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Ren (REN) – криптовалюта, использующаяся в рамках платформы Republic Protocol, которая предлагает пользователям функции децентрализованной биржи. Разработчики проекта делают акцент на конфиденциальность сделок и открываемых ордеров, общую безопасность площадки, ее защиту от мошеннических действий. Криптобиржа Republic Protocol позволяет не только обменивать цифровую валюту BTC, ETH, токены стандарта ERC20, но и использовать Dark Pool – площадку, дающую возможность покупать и продавать акции, другие активы через открытый Order Book. Выставленные на покупку и продажу ордера полностью скрыты, что позволяет выполнять анонимные сделки.
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$11.4 million dollars worth of Bitcoin from 2010 just moved. Why?
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Bitcoin for Spain’s Congress: BTC Sent to 350 Spanish Parliament Members
Bitcoin has been sent to 350 deputies of the Spanish Congress as part of an educational initiative similar to the “Crypto for Congress” campaign that sent bitcoin to all Members of U.S. Congress. Bitcoin Sent to 350 Spanish Lawmakers All 350 members of Spain’s Congress of Deputies have been sent bitcoin worth a euro each […]The post Bitcoin for Spain’s Congress: BTC Sent to 350 Spanish Parliament Members appeared first on Bitcoin News.
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Ripple price prediction: XRP looks to rise above $0.30
The Ripple price prediction by MKM suggests that the coin will trend towards $0.35. Ripple formed an ascending slope on the charts for the 11th of October after the price showed ruffled price movements on the 10th of October. 1-Day Ripple price analysis Before closing the 24-hour trade, the coin hit the bears and dropped […]
2020-10-11 23:10:15
Fans voting with tokens pick a winning team
Fans chose the formation and the attacking lineup through blockchain. Then they won. Fans truly know the team best.
2020-10-11 22:10:00
Ethereum price prediction: ETH onto $400, analyst
The cryptocurrency observed a jagged trading pattern on the 10th of October. Per the Ethereum price prediction by Skyline, ETH will soon move past the $400 levels. 1-Day Ethereum price analysis Initially, the price experienced a spike in the price levels where the coin jumped past the $378 level and approached a day’s high of […]
2020-10-11 21:10:50
Crypto Long & Short: A U.K. Ban on Crypto Derivatives Will Hurt, Not Protect Investors
The FCA’s retail investor crypto derivatives ban is a misuse of regulatory authority, argues Noelle Acheson. What’s more, its main justification is one of crypto assets’ strongest features.
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Why Bitcoin might beat Apple/Google this bull cycle
The market cap of Bitcoin was $210 billion, at the time of writing. Would it be a long shot to say that Bitcoin will overtake Google [$1 trillion] and perhaps, even Apple [$2 trillion], in terms of market cap very soon? Well, probably not. A few years ago, the same idea would have seemed completely […]The post Why Bitcoin might beat Apple/Google this bull cycle appeared first on AMBCrypto.
2020-10-11 21:10:58
Crypto Whales Trigger Confusion As Jaw-Dropping $634,000,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) Moves Out of the Blue
Four of the richest Bitcoin wallets in existence just moved a collective $634 million in BTC in the span of two minutes, triggering confusion among a number of crypto traders. The crypto analytics tracker BTC Block Bot initially detected the massive Bitcoin movements. According to Whale Alert, two of the addresses involved in the transfers […]The post Crypto Whales Trigger Confusion As Jaw-Dropping $634,000,000 in Bitcoin (BTC) Moves Out of the Blue appeared first on The Daily Hodl.
2020-10-11 21:10:02
Square Stock Reaches Tallest Peak Following BTC Purchase
It looks like Square and bitcoin are really complementing each other. After the company had purchased roughly $50 million in bitcoin units, the firm’s stock shares have reached an all-time high, and it looks like bitcoin is beginning to pull itself out of its September doldrums and reach for the stars once again, having hit...The post Square Stock Reaches Tallest Peak Following BTC Purchase appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.
2020-10-11 21:10:52
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