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Did Someone Really Just Pay $82,000 for a Single Bitcoin?
Was it a bug? A mistake? Or just a really eager Bitcoin buyer? Whatever it was, an $82,000 wick on Binance has traders scratching their heads.
2020-11-18 23:11:48
Mexican billionaire reveals 10% of his wealth is Bitcoin
Mexican billionaire reveals that 10% of his assets are Bitcoin. Salinas Pliego is the chairman and the creator of a plethora of firms that offer communication, financial, and retail services. Mr. Salinas, who founded Group Salinas, announced how much he believed in the cryptocurrency in a tweet today. Mexican billionaire reveals 10% of his wealth […]
2020-11-18 23:11:40
Electrum Developers Apply Fix After Apple Update Bricks Bitcoin Wallets
Apple's most recent Mac update is causing major problems for one of Bitcoin’s oldest wallets.
2020-11-18 23:11:46
BNP Paribas, CA CIB choose Ethereum, Tezos to explore digital asset settlement
French international banking group BNP Paribas is in the news after the conglomerate, along with the French bank CA CIB and the French investing company Caisse des Dépôts, announced the launch of a project exploring a digital interbank currency (DIBC). The venture in question will also include tokenizing solutions firm Tokeny and The Blockchain XDEV […]The post BNP Paribas, CA CIB choose Ethereum, Tezos to explore digital asset settlement appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-11-18 23:11:56
Duality Technologies Launches Platform for Analyzing Big Data While Keeping It Private
The platform is a step forward in practical uses for Homomorphic Encryption, letting multiple actors conduct analysis while keeping the data encrypted.
2020-11-18 23:11:48
Bitcoin Bull Run Has Miners Earning Pre-Halving Profits
Miners have profited from this Bitcoin’s bull run this month.
2020-11-18 23:11:39
Mintbase Raises $1M Seed Round to Bring NFTs to NEAR Protocol
The new funding allows Mintbase to hire developers and designers to prepare for a testnet launch on NEAR before year's end.
2020-11-18 23:11:14
Bullish Ethereum trend intact as ETH/USD knocks at $500
Ethereum trend is strictly moving within an ascending price channel ETH/USD knocks at $478 resistance once again in a bid to close above $485 Psychological $500 level looks possible on the hourly charts after mild correction Traders probe the upper trendline for a bullish run towards $492 resistance Ethereum trend poised for a breakout – […]
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There’s Only Two Resistances Left Before Bitcoin Sets Fresh All-Time Highs
Bitcoin has seen unprecedented volatility throughout the past few days, with its ascent reaching a boiling point last night when bulls stepped up and sent it flying to highs of $18,600 The selling pressure here was quite intense and rapidly caused it to see a selloff Within a mere matter of minutes, its price declined from highs of $18,600 to lows of $17,400, with the support here sparking a sharp rebound It has since stabilized […]
2020-11-18 23:11:17
Analyst Targets Yearn.finance (YFI) Move to $27,000 as Bulls Take Charge
It has been a wild past few days and weeks for the Yearn.finance governance token. YFI bulls attempted to spark a strong uptrend earlier this week when they surmounted the $18,000 level, as this has long been a macro resistance level for the cryptocurrency. The break above this level was technically significant, which seems to […]
2020-11-18 23:11:16
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The Capital conference from November 12 - 13 in Singapore.
"KuCoin Blockchain Day Berlin 2019" from 5 PM - 9:15 PM (CET) in Berlin.
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