President Donald Trump, who was also a COO at Goldman Sachs, has said that Bitcoin lacks integrity.
2020-12-02 21:12:45
Ethereum price prediction: ETH to hit $600
TL:DR Breakdown ETH price steadily bullish to beyond $600 Resistance level set at $635 Price walls seen on Binance at $600 to $610 Low volatility seen as Ethereum progresses bullishly Ethereum price prediction: set to break $600 – but bulls expected to meet resistance Ethereum (ETH) price has skyrocketed over the past couple of months […]
2020-12-02 21:12:18
Ampleforth Makes Surprise Expansion Beyond Ethereum
2020-12-02 21:12:34
Million-dollar startup taps Algorand to fight climate change
Climatetrade will launch its marketplace for carbon offsetting on the Algorand blockchain.
2020-12-02 21:12:00
Bitcoin on Ethereum Falls by $120 Million in Just Two Weeks
The number of Bitcoins locked up on Ethereum is in decline after a fruitful summer and a bumper harvest. Why?
2020-12-02 21:12:24
Market Wrap: Bitcoin Flat at $19K While Ether Options Traders Bet Bearish on 2021
Bitcoin’s price is seeing little action while the ether options market is betting on a much lower valuation for the asset in 2021.
2020-12-02 21:12:19
Broccoli and Bitcoin, a holiday love story
From the minds that brought you cheese with holes in it comes this year’s weirdest ad campaign.
2020-12-02 21:12:01
Trader Claims XRP is Poised to Rip to $1.00 as Airdrop Hype Mounts
XRP has been caught within a tight consolidation pattern throughout the past few days, with its recent parabolic rally slowing down as bulls struggle to break above the resistance in the upper-$0.60 region. The recent rally seen by the cryptocurrency came about after it broke above a long-held trading range between $0.20 and $0.30 that […]
2020-12-02 21:12:31
Visa, Circle partners to enable USDC payment
Visa and Circle partners to launch USDC payment USDC payment service on Visa to begin 2021 Visa announced its partnership with blockchain firm Circle to enable USDC payment with a credit card. The payment firm said it was linking its payments network of 60 million merchants to the USDC stablecoin through this partnership. The partnership’s […]
2020-12-02 21:12:02
Canadian Restaurant Sends a Bitcoin Message To SMEs
Source: Twitter/@TheRealTahinisWhile more big companies and investors are turning into bitcoin (BTC) in search for a reserve asset and hedge against inflation, one Canadian small business shows that it might help smaller enterprises too.Canadian restaurant chain Tahini’s, which calls itself the "best Middle Eastern restaurant in the world," has been banging the BTC drum again,
2020-12-02 21:12:00
Litecoin: an easier mining solution to Bitcoin
Litecoin: an easier mining solution to Bitcoin Mining LTC or any cryptocurrency is a thrill for people who enjoy solving mathematical problems. Cryptocurrency is a consequence of the technological world. There is nothing that could be more exciting than participating in the world of the innovative digital token. Supporting the crypto cause is fulfilling because […]
2020-12-02 20:12:08
Cardano: Goguen rollout continues with token locking update
IOHK has been working on the token locking functionalities before the Hard Fork Combinator [HFC] event which has been scheduled for the first week of December. The team has been continuing with its Goguen rollout, which has been an important milestone after Shelley. In a recent update, Dimitris Poulopoulos, Goguen Project Manager, and Volodymyr Hulchenko, […]The post Cardano: Goguen rollout continues with token locking update appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-12-02 20:12:51
Binance Coin, Tezos, BAT Price Analysis: 02 December
Ethereum rose to $600 once more, and the altcoin market responded positively to ETH’s rise in the past few hours. Binance Coin and Tezos registered gains, however, Tezos lacked trading volume. Basic Attention Token stalled beneath a level of resistance at $0.24, also on low trading volume. Bitcoin was likely to have a strong influence […]The post Binance Coin, Tezos, BAT Price Analysis: 02 December appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-12-02 20:12:00