События криптовалюты Aeternity

CoinAgenda Caribbean 2020 from March 6-8 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
"Aaeternity and @aeventures organize an AMA session on Starfleet India together with @IBCMedia. December 20th, 4PM IST / 11.30AM CET.
"This Thursday @em will be in Zug to present Aeternity Blockchain in the @CV_Labs incubator."
"Come celebrate with a community of like-minded developers, designers, entrepreneurs, VCs, and more. Dec 18th, EXE Club, Sofia:"
"You can meet Helmut Müller - Head of #aeternity Consulting - at the Swiss offshoot of @CryptoMonday ."
"@Aeventures now accepts applications for #StarfleetIndia... All #blockchain #startups have until January 5th to apply:"
Genesis Devcon in Bangalore, India from Nov 24 - 25.
"Come learn more about AE's functional language Sophia and layer-1 oracles and state channels."
"Aeternity blockchain and @aeventures invite you to the Demo Day on December 12th at @micmalta ."
"Come hear @noyyy and @em introducing the project, followed by talks by Karol Skočik, Juraj Hlista, and Stephan Verbücheln."
Shift Money 2019 conference from Nov 18 - 19 in Croatia.
"The next aeternity blockchain hackathon will be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on December 4th, 2019!"
"We invite you this Friday to learn more about #AE's #Sophia language, #statechannels and #Starfleet incubator."
“Blockchain Economy” Date: February 20-21th, 2020  Venue: WOW Convention Center, Istanbul, Turkey.
"The game continues until August 26th when we'll randomly select first, second and third place winners:"
"We strongly advise that you transfer your AE ERC20 tokens to the Mainnet before that date!"
"The next upgrade of the Aeternity protocol is coming in September."
Aeternity Universe One Conference in Prague, Bohemia from September 20 - 21.
Major upgrade of protocol to be forked on block 90800, which is expected around June 5.
Blockchainhotel Conference 2019 in Essen, Germany from May 30-31.
Join the world’s largest developers congress 6th & 7th June | CityCube Berlin.
"#Aeternity's first-ever on-chain vote starts on May 7th."
"The end of Phase 2 of #AE token migration is quickly approaching - May 7th!"
"Join us in Aeternity's main Telegram tomorrow, 6 PM CEST, to win some prizes and AE tokens"
"Join us in #aeternity's main #Telegram tomorrow, 6 PM CEST, to win some prizes in #AE tokens:"
The next scheduled upgrade of the æternity protocol (Fortuna / 3.x.x) should happen on May 28, 2019.