События криптовалюты Aion

"Excited to hear questions from the @MessariCrypto community during our #AMA this Friday."
"Leading up to the hard fork on November 19th-20th, 2019 the Unity — Aion Kernel will be upgraded by node operators."
The Capital conference from November 12 - 13 in Singapore.
"Join us this Friday afternoon (EST) as special guest Dave Winterstein (co-founder and CEO) takes over the Aion AMA. "
We're kicking off our Quarterly Video AMAs this Friday feat. Matt Spoke! Submit your questions now. Matt's video replies will start Friday..
Infrastructure upgrade required by 12 PM (EST) for new Aion kernel release.
Genesis 2019 conference in Toronto, Canada from April 23-24.
"We have a mainnet release expected for May with the AVM and everything is looking good with that."