События криптовалюты Ardor

"Happening tomorrow, Nov. 28, in Google Campus, Madrid: #Blockchain and #IoT meetup: current adoption, challenges and opportunities..."
No additional information.
"A reminder to all users running testnet nodes to upgrade today (Nov 7) to the new #Ardor v2.2.6 before block 3250000, expected on Nov 8..."
"Crypto.com celebrates the addition of Ardor (ARDR) on our platform with a listing promotion where we will be giving away ARDR Tokens..."
"Join us in Geneva on August 2nd for a "Workshop on #DLT Scalability and Interoperability" hosted by the @ITU FG on DLT #Standardization."
JBCNConf from May 27-29 in Barcelona.
"Pruning and Snapshots – mainnet," in Q2 2019.
"Next Generation wallet prototype," in Q4 2019.
"Full Node on Android – add support for running a full node on Android based devices to support advanced iot use cases," in Q3 2019.
"Child chain control – testnet – add ability to control which accounts can transact on a specific chain," during Q2 2019.